June 22 / 2020

Virtual Salone Milano 2020: ANDREU WORLD, sustainable designs for contemporary indoors and outdoors

ANDREU WORLD is a family company that for more than 60 years has developed a solid industrial culture based on the manufacturing of high-quality and comfortable seats and tables for home and workspaces, corporate and public, also for outdoor, hotels and restaurants.


NUEZ chair by Patricia Urquiola. ANDREU WORLD

The company works with internationally renowned designers and architects such as Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Alfredo Häberli, Benjamin Hubert, Pearson Lloyd and Lievore Altherr Molina. Good design, production capacity and commitment to sustainability are also its hallmarks.

Among the latest designs launched by the Spanish brand we highlight the following:

HULA WOOD BARSTOOL by Benjamin Hubert

HULA is a contemporary rotating bench that includes a series of rotating elements with a geometric design language, creating the impression of a single unified form. The seat and footrest revolve around a central stem and base, creating a comfortable and intuitive user experience.


The choices of finishes and customization are very wide. It is available in ten colors - white, black, rust red, terracotta, dark gray, sand, basalt, blue, green and camel-, in a height adjustable version and in two revolving versions with different heights.


The upholstered seat cushion offers specifiers a variety of upholstery options to suit any context.

RAP COLLECTION by Pearson Lloyd

RAP is a collection of sofas and armchairs that provide great comfort. The series consists of 1-seat armchairs or two- and three-seater sofas.


This collection of sofas goes beyond the formal and extends its functionality. RAP is more than an aesthetic concept, it offers functional complements, such as auxiliary tables anchored on the sides fixed or rotating from the front legs.


Three versions of side tables are offered: front satellite table with right / left arm, fixed front table or folded plated table. Its finishes are available with oak and walnut, the sturgeon can be black, white or gloss chrome. The tables are offered with a compact, oak or black finish.

NUEZ OUTDOOR by Patricia Urquiola

The new version of the NUEZ chair is designed specifically for outdoor environments. It is available with a new four-legged base made of teak wood and with a metallic skate base with a resistant treatment Nieperie. The removable seat cushions are also intended for outdoor use.


Teak, which comes from sustainable forests, respects the naturalness of the design and gives it warmth and great resistance.

NEXT CHAIR by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

NEXT is a new collection of seats with a characteristic shell available in ten different colors of thermopolymer, with plafonados seats, or completely upholstered in a wide range of fabrics. The different bases - wooden central, four wooden legs, five wheels and skate - further enhance its adaptability.


NEXT is as comfortable as it is versatile and functional. It is easy to integrate into all types of environments, private or professional, in a domestic office or in a public project.


COSTA OUTDOOR by Estudio Andreu

COSTA is a new, essential, lightweight, stackable and very comfortable outdoor seating collection. It is made from a tubular metal structure with a four-leg base and a double strap on the seat and backrest, which provide comfort and evoke classic designs.


This new collection expands the possibilities of the outdoor series in hospitality projects, gardens or private terraces. The collection includes chair and armchair, with or without arms.


Its most characteristic feature is the double cinching made with a fresh and resistant fabric, available in four colors: white, sand, graphite, brown and blue; in tune with the two tones of the structure with EPL5® treatment, white and earth brown.

MARINA OUTDOOR by Estudio Andreu

Designed for comfort, MARINA is presented as an alternative to the more conventional outdoor seats. Formally, it combines the lightness of the back and side straps with the comfort of the seat and cushion.


The five colors for the frame (white, brown, green, red and blue) can be combined with seven colors for the strap (white, brown, sand, graphite, green, red and blue) and for the seat and cushion upholstery.


STATUS is a configurable table program made up of 100% recyclable polyethylene central bases available in various colors and table tops in different shapes and sizes, available in oak, lacquered, laminate, TP laminate, ultra-matte laminate, linoleum, dekton, marble and glass.


All these possibilities allow the collection to adapt its shape according to the environment and the needs of each project, composing a personalized and precise solution for the space it occupies.


Its architectural character offers an original alternative for office spaces, hotels and homes seeking an iconic design. Through the play of materials and its multiple combinations, it transcends the classic configurable table concept and also offers connectivity and multimedia options integrated into its structure.


ANDREU WORLD is one of the most prominent Spanish companies in the furniture sector, a leader in the exportation of contemporary and avant-garde designer furniture. With offices in Spain, Europe, United States and Asia, the company has commercial distribution in more than 90 countries.

In 2007 ANDREU WORLD won the Spanish National Design Award, which is in addition to other important international awards it has received throughout its career: Red Dot Design Awards, German Design Awards, ADI Design, Best of NeoCon and Wallpaper Awards.


For more information: www.andreuworld.com


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