August 03 / 2012

Spanish decorative beauties at FURNITURE CHINA 2012

The high-end furnishing proposals on display in Shanghai will be completed by a set of original decorative items and luxury objects that will stand out for the high-quality materials, the attention to details and the beautiful designs. Fancy to know more about it? Look inside...

paintings by Montero Creaciones Artísticas

A luxury item is well-made using the best materials, crafted with incredible care in a traditional way — everything about it is exceptional, including its design, manufacture and presentation. In Spanish stands you will discover a small but varied choice of decorative items that will upgrade your lifestyle, setting the perfect luxurious mood at your scheme with its immediate charm.


Anframa - W1 A30

Founded in Toledo in 1970, ANFRAMA is a leader in the manufacture of damasquinado (damascened) articles in 24 or 18 carat gold foil and wire. The damasquinado decoration technique dates back to the Arab domination of Spain. It consists in the inlaying of precious metals, gold and silver, into other standard metals, such as steel, copper, iron and bronze. The final result is a product of high plastic beauty.

Anframa chess set

Anframa woodbox

Credansa - W1 K16

In Shanghai CREDANSA, with its outstanding offer of precious decorative items and classic style clocks, gives visitors the opportunity to travel back in time and to experience the uniqueness of its gift objects.

Credansa - IVORY

In all its collections the craftsmanship and the use of first-quality materials,  such as 24-carat gold, blend with history and the cultural legacy creating pieces with a timeless imprint that suits the most elegant and prestigious environment.

Credansa - TAJ MAHAL clock

CREDANSA’s decorative offer has been the first choice of kings, princes, sheikhs and ambassadors all over the world.

Ebano Internacional - W1 K18

EBANO INTERNACIONAL will bring to Shanghai the latest  unique bronze sculptures of prestigious artists Manel Vidal and José Luis de Casasola, made in foundry bronze.

ebano internacional

Most of the sculptures are master pieces that come in limited edition and stand out for the artistic use of semi- precious stones, such as amethyst, rock crystal etc.

Ebano internacional


Montero Creaciones Artísticas - W1 A29

A family-owned company, MONTERO CREACIONES ARTISTICAS has worked in the world of Art since 1974. The firm collaborates with 25 artists in the production and commercialization of oil and canvas paintings, both in classical and contemporary styles. The Orientalist and Animals collections are among the most appreciated in the Middle East countries.

MONTERO paintings

MONTERO paintings


Virtus 1945 - W1 K12

Following the antique sand casting process in the bronze working, VIRTUS 1945 has created a whole range of unique décor pieces in elegant classic style: clocks, chandeliers, mirrors, figures, center pieces, tables and chairs and much more.

MONT SAINT-MICHEL collection by virtus 1945

This year the company will delight lovers of grand décor with new collections designed to add a precious touch to exclusive spaces.

NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE collection by virtus 1945