May 03 / 2022

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022. Eight inspiring furnishing products for fabulous contemporary homes

If you are working on a project for a new home or are looking for inspiration for your retail, it’s important to choose furniture, decor, and finishes that are on-trend and won't look dated soon next year. In 2022, the use of natural materials, multifunctional spaces, retro vintage, curved furniture are expected to set the trend in interior design. On the other hand, much like the evolution of fashion in recent years, interiors are increasingly becoming less about what’s trendy and more about personal expression.


ILEX ceramic table & GALET chairs | MOBLIBERICA

Research shows that natural colour schemes and organic forms like those found in nature reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier. With this in mind, it is no wonder that "Naturalness" will be the leading scheme with top interior design trends focused on making people feel emotionally at ease. Essentially, everything that is warm, welcoming, and cosy is in, from natural materials and colours to rich textures, organic shapes, and curved furniture.


NARA sideboards | ODOS Design | ARLEX

Spanish brands on exhibition at the Salone del Mobile.Milano will be unveiling their latest furnishing products for different rooms of the home. Here we bring you a handpicked selection of what is new and hot in the Spanish design industry for contemporary spaces which are warm, balanced and inviting.


EMOTIONS kitchen Roble Polvo and Grey Glass | GAMADECOR

MOBLIBERICA. Hall 12 Stand B09

We start our review with the most social room and inviting space in the home: the dining room. To decorate this space, that is where we spend time with our friends and family, eating and enjoying each other’s company, contemporary furniture specialist MOBLIBERICA has just launched a table that is extremely elegant and functional at the same time. Actually, the MISTRAL table is one of the most versatile ceramic top dining tables of the brand because it can be dressed up for a classy formal dining room or complemented with relaxed chairs for the modern dining kitchen. It is also available in a fixed version or with a semi-automatic extending mechanism, both of them in different dimensions.


MISTRAL ceramic table & KEDUA chair| MOBLIBERICA

Its design is a big attraction as it comes styled with a sophisticated ceramic top and a crisscross metal base that adds visual impact and dynamism to the piece. Versatility is also improved by the different finishes and colours that are available for the ceramic top, the structure, and the base.



With the GALET chair, you have one chair and nine different styling combinations to adapt it to different environments and design needs. The chair is offered with three different metal legs and three different seat shells: the version with a fully upholstered shell, the variation with an upholstered shell and separate upholstered seat and the option with lacquered wooden shell and upholstered seat. The choice of upholsteries and lacquer colours for the structure is also rich and makes GALET a great match for both the MISTRAL table and the ILEX table, another new launch with a ceramic top and wooden legs. 

ARLEX. Hall 10 Stand E05

A good solution for contemporary living spaces when you want to add natural sophistication or a touch of vibrancy is to furnish them with the sideboards and cabinets from the NARA Collection, a creation by Odos Design for the Catalonia-based ARLEX. Minimalistic yet with a great aesthetic impact, this collection of modular containers opens to endless finish possibilities adapting perfectly to environments with different aesthetics.


NARA container systems | ODOS Design | ARLEX

Drawing inspiration from the frame of canvas, handles have been integrated into the framework, so they don’t look like superfluous elements. Lacquered in contrasting colours, these integrated handles add a touch of fun and quirkiness to young living rooms and modern workspaces.


NARA sideboard | ODOS Design | ARLEX

Natural materials, simplicity and earthy tones play a crucial role when it comes to setting a calm, relaxing atmosphere in the space that more than any other else is devoted to restoring well-being and recovering energy to start the new day. The NOX bedroom, another design by Odos Design, not only is perfect to set a natural, timeless look in your bedroom, it also adapts perfectly to modern lifestyles by offering innovative functionalities: a hidden shelf for placing books or other treasured objects, an optional charging station for devices and an indirect light, designed to provide a soft illumination at night.


NOX bedroom | ODOS Design | ARLEX

Personalization is ensured by different pieces and design options, such as the headboard with integrated bedside tables, a collection of independent side tables in different dimensions and the matching chest-of-drawers.

GAMADECOR. EuroCucina. Hall 11 Stand A25-B26

Multifunctional, hyperconnected and health-focused. The kitchen of the future is here and will be presented at the Milan Salone by GAMADECOR, a subsidiary company of the PORCELANOSA GRUPO. The firm will be unveiling its latest innovative addition to the SMARTKITCHEN Concept, the kitchen line based on artificial intelligence and aimed at revolutionizing the traditional kitchen. New developments concentrate on countertops, which are key areas of kitchens, a surface where food is prepared, new recipes are tried out and even a space to entertain and work.



SMARTKITCHEN’s countertops have been equipped with a totally invisible induction hob provided with dual technology. Installed under the worktop, it allows for a larger work area that is completely smooth and unobstructed, where the only element that we will find is a small touch screen for controlling the different electronic elements. This way, thanks to the integrated dual system, the surface of the countertop can be used either as an inductive cooking hob or else to power wirelessly small kitchen appliances.


SMARTKITCHEN concept, new hidden induction hob | GAMADECOR

Terraces and exteriors have undergone a rethinking of their value in recent years and companies have strived to come out with new ideas that make the most of the outdoors. With this new need to open homes up to the outside world and to extend the role that these spaces play, GAMADECOR has created the OFFROAD kitchen, a multipurpose kitchen designed to withstand adverse weather conditions but that is also perfect for indoor use.


OFFROAD outdoor kitchen | GAMADECOR

The traditional wooden board of the kitchen carcass has been replaced with honeycomb-core aluminium panels, while ceramic and  Krion™ surfaces have been used for the outer shell and electronic components have been concealed to ensure water tightness.

SANYCCES. Salone del Bagno. Hall 22 Stand H29

With the surge of the “cocooning” trend, most people want to create an oasis of wellbeing at the heart of their home – somewhere that they can enjoy as a private retreat to de-stress and unwind. The Spanish SANYCCES has collaborated with Spanish industrial designer Jorge Herrera two create CALMA and TEMPO, two new bathtubs that will help to convert bathrooms into true luxury spas.


TEMPO bathtub | Jorge Herrera | SANYCCES

The challenge was to naturalize the product enhancing its Mediterranean allure and introducing new natural materials such as fabric and wood. Other inspirations for nice, pleasant shapes have been drawn from classic Japanese bathrooms, tea ceremonies and even car interiors.


TEMPO bathtub | Jorge Herrera | SANYCCES

The TEMPO bathtub features a balance of proportions, shapes and shades. Available in glass or matt in sanitary acrylic, it can be customized in any RAL/NCS colours with Sanycoat lacquer on the whole body or up to the rope section. Its design is enhanced by a moisture-resistant rope that surrounds its body and is available in three different colours (Sand, Marengo, Mix). A brass clasp adds a touch of sophistication increasing personalization with a choice of six colours that can match the chosen rope or the Loop faucet. Functionality is also improved by the two models of trays, Mistral and Gregal, made of iroko wood.


CALMA bathtub | Jorge Herrera | SANYCCES

With its clean, light aesthetic, the CALMA bathtub has a purity of style and timelessness that connects with the user conveying calm and visual comfort. Lightness is provided by the solid base, available in iroko wood or lacquered acrylic, or the matt black metal legs that raise its body reinforcing the sensation that the bathtub floats and evoking the erosion of time. Like TEMPO, CALMA offers three different models of tray in iroko wood: Calma, which rests on one side of the bathtub, Mistral and Gregal. All of them amplify the wellness dimension of bath time.


CALMA bathtub | Jorge Herrera | SANYCCES

Living, dining, cooking, sleeping, bathing… Spanish brands have a new inspiring proposal for every space in your home just to help you design a space your customer will love.

Furniture from Spain. Live. Work. Enjoy. Create…


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