March 28 / 2019

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019. Spaces decorated to ease your mind, the latest tendency in contemporary furniture

Renewing interior design and doing so by generating spaces that help people to disconnect and at the same time to express their emotions is one of the key trends of the year in the contemporary furniture segment, according to the 2019/2020 Habitat Trends Notebook which has been released by the Observatory for Habitat Trends.

This desire to rekindle enthusiasm translates into a decor that is making a forceful comeback with products whose boundaries are being blurred, creating new categories and multifunctional designs, able to adapt to any space and person, to their needs and tastes, from a polyvalent approach. This trend will be reflected in the proposals that a large group of Spanish furniture brands will be presenting at the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

The new season is marked by the renewal of timeless classics with personal details that seek to improve the well-being of the user, creating an oasis of serenity in which to seek refuge in the evening from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In this regard, balance and comfort are the leitmotif of sofas, armchairs and easy chairs that are recovering traditional craft techniques and are defined by a design whose inviting forms are essentially able to counteract stress and promote rest. Proportional pieces whose materials and textures give them a natural look.


Well-designed and manufactured products that reveal the beauty in their simplicity and adapt permanently to their surroundings with new materials and finishes. This is the premise of the new collections that ACOMODEL will be presenting at the Salone del Mobile.Milano. LIAN, NOLAN and SAMOA adapt to market trends with innovative materials that enhance the client’s convenience and comfort.



High black chrome legs that define the design of these pieces and imbue them with a greater visual lightness that maximizes their elegance. In the case of SAMOA, in addition to renewing the materials, they have increased the flexibility of their design.



It is now possible to combine different modules including fixed modules, pieces intended for relaxation and chaises longues. For its part, the NOLAN sofa offers sliding seats, with highly functional arms and a unique design. LIAN on the other hand, opts for a minimalist and refined aesthetic that provides great comfort when one is sitting down, thanks to its manual or electric sliding system, whichever the customer prefers.



These three collections respond to the same philosophy that ACOMODEL has maintained from 1998 to the present day: design, style and unique comfort with singular and elegant designs and upholstered products that combine relaxation and simplicity.



Other ACOMODEL models that visitors to the Italian trade fair will be able to see, are MILANO, MAGNO and GOA. MILANO, a charming sofa that offers made-to-measure rest and relaxation, will share space with MAGNO, a distinguished and elegant sofa bed, and GOA, a rocker armchair with an exclusive concept of comfort.



The maximum customization of their designs, coupled with the incorporation of the latest technology in mechanisms and motors (the Duetto system and the Slab sliding system, among others) guarantee customer satisfaction.



Pedro Ortiz Sofas

The Salone del Mobile.Milano is an essential event at which to introduce new products. Aware of the relevance of this international show, PEDRO ORTIZ SOFAS will be presenting four new collections in Milan.

CATHERINE, CINTHIA, PRISCILLA and TOULOUSE are the latest additions to an extensive catalogue of pieces of furniture that include fixed and recliner sofas and sofa beds of generous dimensions, which are complemented by comfortable and cushioned seats and backs.

Manufactured from pine wood, the modular concept of all these lines makes it possible to create two and three-seater sofas, chaises longues and poufs, among other configurations able to adapt to the needs and tastes of each user.



CATHERINE is defined by slender 12-centimeter black metal legs and by a base, a backrest and decorative cushions filled with microfibre. CINTHIA, on the other hand, has been conceived as a sliding sofa with a foldable headrest made of super-smooth foam covered with fibre, and polyurethane foam seats supported by 10-centimetre metal legs.



PRISCILLA and TOULOUSE rest on 4-centimeter wooden legs. PRISCILLA has a polyurethane foam seat that is set on a metal spring frame. Its support is the result of a mixture of pure fibres while the decorative cushions are filled with microfibre.



In the case of TOULOUSE, the company has opted for polyurethane foam seats with backs and cushions stuffed with elastic fibres.



These are lines in which design and materials join forces in the service of comfort.


The FAMA brand is heading to the Salone del Mobile.Milano with plenty of novelties. In addition to three new collections - the modular LUCIPOP line and the GALA and DALÍ sofa beds - the Spanish company has designed and manufactured a collection of unique fabrics and new products that go by the name “Monde Collection”. They also have two special editions: Wander Edition and La Ligne 29 Edition

Monde Collection is the work of a team of more than forty people that has breathed life into sofas, armchairs, complements and unique fabrics capable of transforming any space. In their special versions, Wander Edition is a collection that bears the signature of J.M. Azorín (Cocotte Minute, 27P8 Studio), a graphic designer of international renown, which is inspired by his travels around the world. Its striking design evokes the essence of such metropolis as London, Rome, Paris or New York. Born from the imagination of the artist Bénédicte Piccolillo, the La Ligne 29 Edition combines the aesthetics of tattoos with Renaissance paintings and industrial imaging to create its very own visual universe.



In line with market trends, comfort is the hallmark of LUCIPOP, a new detachable modular line with eye-catching prints. Its simple design of two-tier modules that can be combined to adapt to all homes and installations, enhances comfort to the utmost without the need for accessory cushions.



LUCIPOP is the result of nearly three years of work, in which the brand’s team has come up with a sofa that allows us to change the aesthetics of our living room, in terms of patterns and colours, at any time. The covers are very affordable and easy to put on. The patented Flexipop suspension system creates a very pleasant flexible sitting sensation.



This line is also available with high wooden legs for a Nordic look, or with 3-cm legs for those who prefer a more casual chill-out style of sitting.



GALA and DALÍ, for their part, are very discreet sofa bed models that feature an efficient Italian opening system, and that stand out for the visual lightness that the high wooden legs confer on them.



The design of GALA’s arms is curved and slightly tilted, while DALI exudes a more sober aesthetic with straight arms. Both models can be manufactured with no visible legs, thereby creating the optical illusion of floating in the air.

Franco Furniture

To ensure that our home is an intimate, personal and welcoming space, FRANCO FURNITURE creates quite unique furniture and decorative objects with metallic details and an extensive variety of decorative elements that provide each piece with its own characteristic and unmistakable personality.

At the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the brand (which was created in 1976) will be expanding the options of its catalogue with a menu of new finishes which enhances the adaptability of its lines to the demands of the market. In addition, it will be presenting the new AZKARY II collection of auxiliary furniture, which creates versatile and sophisticated options for the bedroom, living room and other residential spaces.



AZKARY II is born with the mission of aesthetically and functionally complementing the line of AZKARY sideboards. In that sense, it is in line with the principles of a collection of contemporary models that adapts to both modern and traditional environments. Consoles, sideboards, bar furniture and shelves that are available in different sizes and materials are part of this company’s catalogue.


Their pieces contribute to create a strong visual impact, by contrasting sinuous and straight lines with quality materials and glossy lacquers. FRANCO FURNITURE relies on the most reputed European suppliers, whose raw materials represent a statement of principles that accentuates the sophistication of each composition.


 TV CURVE modular furniture. FRANCO FURNITURE

FRANCO FURNITURE also has a line of modular TV furniture known as CURVE that transmits a refined identity in each of its compositions. This offer of sideboards, display cabinets and auxiliary furniture allows multiple configuration possibilities and pays the utmost attention to detail. The SERIK sideboard, which maintains the principle of elegance that characterises the brand, helps to enrich the bedroom catalogue.



All the pieces incorporate the most advanced mechanisms and techniques available in the market in terms of the treatment of the materials and the assembly of all the different parts. This thoroughness in production and in the finishes ensures the comfort, durability and ease of use of all the furniture in their catalogue.

Francés Bañón

With more than 15 years of experience in the upholstered furniture segment, FRANCÉS BAÑÓN will be presenting at the Salone del Mobile.Milano no less than seven new sofa bed models and two armchairs that have been designed to provide the best possible comfort based on permanently fine-tuned and improved designs.



Design and technical performance have teamed up to create a catalogue of quality furniture, which in Milan this year will also feature CHESTER, CARMELA, CLOTILDE, GAVIOTA, SUPREME, AVALON and SALOMÉ sofa beds, in addition to DUAL and SUPREME armchairs.



CLOTILDE is a model with straight lines that welcomes the body in a very comfortable way while maintaining a dynamic style characteristic of modern environments. The sofa has a low back and features a large 180-centimetre wide by 200-centimetre long bed with a 16-centimetre thick mattress to make the very most of the sofa, as if it were a conventional bed. It has a mechanism of Italian manufacture, and is upholstered with fresh and very transpirable fabrics.



SUPREMO is defined by a contemporary aesthetic, adapted to all ages, with a high and comfortable backrest that allows you to rest your head comfortably on the back of the sofa. The rear of the sofa is decorated with a mock quilted panel that evokes the headboard of a bedroom. Once deployed, the bed is 140 centimetres long by 200 centimetres wide. It comes with an 18-centimetre thick mattress, which ensures a good rest.

AVALON’s versatility resides in the arm of the sofa, which can be replaced by a larger and more decorative one. At the same time, it also has a thinner arm than reduces the dimensions of the piece so that it can fit into all kinds of spaces.

The sofa’s reclining backrest can be adjusted from a lower to a higher position to suit the user's comfort. AVALON’s Italian opening mechanism enhances the smooth opening and closure of the piece. It is complemented by a mattress that is 140 centimetres wide by 200 centimetres long and 12 centimetres thick.


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