December 14 / 2016

Modern twists on classic shapes: the new MYA collection by MEGAMOBILIARIO

The new MYA catalogue includes a very exciting line of furniture for living spaces from MEGAMOBILIARIO.  If you’re looking for top-of-the-line designs but at affordable prices, then this is the collection for you. The Valencia-based company has teamed up with young industrial designers La Cubitera to bring you an amazing, functional furniture collection, made using natural materials and traditional craftsmanship. Read more and start revamping your living…

The new MYA collection: discreet charm & elegance

MEGAMOBILIARIO is a furniture company much identified with its city Valencia and the Mediterranean influences. Contemporary but in a timeless way, the restyling of the successful MYA collection breathes the charm of the 60s, while evoking the relaxed, friendly atmospheres of the Mediterranean lifestyle. It blends a natural wooden finish with contemporary clean lines and a soft palette of pastel tones for a smartly casual yet refined look.

How do you prefer your MYA sideboard? Totally wood...

... or natural wood & pastel tones?

After the first launch of MYA in 2014 and its encouraging reception, we felt the need to extend the catalogue with new distinctive pieces and finishes that would reinforce the young, casual look of the whole collection” says export manager Maria García.

MYA extendable tables, ideal for gatherings with family and friends...

Extra space & warmth

Spanish design studio La Cubitera was asked to develop the new, fresh version of MYA but they were also briefed to stay true to the brand’s values based on the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, the great attention to details and an excellent quality-price relationship.

New colours: crisp white & light green for a bright look

Maria García says that they like to keep things simple, without extraneous details or decorations. “We strive to produce affordable, functional furniture with a quiet, understated aesthetic aimed at lasting. The new MYA cannot be an exception” she adds. But she also points out that they have been open to new ideas and have considered the suggestions of their business partners and distributors on new demands.

New colours: light pink & dark grey with natural wood... the choice is yours!

We know that the philosophy behind MEGAMOBILIARIO’s furniture is timeless elegance. Bearing that in mind, we have worked on a new concept based on formal simplicity. We wanted to put the interplay between users and objects at the core of the new designs: as if they were following the movement of opening a door, fronts fold 90 degrees giving shape to handles and making wood grains run parallel to their positions,” explains Victor, partner at La Cubitera design studio.

A subtle trick at the core of MYA's design: fronts fold 90 degrees giving shape to different handles and wood grain layout

This simple detail defines the overall design and results in fronts that are completely different, one from another. At the same time, it differentiates MYA from furniture of the competition.

Your MYA, your choice: play with forms, materials and colours...

MYA cupboard, detail

Pieces don’t need any metallic handle or any other superfluous grip element for opening or closing doors. Integrated handle profile flows around the whole furniture and can be used to highlight volumes or to create more linear designs,” says Victor. “Take the display cabinet for example: thanks to the integrated handles on doors and drawers and the possibility to combine colours and finishes, a simple container turns into a fully personalised object with high-added-value”.

MYA high cabinet, the best option to keep your treasured items organized...MYA high cabinet, the best option to keep your treasured items organized...

The new MYA catalogue offers a wide choice of different modules, legs, panels, shelves, materials and finishes to ensure great personalization and visual comfort. Pieces are veneered in natural European oak or walnut, but the catalogue also  includes 33 different colours: matt lacquers, open pore lacquers and patina oak. Wooden pieces are enhanced by the fine structural finish that gives depth to wood grain and accentuates its natural beauty and touch.

MYA dining set

Oak veneers with structural finish for an extra soft, natual touch

Dynamism is also ensured by the combination of vertical and horizontal modules while glass doors can be used to lighten the look. The choice of legs ranges from the metal linear legs to the mid-century inspired wooden legs and the bases.

Play with horizontal and vertical elements to add dynamism and personalisation to your living...

As usual, we have maintained some features that are the hallmarks of our brand and that confirm our strong commitment with high quality standards, innovation and exacting craftsmanship, such as our structural wood finish and the interiors of drawers made of  solid wood” explains Maria Garcia.

One of the hallmarks od MEGAMOBILIARIO: the interior of drawers are made of solid wood

The new range is totally in line with the aesthetic trends of countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, Greece or the Czech Republic, where MEGA MOBILIARIO is already present. “Nevertheless, we are flexible and able to adapt to every requirement of specifiers and to the needs of our clients. We can therefore extend our offer to more customizable possibilities. We really go beyond our catalogue, offering a versatile approach as well as the best value and service”, says Maria.

Some of the colours of the new colour palette

It is quite hard to combine simplicity and elegance at once, but it does not mean it is impossible to do. At MEGAMOBILIARIO they succeeded in it. Find dozens of inspiring ideas in the MYA catalogue and let a breath of cool air linger in your living space…

With the MYA occasional tables and the choice of vibrant colours is easy to create comfortable corners...

Timeless refinement & tones

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