August 31 / 2012

PACO CAMUS opens its new U.S. store in Stamford, Connecticut

The work of Valencia-based designer Paco Camus has a new home in the United States. Gallery owner Fernando Luis Alvarez has created a new space at 108 Bedford St., in Stamford, adjacent to his landmark gallery, that will serve as the flagship retail space and U.S. distribution center for the Spanish company.  Find out more inside…

fernando luis alvarez presents...just for paco camus private collection

Under the name of “Fernando Luis Alvarez presents… just for Paco Camús Private Collection” some of the most representative Camus’ design pieces have been showcased in this new store together with other works of art, such as paintings and sculptures of local artists, in order to create a link between furniture and art.

ESGRIMAS console table and GIORGIO chest of drawers at the Alvarez Gallery

The idea is to turn the former exhibition into a stand-alone store that will offer exclusively Camus’s work for sale.

VOLTAIRE writing desk by PACO CAMÚS in the Fernando Luis Alvarez art gallery

Isma Pastor, Paco Camus, Fernando Luis Alvarez, Kabir Valencia

More photos of the presentation event at Alvarez Art Gallery...

Founded in  2009 and based in Valencia, PACO CAMUS designs, produces and sells exclusive design pieces - or “functional sculptures”, as they are considered by experts - for exquisite interiors all over the world.

paco camus and ismael pastor

The high-end PACO CAMUS PRIVATE COLLECTION is composed by 16 hand-crafted pieces in solid American walnut wood and other noble materials and precious finishes, such as alabaster stones, polished aluminum, enea (bulrush) fibres and gold and silver leaf.

paco camus HERCULES

All the objects can be considered authentic pieces of art that rise above trends and add a timeless appeal to classy ambiences. The designs on display in Stamford include:



  • Voltaire writing desk



  • Yris table



  • Esgrimas console table



  • Barocco mirror



  • Hercules chest of drawers



  • Lady Sting chair in walnut



  • Lady Sting chair in white matt finish



  • Giorgio sideboard



The opening of this first U.S. store in only the beginning of a strategy that aims to strengthen the presence of the Spanish brand in the North American market. To do this, PACO CAMÚS will set up its own flaship stores while creating and extending its commercail network throughout the country.

yris table and lady sting chair by paco camus

Starting from this year, Camus' creations are also distributed in New York by DDC, one of the main furniture stores of the city, located in the prestigious Madison Avenue.

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