April 02 / 2019

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019. The "Everywhere like home" trend is an opportunity in contract

Ensuring that the user feels comfortable and at home no matter where they are, is one of this season’s contract priorities. As can be seen in the 2019 Habitat Trends Notebook which is produced by the Observatory for Habitat Trends (OTH), Everywhere like Home is trending. Comfort, above all else.

We can discover many of the made-in-Spain furniture proposals that make that comfort possible in this year’s Salone del Mobile.Milano trade fair, which will be taking place from the 9th to the 14th of April. A prime example is the collections of Spanish firms such as CAPDELL, iSiMAR, KRISKADECOR, ANDREU WORLD, MOBBOLI, SYSTEMTRONIC, INCLASS and SANCAL.

This trend is opening up new and interesting possibilities to companies in the habitat sector, as it is increasing the categories of products which, on the one hand, have to respond to the needs of private and public spaces, and on the other hand, have to introduce contract products into spaces aimed at the domestic market. Hotels, apartments, offices, cafés, new co-working spaces, clothes stores and even libraries are at the forefront of this change.


CAPDELL will be displaying their new proposals at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and this year these will include the ICONIC chair by Gabriel Teixidó, a unique armchair capable of adapting to the home and to contract spaces. Mediterranean sensuality goes hand in hand with Scandinavian rigour to create a comfortable, solid and light piece of furniture from beech wood.



Patrick Norguet’s NIX will be another of the star attractions on Capdell’s stand in Milan. NIX, a conjunction of technical avant-garde and craft design, has won a GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018. This chair marries sturdy woodwork and curved plywood with spherical 3D geometry, which combines comfort and elegance. Its organic and functional silhouette and its contemporary architecture allow it to adapt to all kinds of collective spaces.



CAPDELL is heading to Milan with such novelties as auxiliary tables that complement its DROPLETS benches by Claesson Kovisto Rune, and the LIBRIS System Table by Vicent Martínez, a new version of the LIBRIS table that incorporates a central opening for wiring and electrification and includes complements such as lamps and separator panels.



CAPDELL has been committed to design and wood for more than 50 years. This philosophy has produced high quality wood furniture and alliances with renowned designers such as Carlos Tiscar, Fran Silvestre, Francesc Rifé and Mario Ruíz, among others.


One of the last virgin beaches in southern Spain, Bolonia beach, has served as inspiration for the latest collection from iSiMAR. The BOLONIA collection is elegant, comfortable and perfect for relaxation. Manufactured in galvanized steel, this collection of chairs and sofas from the iSi Design Group is available in 29 different finishes.


BOLONIA Collection. iSiMAR

The iSi Design Group is also responsible for the PUERTO collection of chairs and stools. And in an approximation to the Mediterranean garden, the design of the OLIVO armchair, manufactured in galvanized steel, is inspired by these ancient trees. The company will also be presenting the curvaceous ARENA H46 table and the functional and folding H74 MUELLE table.



Designed for both indoor and outdoor life, iSiMAR presents its LAGARTO collection of stools, sofas, armchairs and tables from Ilmiodesign, with the iconic curved rod skeleton that gives the series its identity. And also from the same designer, the brand will be presenting in Milan the PARADISO collection of chairs, stools and tables, designed for comfort in any situation. A creation that is inspired by the Miami aesthetics (Modern Miami) of the 1950s.


If what we are talking about is new spaces and new comfort for indoor and contract spaces, then in this new edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano we will be seeing new proposals of KRISKADECOR. Metal links that differentiate and freshen up any architectural project.

This year in Milan, the company will be unveiling the work of the international designer Luis Eslava and the UON studio in Seville which specialises in textiles, as well as the designs of Claire Davies. Eslava’s GRADIENT collection will provide us with pure and geometric gradations full of colour, brightness and movement which also allow unlimited combinations. The fact that they can be tailor made, both in terms of colour, shape and size, makes it possible to create unique spaces.



On the other hand, the UON collection which is based on illustrations, will connect with nature, with close and friendly environments. These structures and their designs manage to transform any space or room and to fill it with freshness and vitality. Floral prints, tropical gardens, lush vegetation are some of the proposals we will see in the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

And as they are inspired by and connected to the textile world, and as they can be reproduced limitlessly, these designs adapt easily to any size of space. Both collections are made with pieces of anodized aluminium and offer various functionalities: from dividing spaces to covering walls for contract projects.

Andreu World

When we think of comfort we think of comfortable sofas, pleasant after-dinner chats sipping coffee, delicate surfaces on which to rest our cup and our book. Scenes that connect with the proposals that ANDREU WORLD will be taking to this year's Salone del Mobile.Milano. The company is presenting three new products. In auxiliary tables, sofas, armchairs and lounge chairs, we find the ELEMENT collection and the COUVÉ ALU collection. ANDREU WORLD also brings us new spaces of comfort thanks to the stools of the NUEZ collection.



The COUVÉ ALU collection is the work of one of the most renowned international designers, Italy’s Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. To endow the sofas with greater functionality and sophistication he has added aluminium legs that give them greater versatility and allow them to be used in spaces frequented by a large number of people. Simplicity and comfort at one and the same time, balance and harmony of shapes. In this same line, Cazzaniga will be presenting the auxiliary tables from the same collection.

These come in three sizes, in the case of the square tables, and in two sizes, in the case of the rectangular ones. These lightweight tables, perfect for coffee or as auxiliary tables, are defined by their subtle lines and by the lightness of their aluminium structure. They are available in wood, Carrara marble, bamboo or lacquered wood and they can be used in all sorts of ways, from work spaces to all manner of waiting rooms. Their rounded finish is in tune with the lines of the sofas.



With the ELEMENT collection from the Andreu-Gensler Design Consulting Studio, ANDREU WORLD reinterprets classic design from a contemporary language that it applies to its light and chromatic chairs and armchairs, with double stitching in the centre of the backrest and around the perimeter of the cushions. A detailed and precise work of upholstery, very characteristic of the design of a collection that also includes two and three-seater sofas that are visually very lightweight.

Comfort is also to be found in Patricia Urquiola’s NUEZ stools. A stool that invites new uses and allows you to modulate the seat as if it were a sheet of paper, thanks to its enveloping character and its swivel base. The elegance and warmth of the natural ash goes hand in hand with a thermoplastic casing that allows different finishes.

andreuworld- nuez-chair



From the creative impulse of DELAOLIVA comes MOBBOLI, with a contemporary aesthetic criterion, to provide possibilities for all kinds of spaces and environments. This new flexible and avant-garde brand is true to its origins and knows how to balance youth and maturity, productive experience and creative vitality.

This year MOBBOLI will be bringing three new products to Milan: the UP pouf designed by Studio Mobboli, the ODEI chair from designer Aitor G. de Vicuña, and the ALPE sofa designed by Yonoh Studio. These are functional and versatile products with their own identity, with current and attractive lines and all the qualities required for commercial, residential and contract use, which are MOBBOLI’s target sectors.



This company will also be presenting at the Italian trade fair the suggestive lines of Ximo Rocas HUG chairs (Good Design Award), a result of the combination of two seat frames that can be applied to chairs and stools. Another proposal will be the SAVE collection of stackable chairs and armchairs, very transversal and suitable for both indoor and contract spaces. Warm, charming and with a high sensation of comfort on account of their backrest which features a laminated post-formed wood interior and is covered with high-density polyurethane foam.



Comfort will also be present thanks to the CHELSEA collection, by Studio Mobboli. This line of sophisticated and comfortable upholstered chairs presents different versions of backrests and will share space in Milan with the PLOMA auxiliary table whose chromatic range imbues personality into reception, waiting, or rest and relaxation areas. With their ATENEA collection, Studio Mobboli proposes a seductive collection of original and light tables with metal structures, inspired by an hourglass and available in multiple finishes.



With his JAPAN collection, designer Hector Diego has created for MOBBOLI a range of minimalist sofas and armchairs, of great visual lightness that lend their unique character to any environment.


This year, in keeping with its trajectory, SYSTEMTRONIC is championing designs with their own identity. Based on simple and pure lines, they develop and produce new solutions for contract spaces, homes and offices. With more than 27 years’ experience in the workspace sector of the furniture industry, this company will be taking several new products to the Salone del Mobile.Milano. Some of them expand their already existing families and help to enhance the comfort and beauty of spaces that follow the Everywhere like Home trend.



The CREPE family of pots offers its new version, CREPE_L, this time as a large-capacity container for umbrellas. The Green Light  is a plant that can be hung from the ceiling and the BEN multitasking trolley is characterised by its two large wheels. It comes in a combination of metal and wooden details and also with new colour finishes.



SYSTEMTRONIC offers another novelty. This year, the Salone del Mobile.Milano will showcase its classic CELES tables, which on this occasion have a built-in hanger. The collection features a geometric minimalist combination and even dares to add curves. And, finally, they will be presenting their recyclable bins, with a capacity of 60 litres, accompanied by pictograms showing how to use them properly.


Located beside the Mediterranean Sea in Crevillent (Alicante), this dynamic family company has been manufacturing furniture with a contemporary design ever since the 1990s. With local manufacturing and a global approach, they create innovative products in collaboration with leading designers of international prestige such as Carlos Tíscar, Ramón Esteve, Yonoh Studio, and Jonathan Prestwich, among others.



Their products are conceived to create inspiring and modern spaces in which to interact, work and live better, always with maximum comfort.

INCLASS produces benches, tables, side tables, multi-purpose and office chairs, sofas, armchairs and stools. Some of their collections can be seen in Milan; a wide range of products that opt for transversality and versatility of use. Elegance, pure lines and a timeless spirit are the hallmark of the company.

The VARYA TAPIZ collection includes all the upholstered versions of the VARYA family. It combines comfortable upholstered seats, available in three versions, with different metal and wood bases. This collection includes chairs, armchairs, stools and benches.



Designed by Yonoh Studio, the NIM WOOD collection is born from the search for versatility of use. The use of wood and upholstery with an original rim that contrasts with the contour, bring warmth and exclusivity to the collection, which has a sinuous and attractive design. And the ESSENS tables, designed by Jonathan Prestwich for INCLASS, combine beauty, design and harmonious proportions. This is a table with a sculptural silhouette that blends perfectly into all kinds of spaces. Created locally, INCLASS’ entire production combines craftsmanship and the latest technologies.inclass-essens-collection



The use of colour, light, materials and even the graphics of an underground station inspire the new collection from SANCAL and its scenery, which the company will be taking to the Salone del Mobile.Milano this year. With a palette restricted to greys, yellows and reds, the TURATI Collection is a tribute to the architecture of Milan and this city’s ability to turn something modern into something classic.



SANCAL argues that inspiration can come anytime, anywhere. Without warning. And from that premise is born the concept behind this year’s collection, which emerges from the depths of Milan. According to the brand, this project has been made possible by their having found the perfect travel companion: Studio Nichetto. The TURATI Collection is the first creative exchange between SANCAL and the Venetian designers who are based in Stockholm.



The design process has been an enriching journey through shapes, materials and colours, inspired by the architecture of Milan. The result is a comprehensive line that includes seats, multipurpose poufs, a bench that serves as a table and even a plush carpet. Four singular and unique products that speak a common language of design. This is the proposal for a collection that SANCAL will be taking to the Salone del Mobile.Milano this year.


Salone del Mobile.Milano 2020: EXPORMIM, handcrafted indoor and outdoor furniture

Founded in 1960 and dedicated to designing and manufacturing furniture for over 60 years yet, EXPORMIM has developed an extensive catalogue made up of original pieces for indoor and outdoor use, committed to environmental sustainability, quality and good design. At the Salone they will be showcasing their most iconic designs plus some new launches, such as the brand-new ARMADILLO armchair by Mut Design. Not to be missed!

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2020: POINT, timeless designer outdoor furniture

POINT is a family-owned company with 100 years of history. Founded in 1920 the brand is specialized in the design and manufacturing of outdoor furniture. In collaboration with renowned international designers POINT has nowadays presence in over 70 countries. Discover the new collections that will be presented at the Salone del Mobile.Milano!

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2020: MOBBOLI, office furniture with a strong appeal

Launched in 2018 by Spanish office furniture specialist delaoliva, MOBBOLI is a new, flexible furniture brand committed to a high-quality contemporary design approach that is contextual, practical, sustainable and inspirational. At the Milan Salone, the brand will be exhibiting a selection of its latest successful designs, among them the CAP, ODEI and CUA collections. Find out more…


imm cologne 2020: KETTAL. Outdoor furniture with a refined timeless identity

Outdoor furniture specialist KETTAL kicks off the 2020 at the imm cologne, in the Pure editions hall, presenting the first new launches of the year which include the new Urquiola's BAND chair family and the refined MOLO modular outdoor sofa, a creation by the Italian designer Rodoldo Dordoni for the brands. The firm extend also its catalogue with two new lighting products: the lamps HALF DOME (Naoto Fukasawa) and the BELA lamps (Doshi Levien). Not to miss! Read on and discover more…

Imm cologne 2020. ONDARRETA. Charming tables and chairs for the domestic and contract market

A family-run business specialized in the designing and manufacturing tables, chairs and stools for home and contract use, ONDARRETA brings to Cologne a selection of its latest successful collections (DRY, LANA, BAI), plus three new launches full of charm and style that mark the beginning of new collaborations with recognized designers: the HARY seat collection, by estudi{H}ac, the ALO chair by Gabriel Teixidó and the OLA  room divider by Silvia Señal. Please sit down and read on for more information…