May 14 / 2020

Virtual Salone Milano 2020: COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, luxury furniture for glamorous settings

Perfect craftsmanship and an exceptional, unique style are what distinguish the brand philosophy of COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, a company whose all-round design concept encompasses luxury interior décor, furniture, textiles and lighting, all of them handmade in Spain. Born in 1994 out of the passion and enthusiasm of founder and president, the designer María J. Guinot, who wanted to create exclusive furniture that caters for a discerning clientele, over the years the Spanish brand has turned into a world leader in high-end design and decoration.



From curved silhouettes, tactile textures and opulent finishes, to minimalist, sophisticated designs and rich materials, the firm’s extended portfolio includes a wide choice of designer options and products aimed at bringing elegance and interest to interiors. The HERITAGE Collection represents the exquisite luxury of a classical European tradition - Baroque, Neoclassical, French Empire and Elizabethan - and forms the basis for the company’s constant creative research and innovation. The enrichment process has led to the EVOLUTION Collection, a series of discreetly elegant articles in classic contemporary style, and EMOTIONS, their most cutting-edge, contemporary collection and the one that rounds off the creative adventure of the brand.



The combination of classic pieces with elegant textiles and contemporary creations make it possible to redefine interior design and create interior schemes which are timeless and at the same time provided with a strong, unique personality.



COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA has also started new collaborations with external designers – J.M. Ferrero, Michele Mantovani, CuldeSac, Ben Wu - who bring extra creativity while preserving the glamour and elegance that are the hallmark of the brand’s handcrafted products.

COBRA chair. EMOTIONS catalogue. CuldeSac

Designed adhoc by CuldeSac, the COBRA chair offers beauty, exoticism, luxury and quality in its styling. Its avant-garde, contemporary aesthetic evokes the sinuous forms and clean and neutral lines of classical architecture.



The design concept is really unique oozing style and opening to a new, unrivalled sitting experience. The seat base supports the curvaceous, ample backrest in a subtle way enveloping the user in a warm embrace while offering a 360° view. Available with low or high backrest, COBRA is customizable with a vast range of refined upholsteries.

CRICKET bedroom furniture. EMOTIONS catalogue. Estudi{h}ac, JM Ferrero

What initially started as a collection of refined dining chairs and stools, heavily inspired by English culture and its most iconic sport – the cricket -, has been extended to include a sophisticated line of furniture for bedrooms.


CRICKET bedroom | EMOTIONS Catalogue | JM Ferrero - estudi{h}ac | COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

Maintaining its original inspiration, the CRICKET headboard recreates the shape of the cricket pads used to protect the legs of the players. Its padded upholstery is soft and exudes warmth and comfort.


CRICKET bedside table & chest-of-drawers | EMOTIONS Catalogue | JM Ferrero - estudi{h}ac | COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

In line with the look of the collection, the bedside tables and a chest-of-drawers feature a robust lacquered structure wrapped in a curved framework completely upholstered in leather.

TRAVELER safe. EMOTIONS catalogue. Jacobo Ventura

One of the firm’s most iconic design, the TRAVELER safe merges in one structure the highest standards of security with elegance and beauty. Like any other piece of the successful TRAVELER collection, the TRAVELER safe is a masterpiece of design that embodies the era of luxury travel. It has 5 compartments - as well as a large shelf for the storage of any bigger items - and it comes upholstered in finely embossed leather adorned by leather edges, corners and straps with delicate chrome details.  


TRAVELER bedroom & TRAVELER safe | EMOTIONS Catalogue | Jacobo Ventura | COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

The TRAVELER luxury safe can be created in bespoke sizes and comes in a plethora of internal and external finishes. Choose from fine suedes, velvets and noble wood veneers for the internals and a vast array of leathers for the exterior.



Of particular importance is the fact that these safes come in a variety of security ratings, including the highest rating of Eurograde 7 rating. 

GEORGE cocktail bar cabinet. EMOTIONS catalogue. Estudi{hac}, JM Ferrero

Eccentric and unusual, the GEORGE cocktail cabinet breaks with traditional cabinetry introducing an asymmetric geometric design embellished by an intriguing combination of different materials, from leather, ceramic tiles, high-quality veneers to wood.


GEORGE cabinet | EMOTIONS Catalogue | JM Ferrero - estudi{h}ac | COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

GEORGE is indeed an authentic piece provided with a strong personality that perfectly blend lightness with strength, freshness with nobility.


GEORGE sideboard | EMOTIONS Catalogue | JM Ferrero - estudi{h}ac | COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

Custom made by using handcrafted methods, it can be complemented by a matching sideboard.

KENTIA occasional tables. EMOTIONS catalogue. Jacobo Ventura

With its understated elegance, the KENTIA coffee tables are not only storage spaces for treasured items but also – and above all - a stylish option to provide space with a pure contemporary appeal.


KENTIA coffee tables | EMOTIONS Catalogue | Jacobo Ventura | COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

Despite their visual lightness, the curved-shaped iron sheets that form the base are strong enough to delicately support the glass top.


KENTIA coffee tables, marble top | EMOTIONS Catalogue | Jacobo Ventura | COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

Tables are offered in different sizes and heights which allow you to obtain the desired look and combine different finishes, including from the timeless black lacquers to modern metallic tones.

The wide decorative portfolio and excellent quality and finish of their handcrafted collections have made COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA a top choice for international architects, decorators and designers looking for global decorating ideas for interior design projects all over the world, ranging from private residences, palaces and embassies to hotels, offices and luxury yachts.

The company has stepped up its presence abroad in recent years with an extensive commercial network of distributors, showrooms and multi-brand stores worldwide. They export more than 85% of their output to more than 60 countries and have strategic partners in countries like Kazakhstan, China and the United Kingdom.


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