September 28 / 2021

Nanimarquina presents its new ‘nanimarquina contract’ business unit and launches the new Formula Contract Collection for indoor and outdoor projects

A decoration piece sometimes undervalued, a rug can be in fact a crucial component of the interior design, tying a space together and providing the base layer for the rest of the room. This has always been clear to designer and entrepreneur Nani Marquina who, since she founded the eponymous Barcelona-based company nanimarquina in 1987, has always considered rugs as the true soul of a space.

FLORA rug | Santi Moix | nanimarquina

Now in its second generation, the company is a leading international interior design company from Spain and a benchmark for singular rugs that combine design with craftsmanship and innovation. The first collections were designed exclusively by Nani, revealing her passion for pushing the boundaries with materials, textures and forms. The success and the growing demand for her carpets led to new collaborations with designers, interior designers and artists of global status such as Ron Arad, Doshi Levien, Javier Mariscal, Eduardo Chillida, Ronan & Erwan Bourollec, Jaime Hayón, Neri & Hu who have collaborated with Nani to ensure diversity of styles and experimentation with textures, materials and shapes.


SILHOUETTE rug | Jaime Hayón |nanimarquina

In the early 90s, Nani Marquina discovered the incredible craft tradition of Northern India and the quality of the work produced by its artisans. That was when she embarked on her boldest entrepreneurial venture, moving production to this part of Asia. This global business vision was to define the future of a brand that now exports 85% of its turnover, to more than 65 different countries, with more than 400 sales points in countries such as the USA, France, Germany, Benelux and Italy. The Barcelona flagship store and the showroom in New York have become a meeting place for those passionate about design.

TRES BLACK indoor rug | Nani Marquina & Elisa Padrón | nanimarquina

Their extensive catalogue includes more than 500 rug models and offers endless possibilities of customization for private and contract projects. This year, the company has further broadened its appeal by launching its NANIMARQUINA CONTRACT range, which is aimed at the contract sector, together with the new FORMULA COLLECTION, which explores new possibilities in terms of use, sustainable materials, colours and textures, and other new models that add vibrancy and style to spaces…

FORMULA CONTRACT Collection. By nanimarquina team

FORMULA CONTRACT is a collection of highly functional and flexible rugs designed specifically for indoor and outdoor contract projects.


With over 250 possible combinations, the client or designer will be able to choose from five solid rug models and 30 different colours to find the solution that best suits the space and match other furnishing elements.


Formula Contract Hand Tufted rug | nanimarquina team

The collection includes three models available in two versions for indoor and outdoor use: a Hand Tufted model with subtle reliefs; an elegant Hand Loomed made with the cut&loop technique; and a Dhurrie rug that combines three colors creating an interesting visual effect. Indoor models comprise a Sumak rug with its characteristic braid pattern and a Kilim that combines two color to create contrast and rhythm.


Formula Contract Kilim rug | nanimarquina team

As with all nanimarquina rugs, the FORMULA CONTRACT collection is hand-made in India and Pakistan by weaver masters, ensuring the best quality standards and helping maintain the local cultural heritage.


Formula Contract Hand Tufted & Formula Contract Hand Loomed outdoor rug | nanimarquina team

While indoor models are made from local wool reducing therefore the impact of transportation on the environment, the outdoor versions are made of 100% recycled PET fibres with ensure great softness, transferring indoor comfort in the outdoors.


Formula Contract Hand Tufted ooutdoor rug | nanimarquina team

What’s more, the use of recycled PET fibres gives a second life to plastic bottles, minimizing the impact on environment and avoiding the use of new resources.

TRES outdoor rug collection. By Nani Marquina & Elisa Padrón

Since it was formerly launched in 2016, the TRES family has become the most successful collection of the brand. Over the years, it has been incorporating new models that respond to the new needs and trends of the market by adding new variations of colours, textures and materials – these new models have been included into the TRES STRIPES, TRES TEXTURE and TRES VEGETABLE collections. All the rugs of the TRES family are composed by three independent pieces joined together invisibly, achieving a rich combination of colours and textures in one rug.


TRES VEGETAL JUTE rug | Nani Marquina & Elisa Padrón | nanimarquina

Recently, the firm has launched the TRES OUTDOOR version that includes 5 different models: TRES OUTDOOR BLACK, TRES OUTDOOR SALVIA, TRES OUTDOOR TEXTURE BLACK, TRES OUTDOOR STRIPS BLACK and TRES OUTDOOR TEXTURE MUSTARD. This line has been created to create comfortable, warm environments in the outdoors but also to define spaces in areas which are characterized by the absence of walls and delineated spots.


TRES SALVIA OUTDOOR rug | Nani Marquina & Elisa Padrón | nanimarquina

Made from 100% recycled PET fibres, the TRES OUTDOOR rugs are sumptuously soft to the touch, shifting a sense of indoor well-being to any outdoor environment.

SHADE indoor & outdoor rug collection. Begüm Cana Özgür

Turkish designer Begüm Cana Özgür believes the SHADE rug expresses a “sense of tranquillity and well-being” that is balanced by a “penetrating vibration of colours”.


SHADE INDOOR rug | Begüm Cana Özgür | nanimarquina

Available in four indoor and outdoor versions, this handmade flat-weave rug collection possesses an exquisite simplicity, result of the complex technical processes behind the achievement of a beautiful dual gradient design - with colours converging horizontally and vertically in the same plane in four different gradient palettes.


SHADE OUTDOOR rug | Begüm Cana Özgür | nanimarquina

The indoor models are made from 100% hand-loomed New Zealand wool, while the outdoor version is made of 100% recycled PET fibres. A pouf is also available to create cozy yet functional spaces.

BLUR rug collection. Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Based on a sequence of geometric shapes and repetition, which by the way is a hallmark in Bouroullec brothers designs, the BLUR rug offers two distinct aesthetics; from afar the rug appears as one, ‘blurred’ block colour – hence its name-, but as you draw closer, you can distinguish the intricate and diverse patterns, consisting of rhythmic lines and contrasting shapes.


BLUR BLACK rug |Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec | nanimarquina

The blurred effect is obtained by inverting the sense in which the kilims are traditionally woven, with each rug weaved mixing two colours, creating depth in texture and a distressed appearance. A subtle yet highly effective design, the rug can coordinate with a range of differently styled environments, perfect for a bedroom or living space.

BLUR RED rug |Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec | nanimarquina

Made of locally sourced hand-spun Afghan wood, the collection includes 3 rugs – Green, Red, Black- in different sizes and shapes and a runner.

NOCHE rug collection. By Nani Marquina & Ariadna Miquel

As its name suggests – “noche” is night in English-, the hand-knotted NOCHE rug evokes the silence and velvety texture of the night sky, stirring emotions and appealing to what is basic in life.

Made of jute, NOCHE is fresh and rustic and features all the exceptional, typical properties of this natural material. Known as ‘the Golden Fibre’ for its brightness, the jute is a plant that blooms in tropical regions, especially in India and Bangladesh. It is one of the strongest vegetal fibre with outstanding insulating and antistatic properties; it is also environmentally-friendly as it is 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable.


NOCHE rug | Nani Marquina & Ariadna Miquel | nanimarquina

NOCHE is available in 4 versions – BLACK, BLUE GREEN, BROWN and NATURAL – with different measures and shapes.


NOCHE rug | Nani Marquina & Ariadna Miquel | nanimarquina

In addition to the compliance with the Cal Prop 65 requirements that ensures rugs are completely free from harmful chemicals, all nanimarquina rugs has obtained the most renowned international certifications for contract projects in terms of durability, reaction to fire, as well as resistance to sun and water in the case of outdoor models.

Sustainable practices also include the use of the biodegradable and chemical-free Eco-sheen & Jutex products which reduce up to 70% the waste of water during the washing process.

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