April 26 / 2018

Mariner: 125 years of delivering decadently hand-crafted, luxury furniture pieces

What started off as just a humble man’s honest dedication to a job well done is now a worldwide referent for handmade custom lightings and luxury furniture. 125 years of ground-breaking, exquisite high-end design, artisanal workshops and a strong focus on the export market is what differentiates MARINER from its competitors in the furniture and lighting sector.


1920. Oiginal workshop in the Monparler Passage

Enrique Mariner Gurrea began his journey of a lifetime back in 1893 when he opened the first Mariner workshop; the very studio which would soon give way to countless coveted luxury designs and an entire team of gifted and highly skilled artisans.


1893. Mr. Enrique Mariner Gurrea

His desire to excel together with his natural instinct to enterprise determined that MARINER’s bronze lamps and furniture would inevitably be a product in very high demand, especially in a market where beauty is of the utmost importance.


1909. Advertisement

Moreover, MARINER’s great commercial ability and concern for urban architecture and interior design have made him a forerunner in the sector, capable of envisioning products that were not yet on the market, as seen by the first Louis XIV style furniture and the "waterfall" lamps.


 1962. Louis XIV style chest of drawers

The key values which define the brand stem from what is primarily a family unit; where integrity, design-wisdom and hard work are taught to each generation before handing down the family business.


1983. Mr. Enrique Mariner Domingo and Mr. Francisco mariner Monleón during a trade mission in Taif, Saudi Arabia

The MARINER family has known exactly how to pass on the key values to each generation to ensure that they could face the new challenges ahead of the business.


1943. Factory

The first workshop was set up in a time before the introduction of electricity and although their machinery and availability to resources has changed, MARINER still uses many of the same production processes today. The Rococo style lamp is an example of this; inspired from nature, made of authentic bronze and manufactured using the much time-honoured lost-wax method.


1965. A unique masterpiece: Rococo style chandelier for the Synagogue in New York. USA

MARINER’s latest products can be classified by two styles, Classic and Gallery, which are inspired by current design and decoration trends. Classic is the flagship of the most celebrated collections of MARINER in the last 125 years.



Gallery is presented as a spectacular reinterpretation of the “classic” style, the outcome of more than a century of continuous evolution; it combines vintage elements with current trends to create signature ambiences.


GALLERY Line. GATSBY home office furniture

MARINER’s decadent pieces can be seen all around the world: from the presidential offices in the Republic of Ghana to luxury residences in Shanghai, China; from the Nagoya University of Commerce & Business in Japan to the prestigious Bistango Yacht built by the Italian shipyard Benetti.


2010. BISTANGO luxuty yacht. Benetti Shipyards. Italy

MARINER's projects photo gallery>>>

MARINER’s great exporting nature has always made the brand stand out in the sector, thanks to its unwavering commitment to the development of high-end projects and attending the most important international trade fairs of interior design. The company has been present in such trade fairs since the very beginning, for example the trade fairs of Paris, Moscow, Frankfurt, Hannover, Cologne, Casablanca, Philadelphia, Stockholm, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beirut, Madrid, Dubai, Milan and Valencia.


A constant presence at international fairs

As world reference in luxury furniture, Mariner has celebrated its 125th anniversary at the 2018 edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano where it has presented its brand new piece as commemoration of the occasion; a magnificent Dutch-style bureau, which is veneered in walnut burl and bedecked with rosewood bands. The piece reflects the essence of MARINER’s distinguished know-how, boasting a concealed small chapel that has been embellished by fine marquetry and flanked by two leather faux books which are actually hidden vertical drawers. The legs’ claws have been delicately carved by hand. Likewise, the handles and keyholes are made of hand-chiselled molten bronze.

mariner-singular-pieces-dutch-style bureau

2018. 125th Anniversary Commemorative Piece. SINGULAR PIECES collection. Dutch-style bureau

The company has also presented their 125th Anniversary Mariner book as a tribute to the history of the brand in Milan this year.

What started off as just a humble man’s honest dedication to a job well done is now a worldwide referent for handmade custom lightings and luxury furniture; now exporting to more than 70 countries worldwide, with flagship stores in Valencia (Spain), Hangzhou (China), Dubai (U.A.E.), Doha (Qatar), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Tehran (Iran), and Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia). Mariner continues to stand out in the world of decorative furniture design.


Heirs of a great tradition

Find out more about the history of the brand, download the 125th anniversary book:



More info at: www.mariner.es


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