February 01 / 2017

The CUBE armchairs of CALMA: volume, beauty and comfort

In the beginning was the volume, then it came the form and finally a beautiful, comfortable armchair and a coffee table. It is CUBE, the collection of lounge furniture designed by SerraydelaRocha for CALMA. Please, don’t wait further, take a seat and lounge in style while reading…

With its stunning architectural structure that combines harmoniously clean lines, right angles and sensuous curves, CUBE is a collection full of surprises. It consists of an armchair and a coffee table that feature a solid and elegant design.

The shape of the armchair has been carved out of a cube, as if it were a clay sculpture. Then, it has been perfectionated to achieve the ergonomic and aesthetic features required. “The starting idea was a cube as we think that this pure geometrical shape is often the most practical too,” the two designers SerraydelaRocha point out.

Instead of a solid block, the design of CUBE plays with the contrast between the external structure made of straight lines and angles and the curved, enveloping seat.

The seat is made of rotomolded polyethylene, while the frame comes in lacquered or textured powder coated aluminium.

The hard-wearing nature of this collection and its weather-resistant properties make it  ideal for busy spots like halls, open-air lounges or wherever intense use is required.

Interior design

Recently, the company has supplied several CUBE armchairs and tables to the Kempferhof Resort, in Strasbourg (Alsace), a noble mansion of the 18th century which has been transformed into an elegant luxury hotel with golf club and restaurant. The collection has been used to provide the outdoor lounges with comfort and elegance. The best after a day on the golf course!

The CUBE collection in the outdoor lounge spaces of the Kempferhof Resort, Strasbourg

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Shoppers at the ultra-modern, three-storey La Maquinista commercial mall in Barcelona can take a relaxing break in some of the cozy corners equipped with the CUBE armchairs. The tables have been personalized with the information about the digital APP of the shopping mall. Just a new way of providing digital support and comfort…

The CUBE collection in the relaxation areas of the La Maquinista shopping mall, Barcelona

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The CUBE coffee tables can also be found on the refined rooftop of the Hotel Inglaterra in Barcelona where they perfectly complement the UNA sun loungers and the sofas and chairs from the Iniciativa Exterior 3i catalogue.

The CUBE tables complement the other outdoor furniture of CALMA in the rooftop of the Hotel Inglaterra, Barcelona

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For more information: www.calma.cat






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