January 10 / 2019

Maison & Objet Paris 2019: NOMON, seductive fusion of jewelry and furniture design

NOMON was born at the crossroads between José María Reina, industrial designer, and Ángels Arrufat, jewelry designer. They both wished to join their projects aiming to give the clock back the prestige and distinction as a decorative element in homes and offices that it had in the past.



Natural materials have an important role in aesthetics and they are related to truth and honesty. This is why NOMON likes to use pure raw materials, respecting the natural texture of wood and marble. Craftwork is also an essential element in order to obtain the luxurious touch that characterizes NOMON’s production.

NOMON CLOCKS have an exclusive nature due to the use of noble materials, treated with jewelry standards in its finishes and presentation. Moreover, its designs are easily recognizable thanks to its visually stunning presence and aesthetics. All products are handmade in Barcelona.

nomon-bari-marble collection-sahara-noir-clock


NOMON HOME presents seductive objects which transform daily life aspects into luxurious moments, functional pieces providing pleasant sensations of well-being. Among others, valet stands, towel hangers, floor and wall mirrors, desks, console tables and shelving systems.

At Maison & Objet Paris (January 18-22, 2019), NOMON will present new products and finishes, using stunning raw materials such as Sahara Noir marble and Emperador marble and the new black stained ash finish. Let’s find out more details about these novelties…..

NOMON CLOCKS. Luxurious materials and renewed aesthetics for a new clock concept.


Marble becomes the main protagonist in this new collection, which along with walnut and polished brass hands, rises the clock to the category of a sculpture. In order to achieve a refinement in volumen, the body of the clock is divided in two parts that are handmade separately; a wooden base combined with an Emperador or Sahara Noir marble front.



Craftwork, respect for imperfections and natural marble veins, turning each clock into a unique and exclusive piece that adds an extra distinction to any space.



Available in two differente meassures: BARI M (diameter 32 cm) and BARI S (diameter 24 cm); also in two finishes: Sahara Noir marble and Emperador marble.


DELMORI GOLD is the new version of the iconic DELMORI clock from NOMON. The combination between gold brass details with natural walnut pieces raises the product to a higher level. A unique clock facing lightness with an imposing presence due to its dimensions (diameter 140 cm) by combining a large number of pieces assembled with meticulous detail.


 DELMORI GOLD clock, made of polished brass and solid walnut wood. NOMON CLOCKS

Timeless and elegant design turning into the perfect clock to accessorize office walls, receptions and all kinds of installations.


New gold edition for an iconic clock at NOMON, NEW ANDA. Clock composed of a polished brass ring with natural walnut hands. A refined object showing that the best products are always based on the simplicity of their forms.



The minute hand, which stands out from the circle marked by the Golden ring, gives character and distinction to the piece. A clock which apart from fulfilling its function, makes proud to have on in our walls.

NOMON HOME. Elegance and sophistication without losing functionality.

NOMON HOME fuses passion for jewelry and furniture design, creating an innovative project, where the complementary furniture becomes the main role with elegance, style and sophistication. NOMON HOME includes three different collections (MOMENTOS, ÚNICA and ESCULTURA) designed Andrés Martínez and Stefano Bigi. At Maison & Objet Paris 2019, the brand will present a new stunning finishing for its home collection, the black stained ash.

Inspired by elegance and sophistication, NOMON’s valet stand is a new concept of the classic suit valet, a seductive object that transforms daily life aspects into luxurious moments. The Emperador marble base provides a unique and exclusive character.


Valet stand. MOMENTOS COLLECTION by Andrés Martínez. NOMON HOME

New dark tones created by the black stained ash, the graphite details and the new Sahara Noir marble base building a sober, elegant and masculine atmosphere.


Valet stand. MOMENTOS COLLECTION by Andrés Martínez. NOMON HOME

NOMON’s towel hanger founds its inspiration in marble pedestals from art galleries and creates a new ambience to enjoy perfumes and bath oils. The towel stand provides sophistication while enjoying the relaxing times.


Towel hanger. MOMENTOS COLLECTION by Andrés Martínez. NOMON HOME

It comes in two possible combinations: natural walnut with Emperador marble base and black stained ash with Sahara Noir marble base.


Towel hanger. MOMENTOS COLLECTION by Andrés Martínez. NOMON HOME

UNICA Desk. Contemporary classicism in its design and exquisite artisan execution provide elegance, warmth and serenity to this piece.


UNICA desk, new black stained ash finish (UNICA COLLECTION), and BARI S clock (MARBLE COLLECTION). NOMON

The desk allows to combine fixed and freestanding shelves, these can rotate, providing additional functionality.



Floor mirrors. Elegant design with smooth edges. Its simplicity and warmth from the walnut endows elegance to your space.


Floor mirror, natural walnut with Emperador marble base. MOMENTOS COLLECTION by Andrés Martínez. NOMON HOME

Two possible combinations: natural walnut with Emperador marble base and black stained ash with Sahara Noir marble base.


Floor mirror, black stained ash with Sahara Noir marble base. MOMENTOS COLLECTION by Andrés Martínez. NOMON HOME

Included in the rich catalogue of products of NOMON HOME you can also find hallway furniture, vanity tables and poufs, bar cabinets, console tables, medium and small side tables and hangers.

For more information, visit www.nomon.es and www.nomonhome.com

Or meet the company at M&O Paris 2019:

Hall 8 - Stand B 53


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