March 21 / 2016

Salone de Mobile. Milano 2016: lounging in comfort

The forthcoming edition of the Salone del Mobile will fill pavilions 14 and 18 with exciting designs, colourful fabrics, delicate leathers and exquisite finishes. Upholstered furniture, that’s what this is all about. A world of relaxation and comfort which invites you to take a break and rest for a while. The Spanish ACOMODEL TAPIZADOSECUS, FAMAGAMAMOBEL, MORADILLOPEDRO ORTIZ  and SUINTA will be there showcasing their very best in modern and contemporary upholstered furniture. Lounge for a moment and get ideas!...


Let’s find out how to bring style and flair to your living room with the stunning proposals these seven Spanish upholstery furniture manufacturers have to offer. Get ready!


Year after year ACOMODEL TAPIZADOS showcases their novelties at the world-renowned Salone del Mobile. This Spanish company, with more than 20 years in the upholstery sector, specializes in the manufacturing of sofas, recliners and sofa-beds in contemporary style. Comfort, functionality and respect for the environment are their main features, with ranges of upholstery items which are made to last.


Together with their current large offer of sofas and armchairs, ACOMODEL TAPIZADOS will show in Milan two brand new models: LOFT and GAME. Ergonomically moulded, design-conscious and with a broad variety of top quality fabrics to choose from, these sofas immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and comfort. Because this is what it’s all about: to make upholstered furniture for the way people live.


ECUS - Hall 18 Stand E15-F12

Looking for a good night’s sleep? ECUS has the right solution. This Spanish company focuses on the design and manufacture of mattresses, pillows, bedsteads and bedding. A family-owned business which has been successfully launching quality sleep solutions for more than 25 years.


Everyone is eagerly awaiting ECUS’ debut at Salone del Mobile 2016. Find out in pavilion 18 a wide variety of storage beds as the CORAL and CLEVELAND models and technologically advanced mattresses as the COCOON. Let’s pay a special attention to this model: a mattress that can be individually customized depending on your comfort preferences. Choose among three levels of firmness and one of the different toppings to meet your perfect resting position. A new rest concept for a new way of life.

VEGA armchair by Teresa Sapey. ECUS

But it’s not all about storage beds and mattresses. The company ECUS introduces ICON, a brand new collection of sofa-beds and armchairs signed by a list of well-known designers as Teresa Sapey, Tomás Alía and Carmen Barasona among others. The finest raw materials, eye-catching fabrics and flawless finishes are all perfectly integrated into the most attractive designs. Designs which can easily fit a contract project or charmingly decorate any space at your private home. Having some rest has never been so easy and comfortable.

FAMA - Hall 18 - Stand B21-C24

The Spanish company FAMA is pleased to participate at the Salone del Mobile for nine years in a row. Founded in 1970, this Yecla-based firm has evolved into one of the leading upholstered furniture manufacturers widely known as the ultimate in comfort, design, technology and individual choice. FAMA range comprises a large variety of different sofas and modulars, chairs and recliners, outdoor furniture and tables with an infinite number of variations and possibilities. In addition to these collections, this company introduces new models which will be unveiled in Milan: the PACIFIC modular programme and the BONNE recliner.


PACIFIC is a very special modular programme with an overwhelming personality. With six platforms of different measures you can create your own design by adding or removing backrests thanks to a really smart fixing system. Curved modules also allow creating a comfortable You&Me, an attractive chaise longue or an elegant curved sofa, very original and cosy. FAMA certainly invites you to become a professional designer.

BONNE recliner. FAMA

The BONNE model is much more than a conventional recliner. Comfort is taken to a higher level thanks to the new headrest, adjustable both in height and inclination, and to its high resting position. No matters your height or complexion, the BONNE recliner adapts to anyone and is also highly recommended for good resting heart health.

GAMAMOBEL - Hall 18 Stand C22

You can take this family-owned business as an example of innovation, quality and passion for the fine tailoring. The result is an ergonomic seating combined with attractive, endless designs, the perfect balance to match everyone’s lifestyle. For this year’s edition of the Salone del Mobile, GAMAMOBEL’s in-house design team has launched two new collections to be unveiled in Milan under the names of SIENA and LIDO.


The SIENA collection, based on contemporary and timeless schemes, reinforces the feeling of comfort thanks to the use of adjustable headrests. By choosing from a large range of modules and top quality fabrics and leathers from the GAMAMOBEL collection, this programme allows customers to create a wide variety of different compositions. Infinite solutions, absolute freedom.

LIDO collection. GAMAMOBEL

Comfort is the foundation on which the LIDO collection is based. It’s been manufactured with a special combination of foams designed to achieve a continuous comfort feeling as well as to guarantee perfect recovery and total resistance. The LIDO programme offers many modular possibilities and plenty of fabrics and leathers to play with. Simplicity and serenity at its best!

MORADILLO - Hall 14 Stand E31

Bring flair and style to your living room with MORADILLO’s sofas, armchairs, poofs and chaise longues. With more than 40 years of experience in the upholstered furniture industry, this Spanish company has strengthened its presence in the international markets thanks to four essential principles: stylish designs, exceptional quality standards, endless customization possibilities and focus on customer satisfaction.


These are the two novelties MORADILLO will be introducing at Salone del Mobile 2016: ZOW and IROHITO sofas. The new ZOW sofa stands out for its elegant, refined and charming design. The cosy shape and soft seating of this model are a true invitation to rest, relax and let yourself go. ZOW is wide, comfortable, versatile and resistant. An outstanding design made to be enjoyed.


The IROHITO sofa is more than distinction and luxury. A design called to become a symbol. The charming open base, wide but at the same time light on the eyes, the legs made of wood or metal, and the perfectly finished set of seats and backs, offer an extraordinary comfort feeling. Don’t ever forget that a symbol must be comfortable as well as sophisticated and elegant.

PEDRO ORTIZ  – Hall 14 Stand C41

It’s time to be cool! This is the main motto of this Yecla-based company called PEDRO ORTIZ. Designed and manufactured in Spain, this firm, specialized in upholstery furniture, offers a wide number of different collections and pieces: sofas, armchairs, corner sofas, footstools, poufs and accessories. All these items are made with the finest quality fabrics and leathers, superb contemporary designs and the internationally well-known Spanish flair.


Since 1965, PEDRO ORTIZ manufactures outstanding upholstered furniture with an excellent quality/price relationship. At Salone del Mobile 2016, the Spanish firm will showcase some of their new proposals for 2016 (as the COCOA collection) together with their current programmes as MIRELLA, LAUREN, DALMATA, LORETTO, OLIVER and CHARLOTTE, among many others. Comfort, functionality, contemporary design, ergonomics and the best quality to meet any customer’s expectations. The spring is coming. It’s time to be cool!


 SUINTA - Hall 14 Stand E33

Founded in 1990, SUINTA has proudly become one of the best sofa-beds manufacturers in Spain. This firm produces both the sofa-beds and the upholstered furniture in its 8,000 sqm facilities located in Yecla (Spain), that’s why this company can be certainly confident of achieving the very best production standards. Cutting-edge machinery and innovative manufacturing systems, along with the Certificate ISO 9001 for their quality management system, guarantee outstanding quality products and, what’s much more important, satisfied customers.


The Spanish company SUINTA will be exhibiting at Salone del Mobile 2016 for the second year in a row. On this occasion, armchairs are the special guests. A new collection of fixed and relax armchairs will be introduced filling the booth with pioneering comfort technology, exciting designs, original finishes and colourful fabrics.


Together with these new armchairs, SUINTA goes a step further with the introduction of a new Nordic style sofa. Clean lines, comfort as a standard and wooden arms will perfectly complement your room’s contemporary style while ensuring a great relaxing experience. It’s time to relax!


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