October 14 / 2021

Tophotelprojects and Mueble de España strengthen their collaboration

After a period of lock down and difficulties in the tourism business, investors have resumed their construction activities  and the refurbishment of a large number of facilities. Decision-makers are eager to look for new suppliers and display innovative solutions to attract more and more customers.

The alliance between Mueble de España and Tophotelprojects, with focus on Tophotelconstruction and Tophotelnews, is aimed at reinforcing the brands´communication and offer the possibility to present a wider number of collections that during 2020 and 2021 could not be seen or displayed at fairs and show-rooms.

The brands from Mueble de España closely work with renowned designers, such as Patricia Urquiola, Jaime Hayón, Lievore Altherr, Francesc Rifé, Mario Ruiz,  just to mention a few of them,  and include in their catalogues complete solutions for the hospitality sector. Relevant hotel-chains from the five continents have already used furniture and accessories produced and manufactured by the companies from Mueble de España for their receptions, offices, bedrooms, suites, restaurants, spas, terraces, entrance lobbies, etc. Here you can have a quick view and a selection of very relevant projects sorted by continents, categories, etc…


TophotelNEWS and Furniture from Spain will be keeping your informed about about novelties all the products that have received worldwide recognition and obtained international design awards and distinctions.

Enjoy new products, new projects and select Spanish Brands for your up-coming hospitality design.

More news about Mueble de España here: https://www.muebledeespana.com/newsroom/





The LIFE Collection from CAMINO A CASA, embracing the natural trend

Nature has been the biggest source of inspiration for LIFE, the latest collection launched by CAMINO A CASA for living and dining room areas. The textures, colours and beauty of Nature coexist in a delicate balance in this line of bookcases, sideboards and TV stands specifically designed to add charm and warmth to contemporary living spaces. Check it out!

CAMINO A CASA, fabulous furniture for inspiring living spaces

Design trends for contemporary spaces often draw inspiration from existing styles and combine them in such a way to make the look stylish, comfortable and, why not, photo-worthy - for those who love to share their space on Instagram and Pinterest. To keep up with the trendsetting interior spaces of the moment, CAMINO A CASA is constantly crossing borders and disrupting the status quo to forge new connections between the classic and the au courant. Discover more...

GARCIA REQUEJO presents GERMILED, the new brand of innovative UVC-LED sterilization lamps

A leader in the manufacture of lighting and furniture for luxury hotels and contract spaces, GARCIA REQUEJO has put to good use its 58-year experience in the industry by adapting UVC lighting technology to daily life making it more affordable and flexible for everyday use. Launched in 2020, the new GERMILED lamps uses UVC light to eradicate pathogens and provide disinfection and sterilization for high contact areas. Discover more...

iSiMAR opens a new showroom in NYC and wins the #MetropolisLikes NYCxDesign 2020 Award for the ARENA Collection

While strenghtening its presence in the US market with a new showroom in NYC, the Spanish contract furniture specialist iSiMAR has been awarded the prestigious #MetropolisLikes NYCxDesign 2020 Award for the ARENA Collection, one of the latest launches of the brand. Made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials, the ARENA collection from iSiMAR has won the prestigious award for its commitement to sustainable designs and environmentally-friendly issues. Discover more...

Virtual Salone Milano 2020: SANCAL, exciting furniture for passionate spirits

Well-reputed for its exciting, unconventional furniture collection, SANCAL launches MUSEO, a brand-new collection that presents furnishing items as if they were museum pieces making a clear nod to the world of Art. New furniture pieces range from the CLICK sofa that takes modularity to the extreme to more extravagant designs, such as LAPSO, a vertical privacy hood that discloses new solutions for public spaces. Let’s have a look…