May 01 / 2020

Virtual Salone Milano 2020: GANDIABLASCO, sophisticated Mediterranean lifestyles for your outdoor schemes

What was once a family-owned blanket factory, founded in 1941, has turned into the GANDIA BLASCO GROUP, a leading contemporary furniture company now divided into two primary brands, GAN (responsible for the textile side) and GANDIABLASCO (which handles the high-end outdoor furniture), and DIABLA, a new brand of outdoor furniture, accessories and complementary items which are also sold online.


PERGOLAS outdoor space | José A. Gandia-Blasco | GANDIABLASCO

Since the beginning of the century, José A. Gandia-Blasco Canales, the current President and Creative Director of GANDIABLASCO, the main brand of the group, has focused activities on the design of outdoor furniture with a marked architectural character and a strong Mediterranean identity. With one foot planted firmly in tradition and long-term expertise on the global scene, the firm is determined to continue exploring new territories and create products that enliven and enrich the exterior and interior environments.


DNA TEAK outdoor furniture & ENSOMBRA parasol | José A. Gandia-Blasco | Odosdesign | GANDIABLASCO

This way, they produce much more than simple outdoor furniture. In collaboration with a growing roster of big-names of the international design scenes, the company is constantly updating its catalogue with new original creations that are both elegant, weather-resistant and hard-wearing and that can be combined to design unique experiences in the outdoors.


SOLANAS outdoor furniture collection | Daniel Germani | GANDIABLASCO

The refined designs and the architectural quality of the brand’s first collections, inspired by Ibiza’s vernacular architecture and made of aluminium profiles combined with polyethylene elements, filled a void in the market and has resulted in the international expansion of the business which is now present in more than 90 countries and has supplied furniture for projects in different sectors - residential, hospitality, restaurants and luxury yachts, mainly. Over the years, new materials, such as the ultra-compact DEKTON surfaces, new colours, new technological fabrics and new manufacturing processes have been adopted representing another step forward in the innovation strategy of the brand. 


GRAPY lounge chair | Kensaku Oshiro | GANDIABLASCO

The range of proposals for 2020 includes new creations by top-notch international designers, such as Mayice Studio, Francesco Meda, David Quincoces and Søren Rose. Different designs and solutions aimed at bringing a sense of breezy modern cool to your outdoors and to create spaces to enjoy in good company:  dinners, talks with friends or family, parties…

BUIT Collection. By Mayice Studio

BUIT is the fruit of a collaboration that brought together the sensibilities and interests of both the brand and the designers of this attractive outdoor collection with a marked artistic quality. Two sculptural modules – an armchair and a pouffe – make up this series of outdoor seating by Madrid-based Mayice Studio.


BUIT outdoor lounge collection |  Mayice Studio | GANDIABLASCO

The simply shaped seats can be used as standalone pieces or arranged to create sofas, outdoor beds and other larger configurations. Both versions are made from anodized or coated aluminum mesh and can be woven with specially made Kvadrat textile padding suitable for outdoor use.


BUIT lounge chair & footstool | Mayice Studio | GANDIABLASCO

The BUIT armchair and pouffe are available in more than 15 colours including white, olive green, sand beige, red orange, blue grey, anthracite and black.

ONSEN Collection. By Francesco Meda & David Quincoces

Designed by Milan-based designers Francesco Meda and David Quincoces, the new ONSEN outdoor collection puts together the creative verve of the two young, talented designers and the industrial essence of GANDIABLASCO.


ONSEN sofa | Francesco Meda & David Quincoces | GANDIABLASCO

With its generous proportions, it consists of a lounge chair, a dining club armchair, a modular sofa, and different low tables that feature the characteristic GANDIABLASCO’s structure made of anodized or thermo-lacquered aluminium in this case masterfully combined with teak and hand-woven elastic straps to ensure lightness ans warmth to the pieces. The result is modern in design yet with an artisan feel and compelling textures.


ONSEN armchair | Francesco Meda & David Quincoces | GANDIABLASCO

The voluminous seats and backrest are made of polyurethane foam covered with water-repellent fabric. The ONSEN collection is available to order in a selection of finishes, both in the frame and rope as well as a wide selection of specially selected outdoor upholstery. 

CAPA Collection. By Søren Rose

Based in Manhattan and one of the prominent names of the Danish design scenes, Søren Rose brings the essence of the “hygge” concept to GANDIABLASCO. This new collaboration has materialized into a compact and highly versatile line of furniture specially created to set an intimate, cozy atmosphere in outdoor environments 


CAPA outdoor lounge furniture | Søren Rose | GANDIABLASCO

Staying true to his “minimalist materialist” credo and the double function of innovation with style, the CAPA seating elements and tables created by Soren Rose feature a sober design that joins together the basic thermo-lacquered aluminium structure, the aluminium seat shell and the armrests with curved edges. All the pieces come in a rich choice of colours with tables embellished by the precious tops made of the innovative DEKTON material by Cosentino.


CAPA armchairs | Søren Rose | GANDIABLASCO

With the CAPA Collection the soft light of the Nordic regions will filter and bring intimacy to the new GANDIABLASCO’s catalogue. 

SOLANAS Collection. By Daniel Germani. New features 2020

SOLANAS, the successful outdoor collection created by the Argentinian architect Daniel Germany, has been extended to include new pieces and finishes that keep the minimalist yet sophisticated essence of the collection. The new members of the family are a rounded chill bed, an architectural chair, a fine high table, a dresser, a vertical mirror, a deck chair and a small, charming lamp that adds a touch of intimacy and coziness to the outdoor moments. 


SOLANAS daybed | Daniel Germani | GANDIABLASCO

The new designs keep the profiles of thermo-lacquered aluminum characteristic of GANDIABLASCO, combined with the ultra-resistant surfaces of Dekton® by Cosentino, a low maintenance and long-lasting material.


SOLANAS sunloungers | Daniel Germani | GANDIABLASCO

Each piece can be personalized with the new lacquer colours - olive green, gold, sand, orange brown, blue grey, among many others – and with the new PATIO outdoor fabric from the prestigious Kvadrat company for a more elegant and exclusive result.


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