March 21 / 2019

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019. Outdoor furniture expands its horizons and enhances comfort

This season, outdoor leisure time is enriched with outdoor furniture that can adapt to different spaces, ambiences and moments, with pieces created with new materials that enhance comfort both indoors and outdoors. This can be seen in the Habitat Trends Notebook which is produced by the Observatory for Habitat Trends.

Spanish companies taking part in the Salone del Mobile.Milano, which will take place between the 9th and 14th of April, will demonstrate how design, technology, materials and handcrafted production can combine to achieve highly versatile furniture both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. This year’s range of innovations includes proposals that imbue the exterior with the warmth and comfort of indoor furniture, yet with the technical and material requirements of outdoor furniture.

In particular, synthetic versions of natural materials are making a mark in this segment, together with outdoor textiles and cushions with padded textures and lighting proposals.


POINT will be showcasing four design proposals at the Salone del Mobile.Milano that enhance wellbeing and versatility: WEAVE by Vicent Martínez, DALMATIA by Nika Zupanc, SIR and MIN by Francesc Rifé, and T Collection by Gabriel Teixido. 

Aluminium curved into sinuous and delicate silhouettes is the hallmark of DALMATIA, an outdoor collection that stands out for the freshness of its lines, its comfort and the solidity of a design that takes its inspiration from the shades and the landscape of the Adriatic Sea. Chairs, couches, sofas and tables in different sizes comprise this line, which blurs the boundaries between outdoor and indoor furniture.


DALMATIA outdoor lounge collection. Nika Zupanc. POINT

T collection by Gabriel Teixidó uses a broad palette of colours to create a complete collection of aluminium armchairs, stools, small tables and poufs. Its refined design and its functionality manage to create unconventional environments.


T outdoor collection. Gabriel Teixidó. POINT

Two of the proposals that POINT will be presenting for the first time in Milan come from the talent of Francesc Rifé. Sleek aluminium lines endow both collections with personality, albeit in different ways. In MIN, the right angles of the structure are conjugated with the taut straps of the backs and the seats of the chairs and the armchairs, endowing their contemporary style with a retro touch from another age.


 MIN outdoor dining room. Francesc Rifé. POINT

SIR, on the other hand, uses aluminium elements with rounded contours, with natural teak armrests, and Batyline fabric backrests that transmit a warm and comfortable glamour to outdoor furniture.


SIR armchairs. Francesc Rifé. POINT

Lastly, the WEAVE collection by Vicent Martínez, which in recent years has been awarded a Gold Medal at the CIDI Biennial, a Gold ADCV Award for its design, an IIDA Award in 2018, and, more recently, a nomination for this year’s German Design Awards.


WEAVE collection. Vicent Martínez. POINT

This design sees a return to the company’s origins 100 years ago by recovering the craft of knotting each fibre by hand, just as birds do with their nests. An extensive collection that offers many options for outdoor relaxation.


Tendencies linked to furniture design are constantly evolving towards proposals that can provide answers to needs that change over time. As a result of this constant reformulation, the Valencian brand GANDIABLASCO presents its special edition SOLANAS GOLD at the Salone del Mobile.Milano.


 SOLANAS GOLD outdoor armchair. Daniel Germani. GANDIABLASCO

Finished in white gold, this exclusive proposal by designer Daniel Germani reveals a different shade depending on the angle at which the pieces of furniture are placed. Germani justifies his choice of finish by saying, as SOLANAS does too, that it invokes a “discrete and unreserved elegance”.


SOLANAS outdoor collection. Daniel Germani. GANDIABLASCO

This collection shows adaptability from its very concept, as its modular elements are able to adapt to any situation and outdoor environment thanks to a unique character that combines extruded aluminium profiles and the new ultracompact Dekton surface by Cosentino, with which the table worktops are manufactured.


TIMELESS collection. José A. Gandía-Blasco & Borja García. GANDIABLASCO

GANDIABLASCO’s proposals for Milan also include TIMELESS by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García, and DNA TEAK by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales. TIMELESS proposes colour combinations that range from the warmth of orange to more neutral grey shades, with a collection of chairs, tables, sofas, poufs and loungers with straight, pure and proportioned lines.


DNA TEAK collection. José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales. GANDIABLASCO

DNA TEAK revisits the beauty of teak slats and combines them with metal to create couches, tables, chairs and sofas with a snug, elegant and innovative aesthetic, at one and the same time.


Creating unique environments in which design is to the fore in all its elements is one of the hallmarks of VONDOM, which attends the fair in Milan with furniture and lighting proposals from renowned designers.

In the case of lighting, VONDOM presents MARQUIS, a new table lamp designed by estudi{H}ac which is based on the characteristic geometry of pleated fabrics, to create a skin of textures formed by shiny polycarbonate triangles. This structure manages to create an interesting play of light and shadow on the surfaces it illuminates.


MARQUIS lamp. estudi{h}ac. VONDOM

On the other hand, Ramón Esteve is the author of the GATSBY collection, which is reminiscent of Art Deco and the boom period during which Francis Scott Fitzgerald bequeathed his “The Great Gatsby” to the world. The lamp creates an enveloping atmosphere through the suggestive lights that are achieved by the play of shapes and sensations of engraved glass. Well resolved from a technical point of view, GATSBY makes it possible to adjust the light and to personalise the colour.


GATSBY lamp. Ramón Esteve. VONDOM

Another result of the collaboration between VONDOM and Ramón Esteve is the TABLET collection of furniture, a programme based on duality, identity and integration with any manner of space. While it always maintains visual consistency, TABLET manages to generate a reticular composition through the compositive freedom of its design.


TABLET modular sofá collection. Ramón Esteve. VONDOM

Its versatility is evident in its materials – polyurethane foam combined with an internal metallic structure upholstered with polypropylene fabric – which allow it to fit organically both indoors and outdoors. According to the designer, TABLET seeks “versatility and technology” on the one hand, and “kindness, comfort and identity” on the other. This line is the result of this duality between identity and integration.

“To turn any outdoor space into a true oasis, with the sole objective of bringing people together and celebrating life” is the premise from which designer Marcel Wanders began working on SUAVE, a collection that is the result of his five-year collaboration with VONDOM.


SUAVE sofa. Marcel Wanders. VONDOM

In line with the new tendencies in the sector, VONDOM launches SUAVE, the first collection in the history of the company to combine new materials, textures and fabrics in order to create a sophisticated and elegant outdoor experience. The collection blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor furniture, achieving a greater degree of softness, comfort and relaxation.


KETTAL’s alliance with design and prestigious designers will be once again evident in the forthcoming edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, where the brand will be presenting such new collections as VDL by Dion & Richard Neutra, MOLO by Rodolfo Dordoni, BAND by Patricia Urquiola, HALF DOME by Naoto Fukasawa and BELA by Doshi Levien.

Outdoor pavilions are among KETTAL’s most characteristic compositions, structures in which Kettal Studio turns to modern architectural shapes that enhance nature in outdoor environments. Their pergolas – which include the Lounge Pavilion, Pavilion L, Pavilion H, Daybed Lanscape and Cottage – are configurable and customisable in materials and colours.


Pavilion H double. KETTAL

Their aluminium structure is complemented by Natte, a new and very comfortable structured fabric. KETTAL pavilions seek to bring order, shape and structure to spaces, even though functionally they are conceived to give shelter: controlling light and heat, and providing protection from wind and rain.


Pavilion H simple. KETTAL

The new version of BITTA LOUNGE by Rodolfo Dordoni is presented in two different finishes – Bela Ropes and Parallel Fabrics –  each available in 17 colours. The collection, with measurements and proportions adapted for reduced spaces, is made up of pieces for the living room and the dining room, and it includes a daybed with wheels.


BITTA LOUNGE outdoor collection. Rodolfo Dordoni. KETTAL

Among its new products, KETTAL will present GLAZE, an exclusive paint finish which is aesthetically close to ceramic, and offers the same feeling of warmth. Thanks to its technical development, GLAZE maintains the durability and quality of aluminium coatings. This new finish is applied to the aluminium table tops and is available in eight colours created by Doshi Levien.


VIMINI outdoor dining room. Table with GLAZE finish. Patricia Urquiola y Doshi Levien. KETTAL

Among other pieces in its decorative line, KETTAL will also present in Milan the Michel Charlot’s outdoor FILA lamps and Doshi Levien’s carpets with geometrical motifs (GEOMETRICS FABRICS).


The collections that BIVAQ will present in Milan are born form the observation and influence of nature, and they are capable of transcending the limits of indoor and outdoor architecture to configure new and heterogeneous spaces.


DATS table and CLUB chairs. BIVAQ

The wood, rope and metal that one finds in Mediterranean porches and terraces provide the inspiration for the TEJA collection, the new proposal that the brand will be presenting in Milan, and which focuses on quality, comfort and tranquillity.


Outdoor collection ILLA. Andrés Bluth.BIVAQ

In turn, ILLA by Andrés Bluth draws inspiration from the essence of an ephemeral garden to créate elegant and versatile pieces that are very resistant yet comfortable at the same time. Whether on private terraces, in restaurants or in cafeterias, the cylindrical rods of the collection transmit an elegant and light aesthetic that invites you to sit back and relax.

The collection includes an armchair that can be upholstered, with an aluminium and stainless steel structure, a chair made of galvanized steel, and a coffee table and a dining table with tops that are available in three sizes. It also has a black fireplace and a highly customisable base.


ILLA collection, suitable for indoor spaces and projects. BIVAQ

Bearing the signature of Andrés Bluth, MOOD XL is an update of MOOD, one of the characteristic lines of this brand from Barcelona. In order to fit into all sorts of outdoor spaces, its materials – from the structure to the upholstery and the fabrics–  are resistant to light, water and other atmospheric conditions.


MOOD XL outdoor collection. Andrés Bluth. BIVAQ

The expansion of the collection includes wider and taller modules and the addition of the Soft Cover system, which reinforces the softness and warmth of the piece. MOOD XL creates multiple compositions thanks to a wide variety of multipurpose pieces of furniture.


CALMA is preparing new products for the Salone del Mobile.Milano. A new catalogue which will present some of its most emblematic collections together with new lines that will attest to the design, care and innovation that go into each piece made by this brand from Girona.

Those attending this unmissable event for the furniture sector will be able to discover the qualities that have made Andreu Carulla’s ALAT sofa worthy of a Good Design Award 2018. This sofa looks as if it’s spreading its wings, with an unconventional silhouette that maximizes luxury, comfort and style.


ALAT outdoor modular sofa. Andreu Carulla. CALMA

These large, four or five-seat lounge sofas have two slightly raised lateral modules (hence the name “ALAT”, “winged”, in Catalan), that provide an iconic presence and elegance in any space. Its cushions are made with dense foam protected by a water resistant layer which allows them to resist any kind of weather conditions.



This collection is organically complemented by another of the brand’s iconic pieces: the LLUM outdoor lamp and the OM parasol. LLUM, CALMA’s first sortie into the lighting world, is a stylish solution for nights spent outdoors.


DORM outdoor modular sofa and LLUM outdoor lamps. CALMA

The luminaire has been conceived as a large oval that rests on three stylised Iroko wood legs. It can take a 4,000 watt LED bulb which casts a soft and warm 360º light that is perfect for garden areas, swimming pools and terraces, but also for any indoor space.


OM parasol. CALMA

And, if LLUM is ideal for the night time, CALMA proposes OM for the day time. It is a parasol with a structural, functional silhouette, versatile at the same time, which filters direct sunlight and gives a Mediterranean style to any outdoor space. The central pole has an innovative rotation system that allows the parasol to be opened in a comfortable way.

CALMA works with an extensive and always growing list of designers. Its collaborators already include Andreu Carulla, Pete Sans, Inma Bermúdez, André Ricard, CrousCalogero, RunDesign and Joe Doucet.


MUSOLA arrives in Milan this April with collections bearing the signature of Yonoh Studio and Valencian designer Santiago Sevillano, which are destined to create unforgettable outdoor moments with elegance and distinction.


CANASTA chairs and SALVIA table. MUSOLA

Designed by Yonoh Studio, the CANASTA collection comprises a 65 centimetre high stool and a chair. They are pieces made entirely of stainless steel with two upholstering options to accompany the meticulous grid that characterises its structure. The cover that runs along the entire perimeter of the structure, as well as that of the cushion, is removable, leaving the rear part of the grid visible.


CANASTA chairs and NANSA auxiliary table. MUSOLA

This proposal is joined by SALVIA, a table with a ceramic top that is available in 24 sizes, both fixed and extendible, with an aluminium and stainless steel structure.

In turn, the NANSA collection by Santiago Sevillano comprises a chair, an armchair, a 2 and 3-seat sofa, an auxiliary table and cushions. The chair, winner of a 2019 GERMAN DESIGN AWARD, and the tables are based on a structure made entirely of aluminium. The NANSA chair is stackable and its seat can be easily uncovered, while the table and its ceramic table top is available in different sizes and shapes.


NANSA outdoor collection. Santiago Sevillano. MUSOLA

The couch and the sofas share the same structural and material concept as the chairs and tables, and are complemented by cushions especially designed for this collection.


NANSA armchair. Santiago Sevillano. MUSOLA

All the fabrics are from the SUNBRELLA brand, which adds superior quality to every upholstery and offers protection from sunlight and extreme weather conditions.

Skyline Design

Research and renovation of materials are some of the lines of work of SKYLINE DESIGN, the results of which will be on show at the Salone del Mobile.Milano, where they will present some of the new additions to their catalogue, such as the SURABAYA daybed by Santiago Sevillano and the MOMA, HORIZON, and MARTIN collections, all three by Noel Royo.

SKYLINE DESIGN creates all of its pieces from top quality materials to generate first-class lightweight outdoor furniture pieces that are resistant to climate conditions. According to the company, these synthetic fibres are revolutionising furniture design, because it is now possible to create environmentally friendly pieces that are flexible and resistant to sunlight and water, and are also 100% reciclable.

The SURABAYA daybed, one of the brand’s most iconic pieces for terraces and pools, comes from this philosophy of sustainability. With large dimensions and spectacular shapes, this daybed takes its name from the exotic Indonesian city, and it also has a coffee table that complements it aesthetically.


SURABAYA daybeds. Santiago Sevillano. SKYLINE DESIGN 

Philippine designer Noel Royo signs the other three proposals that SKYLINE DESIGN will be taking to Milan: the MOMA collection, which combines sophisticated sofas, tables and loungers created from rattan; the HORIZON collection for dining rooms and outdoor terraces, available in different materials.


MOMA outdoor collection. Noel Royo. SKYLINE DESIGN


HORIZON dining room. Noel Royo. SKYLINE DESIGN

MARTIN is a comfortable line capable of creating moments of relaxation and tranquillity through design and first-class materials.


 MARTIN collection. Noel Royo. SKYLINE DESIGN

Noel Royo, SKYLINE’s head designer and head of its R&D department, draws inspiration from nature and humankind to shape each and every one of his sketches. His designs are translated into pieces of furniture of elegant forms endowed with great confort.

Design Catalogue >>>



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