October 07 / 2015

Spanish furniture brands will be exhibiting at I Saloni WorldWide Moscow 2015

To Russia with love! Design links between Spain and Russia are burgeoning, as big names of Spain’s haute décor and contemporary design are making their way in the Russian interior design market. And those links are periodically reinforced by Spain’s large participation in the I Saloni Moscow, the prestigious home furnishing event that this year will take place in October, 14 to 17. Will you follow us?

Russia is one of the largest markets for Spanish furniture exporters whose sales to this country amounted to approximately 40 million euros last year. The turnout of Russian professionals to Spain’s national halls at main events of the sector and the interest aroused by the Spanish companies’ market visits to Russia and its geopolitical basin, as well as the increasing appearances in important print medias of the sector, prove the rising interest of the Russian market in Spain’s home furnishing products.

Spanish stands at the 2014 edition of I Saloni Moscow

I Saloni Moscow, recognized as the best platform for high-end furnishings on the Russian market, will host 335 exhibitors (280 from Italy and 55 from other countries), which will be showcasing their best collections in the Design/Modern and Classic sections. The show is expected to draw in more than 40,000 operators and journalists, attracted by the huge range of goods on offer – from furnishings to upholstered furniture, lighting systems, kitchens, office furniture, furnishing accessories, bathroom furniture, textiles and coverings.

The Spain’s contingent will be formed by 21 Spanish brands, 15 of which are ambassadors of Mueble de España. The haute décor is represented by Latorre, Soher and Tecni Nova that will be showcasing a selection of furniture and sofas made of the best noble wood and materials, and embellished by precious fabrics and refined finishes. Most of the Spanish exhibitors are specialized in traditional furniture, a product that is highly appreciated by Russians for the good quality and the great craftsmanship that goes into it. We are talking of companies such as Vicente Zaragozá, Decorarcher, Genoveva, Riperlamp, Montero Creaciones Artísticas and Panamar.

Spanish haute décor: noble wood, precious details, the best craftmanship...

La Ebanisteria, Contradictions, Lineas Taller and Hurtado will impress with their unique furniture for contemporary ambiences, an attractive offer that stands out for the warm materials, trendy colours and fine finishes.

Contemporary ambiences: top-quality materials, unique designs...

The tables and chairs of Mobliberica, the sofas of Moradillo and the stunning outdoor furniture of Skyline will complete the contemporary offer with solutions that suit the most stylish and modern lifestyles.

Furniture from Spain exhibitors

Download the List of Furniture from Spain exhibitors>>>

  • DECORARCHER – Hall 7 Stand D67
  • GENOVEVA – Hall 7 Stand C34
  • HURTADO – Hall 7 Stand C31
  • JOENFA (CONTRADICTIONS / SKY LINE) - Hall 8 Stands A32 – B63
  • LA EBANISTERIA – Hall 8 Stands A33 – A37
  • LATORRE – Hall 7 Stand C29
  • LINEAS TALLER – Hall 7 Stands B28 – C33
  • MOBLIBERICA – Hall 8 Stand B47
  • MORADILLO – Hall 8 Stand A24
  • RIPERLAMP – Hall 5 Stand A06
  • PANAMAR MUEBLES – Hall 7 Stand D32
  • SOHER – Hall 6 Stands A14 – B11
  • TECNI NOVA – Hall 7 Stands B24
  • VICENTE ZARAGOZÁ – Hall 5 Stand A02

It will be surely chilly outside the fairground, so why don’t try to warm you up with the warm, cozy feel of Spanish furniture? We will be waiting for you!

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Mezhdunarodnaya 16, P.O. 92

Krasnogorsk, 143402

Krasnogorsk area, Moscow Region


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