August 06 / 2019

VICCARBE supplies furniture for Spaces Belvedere, the first co-working space in Hanoi, Vietnam

New digitalized, improved technology have forced to reshape the way we work, connect and talk. This has resulted in the development of new types of work environments and concepts, such as the coworking spaces, the flex office, the executive suites, the team-based office, the virtual office, and so on.


In this context, the rise of freelance work and start-up companies have fostered the demand for inspiring spaces with furnishing solutions that respond to the modern request for flexibility, team-based work and socialization. That’s why, while serving the same purpose as the traditional office, new work environments offer often an un-office-like layout.


This is the concept apply to the very first co-working space in Hanoi, VietnamSpaces Belvedere. A property of Spaces, a company of the IWG Group -global leader in outsourced workplace solutions-, Spaces Belvedere is hosted in a striking 10-storey Art-Deco-style building in one of Vietnam’s most commercially successful areas. It offers fully serviced and perfect tailored designer offices and collaborative spaces completed by two creative meeting rooms and an impressive rooftop terrace.


For this project, the architects of D&P Associates Studio opted for a modern look but with a cozy, homely feel that makes guests feel at home while boosting creativity and performance in general. Inspired by the essence of the Mediterranean experience, with their sophisticated aesthetic and gentle forms the chairs, armchairs and tables of the Spanish furniture manufacturer VICCARBE adapt perfectly to the open-plan layout of this multi-storey workspace.


Designed by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón, the ALETA chairs have been used for small office spaces which are completed by a table and individual locker storage. A new addition to the ALETA family, the stools complement perfectly the high tables in the cafeteria.


In classic Bauhaus style, the COLUBI armchairs, a creation by RT Design, bring comfort and style to the lobbies and informal meeting areas where people can relax or have casual meet-ups. These lounge areas have been complemented with the stylish BURIN MINI and RYUTARO occasional tables, designed respectively by Spanish designers Patricia Urquiola and Victor Carrasco.


Meeting rooms have been equipped with the TRESTLE tables, a design by British architect John Pawson for the Spanish brand. With its trestle-style support, its exquisite proportions and unusual elegance, TRESTLE inspires socialization while helping to configure meeting spaces that help to keep the team and the clients comfortable, creative and focused.


To foster the welcoming atmospheres of Spaces Belvedere, the VICCARBE’s collections have been combined with furniture from other prestigious brands, such as Vitra, Hay and Alki. Upholsteries have been accurately selected to match the Spaces’ fresh colour palette, with the lively pastel pink and the earthy tones being very pronounced in most of the spaces.


The luxurious pendent lighting from Vibia and Artemide keep spaces well lit and stylish while the premium fabrics from Kavadrat, used for meeting booth’s seatings and curtains, add charm and colour to ambiences.

People-centric, wellness-focused, flexible and green. The new office is all about people and ideas. And VICCARBE’s furniture has all you need to create dynamic workspaces that foster collaborations, warm relationships and creative synergies.

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