July 13 / 2021

MUSEO and TAPIS, the timeless and creative new collections by SANCAL

TAPIS, MUSEO, TURATI, JUNGLA, ENIGMA, MAJESTIC, these are the themes associated to SANCAL’s latest collections. The company has indeed an original way of presenting their annual launches by associating them with a new concept far removed from any current trend or established style.


MUSEO Collection | VOID Concept | Note Design Studio | SANCAL

The company slogan itself “Smile, break the mould and be happy” reflects their original understanding of design as an agent of change: humour as the key to a job well done and to break away from the norm as it is possible to design a happier world. In its second generation, the family-owned company -founded in 1973 as a specialist in upholstered furniture- has turned into a multidisciplinary hub where graphic, product and interior design projects come to life, most of the time in collaboration with external designers, including Karim Rashid, Prizker Prize winning architect Toyo-Ito, Sebastian Herkner, Luca Nichetto, Note Design Studio or Mut, to name but a few.


ELLE wing armchairs | Rafa García | CORE sofa & VESTIGE coffee table | Note Design Studio | MUSEO Collection | SANCAL

With the TURATI Collection, for example, they recreated a Milan subway station, with FUTURA they invited us to travel to a retro-futuristic world, with ENIGMA they opened up to new, thrilling -even scaring- dimensions, while with JUNGLA we took a walk on the wild side… The latest collection presented in 2020 was called MUSEO because it makes a nod to the world of art presenting the products as if they were authentic works of art. This year the collection has been enlarged to include new artworks, such as the ELLE armchair, the CORE and REMNANT sofas, the VESTIGE table or the DIVIDUALS pouffes. More on MUSEO Collection>>>


TAPIS space dividers | Isaac Piñeiro | NEXT STOP sofa | Luca Nichetto | TAB occasional table & CHAT poufs | Isaac Piñeiro | SANCAL

TAPIS is a brand-new collection of room dividers, panel systems and an acoustic sound-proofing solution designed by Isaac Piñeiro to add new, inspiring functionalities to SANCAL’s catalogue. Let’s discover more…

TAPIS Collection. By Isaac Piñeiro

Space dividers are back in vogue as there is a need to find new flexible and dynamic solutions that increase privacy, reduce noise and ensure adequate social distancing in workspaces and common areas. Not just a simple room divider, TAPIS is a panels system with real architectural features that allow to install, move and rearrange the elements respecting the original interior design concept of the space.


TAPIS panel system | Isaac Piñeiro | SANCAL

Easy to assemble, the panels are available in three heights and two lengths. They come upholstered in wide array of fabrics, including those with sound-proofing features and resistance to harsh cleaning conditions. Fabrics can be mixed and matched even on the same panels creating intriguing symmetric and asymmetric patterns.


TAPIS panel system | Isaac Piñeiro | SANCAL

Transparent polycarbonate panels can be added for a more dynamic look and to let the light pass through.

ELLE armchair. MUSEO Collection. By Rafa García

Sophisticated and elegant, the ELLE armchair steals the scene in every environment with its great personality and design. Rafa García’s latest design for SANCAL is available in several versions. The most charming of them is the light lounge chair while the cosiest and most comfortable is, without any doubt, the wing chair. However, the most unexpected piece is perhaps the executive chair, as it the first item of the firm in this category.


ELLE armchair collection | Rafa García | SANCAL

To adapt to different styles and spaces, each version of ELLE is available in a choice of finishes and bases that make it suitable for various settings. The executive chair has a swivel base that is available in a four-spoke version with a lockable tilt mechanism or in the five-spoke option with casters. Both models are adjustable in height by a gas lift mechanism.  


ELLE wing armchair | Rafa García | SANCAL

A similar four-star base can also be mounted onto the lounge and wing chairs. Alternatively, they can be fitted with a four-legged structure with arms or a sled base. The wing chair is the only model that is offered with an upholstered base.


ELLE executive chair | Rafa García | SANCAL

The choice of refined fabrics, including velvets and leathers, is crucial to add texture and warmth to spaces, while the lacquered metal elements, which are available in 16 different colours, can be used to add intense contrasts to younger, informal spaces.

REMNANT & CORE sofas. MUSEO Collection. By Note Design Studio

Inspired by classic designs, CORE and REMNANT are two ranges of armchairs and sofas that are independent but complementary at the same time. Born from a “meditation on emptiness”, the two seating series have been designed to indicate two opposite forms of the same shape.


CORE sofa & REMNANT armchairs | Note Design Studio | SANCAL

From a philosophical point of view, CORE shows matter in its pure essence, it represents the positive part of the matter, in a few words; while REMNANT represents the negative, the material that the sculptor might have discarded after creating CORE. Nevertheless, with REMNANT the designer wanted to emphasize the negative space surrounding physical objects, making it as relevant as the objects themselves.


REMNANT sofa | Note Design Studio | SANCAL

REMNANT’s technical complexity has been one of the main challenges of this project. Its ethereal silhouette reduced to the minimum is only apparently simple; it is the result of a considerable amount of development, experimentation, and engineering work.


CORE armchair | Note Design Studio | SANCAL

Available in a select choice of fabrics, both models share the same curved silhouette with an attractive quilted back. That is why it is easy to mix and match them in the same environment, combining volumes, textures and colours.

VESTIGE table. MUSEO Collection. By Note Design Studio

Inspired by the architectural remains of ancient civilizations, Note studio has created a family of sophisticated dining and occasional tables that combine in a simple way strength and beauty, past and present. The sculptural base is formed by a rectangular block lightened by an intriguing void section in the upper part. A tempered glass top rests delicately on it exposing the fine lines formed by the intersection of both geometric figures.


VESTIGE dining table | Note Design Studio | SANCAL

Due to the uniqueness of the materials used, the base has both a functional and aesthetic function. The ash wood version can be tinted in many hues, being the Nogal and Cerezo colours those that better combine with the bronze tone of the top glass. The IQ version is pure innovation as it is made of a hard-wearing material originally use for floors and walls (Tarkett). Finally, the lacquered finish extends the range of colors providing an extra matte touch that enhances the brilliance of the glass.


VESTIGE occasional table | Note Design Studio | SANCAL

While occasional tables are available with three different table tops (glass, ash wood or lacquer), dining tables are only available with a glass top.

DIVIDUALS poufs. MUSEO Collection. By Note Design Studio

As the REMNANT and CORE sofas and the VESTIGE table, also the DIVIDUALS series of poufs is part of the of the Void Matters concept, through which Note explores matter, paying special attention to how its absence defines the shape of an object. No wonder the most outstanding feature of these poufs is their inverted or “empty” seat.

DIVIDUALS poufs | Note Design Studio | SANCAL

Defined by two intersecting designs that can be combined and arranged into multiple compositions. When the organic silhouette of the curved pouf welcomes the small cylindrical pouf, the composition is collected and compact, when the two elements are separated the void gains prominence defining their sculptural shapes.


DIVIDUALS poufs | Note Design Studio | SANCAL

Combining and contrasting, the choice of different fabrics adds dynamism and vibrancy to the look. The solid ash wood plinth is also available in 22 different colours for a more visual effect. The D38x60 pouf is available with a swivel mechanism, in addition to its fixed version.

Discover other MUSEO artworks


Well-known companies have chosen SANCAL’s products for their facilities. At home but also at work, in hotels, restaurants and even in hospitals, their products contribute to the well-being of many people adding always comfort, style and vibrancy to spaces.


For more information: www.sancal.com


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