March 08 / 2018

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018: contemporary furniture

Rich in products, styles and finishes, the Spanish contemporary offer for home and lounge spaces responds to modern lifestyles and trends while adapting to the personality, tastes and needs of consumers. Textures, colours, patterns, charming and functional designs and comfort are all of top priority in Spain’s contemporary décor contributing to keep schemes interesting and fresh.

Inspirations come mainly from current trends, such as the urban glamour, new elegance, industrial chic or the timeless Nordic style, and from the demands of consumers for attractive, comfortable and flexible furniture.

The contemporary house

In contrast to classic décor, contemporary interior design is bold and tends to emphasize popular trends. In contemporary homes, shapes, colours and textures take the spotlight. Natural materials, such as metal and wood, are often paired with geometric, modular furniture and mix-and-match with refined lacquers and attractive fabrics. Bright, contrasting hues as well as pastel and neutral tones are both often found in this interior design style.

Based on a solid tradition, the Valencia-based MONRABAL CHIRIVELLA has developed a reputation for creating charming furniture in different styles for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Available in natural wood (oak and cherry) or lacquered in warm, neutral tones, the VALENTINA collection, which was initially launched as a line of bedroom furniture, has been extended to include a new line of dining and living room furniture that adapts perfectly to spaces creating harmonious environments.



Style, elegance and functionality are also the main features of NEREA, the new collection of contemporary bedrooms which offers an amazing mix of natural wood, lacquers, shiny gloss decorations and deep-buttoned upholsteries.



Creating a big impact, the designs of the Cordoba-based FRANCO FURNITURE are everything but run-of-the-mill. Their collections, such as the latest AZKARY and KIU, break down conventional style, including unique décors, metal accents (aged gold, silver and copper), chromed elements, mirrors, glass and an incredibly rich choice of striking finishes.


KIU bedroom collection. FRANCO FURNITURE

By juxtaposing curvy shapes with more contemporary lines, the company delivers new possibilities that suit both modern and more traditional spaces. The firm’s offer covers various ambiences and it features authentic stand-alone pieces, such as the incredible consoles, bar cabinets, radiator cabinets, wine cellar cabinets, vinyl record cabinets, sideboards, bar and the amazing bookcases available in different shapes and sizes of the AZKARY collection.



Lounge in comfort!

The living room is the space where people are supposed to unwind after a long day, so it should be able to achieve feelings of warmth, space, comfort and beauty. Spanish brands have strived to create new seating collections that interpret new aesthetic concepts based on design flexibility and originality.

Sectional sofas, as well as extra-large armchairs, provide great versatility and comfort: you can separate the pieces to create multiple seating areas, or push them together for a comfortable couch, great for watching TV, snuggling and reading. Colourful fabrics, delicate leathers, scattered cushions and exquisite details compliment the look adding a lot of flair to spaces. Innovative relax and entertainment systems bring the lounging experience to the next level.

Models like the new SIROS low profile sofa from GAMAMOBEL allow you to mix and match modules, patterns, stripes and block colours to create different configurations that easily adapt to spaces and its use. Scattered cushions in contrasting hues add vibrancy and a fun touch to the compositions that can be re-arranged in any moment according to the needs of the consumer.


SIROS floor level sofa. GAMAMOBEL

Available in leather and other fabrics, the new RIMINI sofa and the ALES armchair bring a hint of style and effortless elegance to contemporary settings.



The flamboyant 70s are all the rage in the latest launch of the creative sofa manufacturer FAMA. The SEVENTIES collection, which includes four new models, NINA, SIMONE, AVALON and NADINE, breaks down cold minimalism by evoking the playful atmospheres of the 70s while ensuring the comfort criteria which are the known hallmarks of the brand.



The new sofas and extra-large armchairs can come upholstered with a new line of exclusive fabrics that pay homage to both hippie culture from late 60s and early 70s and to the pop art movement.



Exclusive manual and electrical patented relax mechanisms, which include sliding seats and backrests, sliding chests and reclining backrests, reclining backrests and extendable footrests etc (Losa, Duetto, Adesso, folding arms, etc.), ensure the best performances of the ACOMODEL sofas. Provided with a reclining mechanism, AMPOSTA, one of the latest model, offers a harmonious combination of comfort, beauty and versatility.


AMPOSTA sectional sofa. ACOMODEL

The latest addition, the MARTINA sofa, features a chaise-longue module that can be slid out to turn into a three-seater sofa while revealing a hidden side table and a pop-up armrest.



CATHERINE, TOULOUSE and YAIZA are the newest additions to the extended catalogue of fixed, sliding and relax sofas, sofa-beds, armchairs and recliners from PEDRO ORTIZ. Generous in dimensions, they all feature well-padded seats and backrests.


TOLOUSE extra-large sofa. PEDRO ORTIZ

Different modules allow you to create extra-large sofas, corner sofas, three-seater or two-seater sofas with or without a chaise-longue.



With SUINTA sofa-beds being so charming and beautifully designed it’s hard to believe that they actually conceal a useful guest bed for the night. Part of their success is due to the simple Italian mechanisms that allow you to easily transform the sofas into a quality bed. New models, such as the ITALO or the BALDO sofas, are offered in different dimensions and come upholstered in stain resistant and easy dry-cleaning fabrics.


ITALO sofa-bed & IDRA armchairs. SUINTA

SUINTA’s sofas are elegantly complemented by a line of attractive armchairs and recliners. Inspired by traditional wing chair, HIRMA is the perfect option to create relaxing spot in lounge areas and waiting rooms. On the other side, the IDRA armchairs draw out their subtle elegance from mid-century designs yet boast a contemporary twist: bright colours and lively patterns that enhance the round-shaped, cosy design of the shell.  It is offered with four legs or an original metal base that seems to challenge gravity, lending visual lightness to the piece.


HIRMA armchair. SUINTA

As seeing is believing, we invite you to visit Spanish brands at halls 14 and 18 to have a first-hand look at  Spain’s new furniture programmes and  enjoy the best lounge experience…



ALAT, the new stylish garden sofa by CALMA

With ALAT (winged in Catalan) you can really give wings to your imagination and create a perfect lounge space in your outdoors. Created by young designer Andreu Carulla for the Catalonia-based outdoor manufacturer CALMA, the ALAT sofa stands out for its unconventional design that maximise luxury, comfort and style. Let’s have a look and relax…

Bring a touch of retro charm to your outdoors with the VINT collection from BIVAQ

Break the linear monotony of minimal designs filling your outdoors with the retro elegance and charm of the VINT collection. It pays homage to the past combining intriguing touches of nostalgia with modern functionality and the durable construction of BIVAQ’s outdoor and indoor ranges. Just a new attractive way of enjoying the open-air life! Read and discover…

FAMA, a successful ambassador of the Spanish style in China

It all started 9 years ago when FAMA took its first steps in the Chinese market embarking on a new adventure that has led to the opening of 15 FamaLiving showrooms across the country, including the 3 showrooms in Beijing and the other 12 in main cities, such as Shandong, Hohhot, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Jinan, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Shenyang… Now it's time for new exciting experiences, let's discover more...

The finest experience: the RITZ Collection from SOHER

All over the world Ritz is synonym for high-style and luxury, two features that also inspire the homonymous furniture collection from Spain’s luxury décor specialist SOHER. Made of the finest materials with the highest possible standard of craftsmanship, RITZ evokes the grandeur and elegance of the famous hotels founded at the beginning of XX century by Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz, who redefined luxury accommodation in Europe. So, ready for “Puttin’ on the Ritz” to your space? Just keep on reading…

DUE from CALMA, the comfortable way to enjoy dining in the sun

DUE, the new outdoor dining set created by CrousCalogero for Spanish outdoor furniture specialist CALMA, is a perfect addition to summer entertaining. With mild breezes and warmer temperatures gracing porches and patios, the new collection helps you create a favourite spot to enjoy outdoor meals and lounge in the fresh air. Ready for the experience? Read on to find out more…