March 02 / 2016

Salone del Mobile. Milano 2016: luxe & glamour

A glamorous ambience is something special; it stands out and pulls you in. It rises above trends and customary design concepts, representing instead a fine living and evoking a certain amount of elegance, subtlety and sophistication. With their background of top-quality craftsmanship and deeply rooted cabinetry, firms like COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, EPOCA, GUADARTE, MARINER, SOHER and TECNI NOVA have indeed all the ingredients to create a perfect glam factor. Discover how in halls 1,4,3 or just read on…

SAVOY collection, SOHER

A renowned American interior designer and decorator, Albert Hadley, said once that the “decoration is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That’s what all this is about, not just what’s in and what’s out”.

That’s exactly one of the main mission of the Spanish luxe décor industry, the constant research for a perfect match of past and present, for unique décor with a strong personal appeal and staying power. Key issue is indeed the capacity to elevate personal style through mature elegant designs, top quality materials, craftsmanship, and tailor-made solutions to customer requirements. That’s luxury and glamour for our brands. That’s the Spanish way to add value to your décor…


With more than 2,000 pieces in classic and contemporary styles, most of them handmade by skilful artisans, the Valencia-based firm offers three different catalogues that respond to different tastes and design concepts: HERITAGE, EVOLUTION and the recent EMOTIONS.

HERITAGE ambience: MEDINA coffee

The EMOTIONS catalogue has been recently enriched with new objects, such as the spectacular BOWIE and MASTER sofas. MASTER is a new addition to the homonymous collection, widely acclaimed in 2015. Contemporary in style, the MASTER sofa boasts an exquisite attention to details. It is available in two sizes (MASTER M: 280x110x90h; MASTER L: 400x110x90H) and offers the possibility to combine 5 engraved leather colours with a selection of attractive matching fabrics.


The MEDINA collection is the latest addition to the HERITAGE line. Inspired by Moorish craftsmanship, it consists of a coffee and occasional tables that complement in a stunning way some other statement pieces from the Heritage and Emotions catalogues such as the FELIPE bookcase, the BOSTON sofa or the SILVIA chest of drawers. The glam accent is given by the combination of fine woods, lacquers and precious photoengraved gold or silver leathers. The mirror top provides a modern touch enhancing the appeal of the pieces. The fabulous design of the OMAN pouf is another clear homage to Middle Eastern cultures.


New launches include also the SPOCK and TUPÉ armchairs and the spectacular Art-Deco inspired LIFT CHRYSLER table, with its glass base and a charming marquetry work in different noble woods.

EPOCA – Hall 4 Stand B07 - B11

An intriguing fusion of the finest craftsmanship and maximalist decorative solutions is what really characterizes EPOCA’s exceptional atmospheres and whimsically beauty spaces. The firm, a leading brand of the Spanish luxury home décor sector, goes beyond trends to offer unique furniture that is a gorgeous combo of classic-with-a-modern-twist style.

EBONY collection, EPOCA

Like EBONY, the successful collection formerly launched in 2014 and continuously enriched with new stunning pieces. It now includes more than 40 exclusive designs all of them featuring the most exquisite finishes and materials. Each piece is a real work of art, hand finished by in-house expert craftsmen who master unique woodworking techniques. The final result is a striking furnishing proposal made of a blend of fine, unusual woods (ebony, bird-eye maple and sycamore wood), enhanced by precious details and EPOCA’s exclusive and charming gloss lacquers.

EBONY ambience with MILOS console tables, EPOCA

One of the highlights is the MILOS console table that is made of Makassar ebony finished with a gloss lacquer. The dark colour palette and the gold leaf detailing are perfect to amp up drama and set an immediate luxury mood in the most sophisticated ambiences.

DOLAN cabinet, EPOCA

Exceptional craftsmanship is also the main theme in DOLAN, the sculptural bookcase whose glam appeal is accentuated by the sycamore inlays and the mirror glass panels.

GUADARTE – Hall 1 Stand H04 - H08

Either for the proportions, the unique settings, the intriguing combinations of styles, the lighting or even the eccentric moods, GUADARTE, a leading manufacturer of high-end furnishing products, knows how to evoke emotions and draw the attention of those people who visit their stands, showrooms and interior projects. Constant renovation and improvement of ranges are key to their success. Every year, they extend their collections with new products, finishes, fabrics and accessories that impress for their diverse designs and amazing appeal.


In Milan, they will unveil the new additions to the NEW ART DECO collection and the more eclectic SAVANNAH, that features an amazing combination of Baroque-inspired motifs and ethnic elements. New wood and colour finishes have been added to bring warmth and uniqueness to ambiences: LINO (Mediterranean beige), SKY (natural matt grey), CROCCO (crackled black lacquers) and the precious NUBE gloss lacquer.

NEW ART DECO cabinets, SKY and NUBE finishes, GUADARTE

SAVANNAH living and dining sets come mainly lacquered in an intriguing Black Gothic hue that creates a dramatic setting for the exotic decorative objects and the flamboyant upholsteries of the collection.


Nature, art, fashion, exotic elements, these are some of the inspiration sources that make GUADARTE’s designs so unique and assorted. They have an extraordinary ability to adjust to different lifestyles, personalizing ambiences and producing different atmospheres and settings: classic or contemporary, with all the intensity of baroque or the beauty of ancient Roman and Greek art and the stream-lined elegance of modern trends; warm and relaxed, as in a Southern hacienda; cosy and refined for the most glamorous interiors; and dramatic in the outdoors, where art and nature fuse in a very singular way…

MARINER – Hall 1 Stand A01 / A05

With more than 122 years of experience in the furniture and lighting sector, the Valencia-based MARINER produces pieces that are real objects of desire for those who put excellence and quality above anything else.


Within its refined CLASSIC line, the firm has just launched the WELLINGTON collection, strongly inspired by the Empire style. The collection includes living and dining room furniture as well as a bedroom set. It features a stunning combination of black and white lacquers enhanced by a profusion of precious gilded bronze ornaments and medallions and carvings decorated with old gold leaf. Table tops are embellished by fine inlays and decorative friezes. Chairs have elegantly shaped backs and armrests and, as the sofas, are upholstered in elegant fabrics and velvets.


AUSTIN is the new Art-Deco inspired collection of the GALLERY catalogue, a line specifically created to connect with new generations and trends without sacrificing craftsmanship, high quality and great design, which are the main hallmarks of the brand.


With AUSTIN you can keep your scheme less formal yet sophisticated and elegant at the same time. The collection stands out for the amazing blend of the finest ash burl and sycamore veneers, adorned with gilded metals –by using the lost-wax casting method– and gold plated finishes that endow this collection with a new chromatic allure.

SOHER – Hall 3 Stand H32

Beauty, quality and grand style: these are the features that best define SOHER’s décor catalogue. Since its foundation in 1942, the company has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing top quality bronze objects and high-end handcrafted furniture. Following a particular code of elegance and distinction, its luxurious furniture collection achieves to create majestic ambiences, filled with charming decorative pieces and exquisite details.

SAVOY living room, SOHER

After the successful PANTHER and EQUUS collections, SOHER is making a modern comeback to the Art Deco style with SAVOY, the new proposal for living room that will be unveiled just at Il Salone. The whole collection has a strong geometric appeal made of an intriguing mix of rectilinear and curvaceous forms. Geometric lines are beautifully softened by the fine rosewood veneers, whose matching produces interesting decorative designs, and by the gold plated table bases, all of them decorative solutions that instantly catch the eye and set an immediate luxe mood.

SAVOY sofas

As in Old Hollywood colour schemes, the palette is basically neutral but brought to life by the shiny elements, as the golden finishes and the gloss lacquers, the exotic woods, the unique lighting and the lavish fabrics.

SAVOY occasional table with gold plated base, SOHER

SAVOY is also offered in different veneer options or lacquered. Tables can also be chosen with leather or stone tops more in tune with contemporary trends.

TECNI NOVA – Hall 3 Stand G33

Over the years, TECNI NOVA has contributed to renovate the serious and formal classic style by breaking rules and introducing into its collections unusual twists and more contemporary lines.

FORTUNE modular sofa Mod. 1726, TECNI NOVA

Its latest high-end contemporary collection, FORTUNE, is now available with a complete range of pieces for different ambiences. Featuring a sophisticated design, clean lines and well-proportioned volumes, the collection includes sofas and armchairs, bedroom and living room programmes, dining room sets, coffee tables, chest-of-drawers, wardrobes, bar cabinets; all of them made of the finest materials, such as refined fabrics and leathers, velvets, noble and exotic woods (iroko, zebrano, walnut) and lacquers.

FORTUNE bedroom Mod. 4219, TECNI NOVA

Among the new proposals to be launched in Milan, there is the stunning extra-large modular sofa whose design is a blend of grand style and contemporary aesthetic. Upholstered in leather and fabric, it can be configured in different ways as it is formed of different modules: the former modular three seater sofa (Mod. 1726, 3.24X1.03X0.91), plus the new modules of 1.26 m, a pouf and a chaise longue. Modules can also be chosen with or without backrest according to tastes and customers’ needs. It can be complemented by a choice of scattered cushions and by the new upholstered modular coffee tables.

FORTUNE cabinet Mod. 4215, TECNI NOVA

Made of an intriguing mix of wood, leather, fabrics and fine lacquers, the new upholstered bedroom of the FORTUNE line (Mod. 42919) comes in warm, natural tones that radiate pretty elegance and style. The bed has a lacquered base while the rest of the structure is upholstered in a similar nubuck fabric. The front side of the headboard is upholstered in a beautiful combination of top-quality leathers and lush fabrics that enliven the soft toned palette by bringing a touch of sophistication.

The same charming combination of lacquers and nubuck-like upholsteries (like a velvety suede) features also in the bedside tables and chest-of-drawers. The contrast of materials and tones is also accentuated by the leather tassels with metal detailing.

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