March 03 / 2020

Virtual Salone Milano 2020: ONDARRETA, sitting and living in style

It all started on the beach of Ondarreta, one of the best beaches in San Sebastián (Spain) and the place that hosted the former carpentry workshop at the root of the current business. Over forty-four years later, ONDARRETA is a family-run company, already in its third generation, that has turned into a key player in the home furniture and contract equipment industry.


HARI chairs & stools | estudi{H}ac | ONDARRETA

Keeping true to their roots, they define themselves as “heirs of woodworkers in the world of contemporary design”. Their attractive collections of tables and chairs are still conceived in the respect of their founding values based on artisanal tradition and quality raw materials. Yet time doesn’t stand still, so designs have evolved towards a vibrant style that balances beauty and function, technology and craft, and local and global perspectives.


DRY table & shelves | Ondarreta Team | ONDARRETA

In collaboration with architects, interior designers and design studios, and always keeping in mind their clients’ voice, they have developed families of products that work perfectly together and with items from any other collections. The rich choice of finishes and the multiple formats aim at meeting the needs of interior designers and clients by offering different solutions for different projects and spaces.

Among the latest launches of their ever-evolving catalogue there are some new really exciting designs: the HARI and ALO OUTDOOR seating collections, the OLA room divider and the DRY tables and shelves. Get ideas!

HARI seat collection. Design by estudi{H}ac

Inspired by industrial textile looms and delicate sewing thread, HARI is a new family of chairs, stools and lounge pieces designed by JM Ferrero of the Valencian studio estudi{H}ac. The name itself conveys that muse, being a Basque word for “thread”.


HARI XL chair | estudi{H}ac | ONDARRETA

The seat and back utilize a combination of materials including wood, steel and polypropylene in addition to the unique upholstery. With the soft curves of its seat, the simplicity of its tubular frame and the carefully selected palette of colours and materials, HARI is a unique piece of great expressiveness and striking appearance.


HARI chair, detail | estudi{H}ac | ONDARRETA

The button on the back ties everything together while providing the chair with style and personality.

OLA room divider. Design by Silvia Ceñal

Inspired by the olas (waves) that rise high from the Cantabrian Sea in winter, OLA is the first room divider produced by the Spanish brand. OLA allows you to separate spaces in an easy and flexible way and plays with its different elements and accessories to adapt to different spaces, whether at home, in an office or in a waiting room or lounge.


OLA room divider | Silvia Ceñal | ONDARRETA

Made of steel lacquered in epoxy colours, the room divider is made of modules that can be used individually or linked together to form a folding screen. In addition to this, its upholstered structure works as an acoustic panel as well.


OLA accessories | Silvia Ceñal | ONDARRETA

One of its main features is indeed the range of accessories available that allows to personalize the items while adding a touch of fun to spaces: hooks, shelves, magnetic boards and coat racks and even a hanging planter!

ALO OUTDOOR chair. Design by Gabriel Teixidó

The firm released ALO OUTDOOR, a new addition to the ALO family, that originally included chairs, lounge chairs and stools for indoor spaces. Whereas the original ALO featured a wooden shell, the new ALO OUTDOOR is a steel-framed version suitable for outdoor use.


ALO OUTDOOR chair | Gabriel Teixidó | ONDARRETA

The backrest and seat are formed from distinctive steel ribbons that impart a sense of lightness to this sturdy material.


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