June 08 / 2016

Made in Spain inspiring interiors at Casa Décor 2016

From the 19th to the 26 of June 2016, the Casa Palacio Atocha 34, a magnificent building in the heart of the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid, hosts the 51st edition of the CASA DÉCOR, one of the biggest interior design event in Spain. Our brands SANCAL, GANDIA BLASCO, GM PROYECTO Living, COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, ACTIU and DICA have participated with their products in the design of some of the most outstanding spaces. Please, come in and discover more…


Located in the Barrio de las Letras, one of the most dynamic areas in Madrid, the 51st edition of CASA DECOR is hosted in an extraordinary property built in 1857 and with a total surface of nearly 4,000 square meters. An amazing staircase is the axis that leads into the different living spaces spread over the ground floor, mezzanine, three superior floors and an attic.

Casa Decor 2016, Casa Palacio Atocha 34

The exhibition, a real source of inspiration for aficionados of the design industry and decoration, includes 63 spaces different in style and typology: majestic living rooms, loft apartments, suites, bathrooms, kitchens… The indoor and outdoor spaces have been designed and decorated by 130 interior designers in collaboration with approximately 100 brands, all of them producers of furniture, accessories and décor objects.

The brands of Mueble de España have provided furniture for a number of projects that stand out for style, elegance and, why not, for their uniqueness. Let’s have a look…

HOUZZ space: kitchen with views to the outdoors

From the charming ZARA GARDEN, a garden designed by Fernando Pozuelo and inspired to the hispano-arab tradition, you can access the Houzz space, an exterior volume which is a modern reinterpretation of the archetypical mono-pitch roof house. Designed by Nimú interior design studio in collaboration with Houzz and Infiniski, a company specialized in prefabricated modular houses, the space responds to new trends in kitchen design that make of this room the hub of the home. Following the open floor plan, kitchens tend to enlarge their dimension as well to fuse with other ambiences, such as the living room or the dining room. They can easily expand into the outdoors - a terrace, a garden, a patio – improving their natural lighting and views.

By changing functionality and material, kitchen furniture establishes the connection between inside and outside, evolving easily into a living room or an open-air area. In the living & dining areas, the subtle interplay of lighting, textures and materials provide a perfect setting to the furniture of the firm SANCAL. In a relaxing earth tones, the BARNABY sofa, a creation by Perrine Vigneron & Gilles Belley, and the stylish TONELLA armchair, a new design by the Swedish design Studio Note, create a lounge corner full of personality and comfort. A combo of the NUDO and ROCK side tables, respectively by Juan Ibañez and Rafa García, complete the decoration.

The space is complemented by a small, charming dining space featuring an attractive alternation of CASTA chairs, by  Estudihac, and COLLAR chairs by Skreivo, all of them in a refined neutral tone. The touch of color is given by the original round-shaped PION table, lacquered in mustard.

A large corner window blurs the borders between the indoor and the outdoor, making the transition between the two spaces softer and easier.  The compact exterior area has been equipped with pieces form the GANDIABLASCO’ s catalogue, such as the iconic ENSOMBRA sunshade and the PICNIC hammocks designed by José A. Gandia-Blasco. The handmade ARAM stool by Nendo and the LA SIESTA botijo, a clay bottle designed by Alberto Martínez, Héctor Serrano and Raky Martínez, complete the outdoor area bringing all the flair of the Mediterranean sea shore directly to your home…



From a Nature-inspired ambience to a surrealistic scenery. Bold, whimsical, lush and oneiric, the space designed by interior designers David Jiménez and Sergio Sánchez for GM PROYECTO Living will transfer visitors to the realm of senses.

Furniture, deco objects, textures and materials have been specifically selected to accentuate the glam and lush effect of the space, which recall the intimate room of a XX-century Decadent writer or eccentric actor. More ludic than functional, the home automation system is used here to create three different and unexpected sensorial experiences.

The provocative proposal of THE SECRET shows once again that the creative and technical skills of GM PROJECT Living  in implementing team's ideas goes well beyond the simple high-end décor. The firm strives to capture the psychological background of clients to create ambiences that reflect their dreams and needs.



A space that exudes refinement and a timeless appeal. The Madrid-based interior design studio, managed by Jerome Le Fouillé and Cristina Ramirez de Ganuza, has created three rooms – a master suite, a kid suite and a luxurious bathroom – that mix subtly different styles: rustic, classic, modern, industrial and minimalist.

For the suite, that features an impressive upholstered headboard (3x3,50m), they have used some exclusive pieces from the EMOTIONS catalogue of COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, a collection of amazing furniture pieces which epitomizes contemporary style, whilst reinforcing the uniqueness of the Spanish brand.

Lacquered in black, the VALENTINA bedside table creates a contrast with the golden tone of the headboard and lamps accentuating the glam factor, while the plum silhouette of the COSMOPOL two-seat, with integrated relax electric mechanism, invite to the best lounge experience.

Inspired by traditional voyager trunks, the TRAVELER bar cabinet is a perfect complement for entertaining and relaxing. For extra functionality, the space is completed by a home-office space equipped with the TRAVELER desk and the elegant CASABLANCA chair.


Mr. HYDE space, Jean Porsche

Drawing inspiration by the famous novel of Robert Louis Stevenson, the Mexican interior designer Jean Porsche has created two different spaces: Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, two ambiences, two personalities, two styles and one interior designer.

The personality of MR. HYDE has a histrionic and bon vivant side that is reflected in the decoration of the homonymous space, a brilliant living room featuring white and yellow tones and an amazing combination of materials: stones, wood and painted wallpapers. An elegant ambience designed for personal moments or to entertain people.

Veneered in ebony and bird-eye maple, with precious high-gloss lacquers and gold leaf details, the consoles, side tables and the two display cabinets from the EBONY collection of EPOCA provide the space with right amount of refinement creating also an intriguing contrast with the neutral velvet of the sofas.

As an antidote, try the welcoming atmosphere of  Mr. Hyde space…



Silvia Triguero and Inmaculada Recio, EleRoom 62, have created an exquisite dining space full of contrasts and charming visual effects. The colour palette has been used to differentiate space and create different atmospheres: one more sophisticated for the night, and a fresher one for the day.

For the kitchen, which is open to the dining room, the interior designers have choses the cosmopolitan elegance of the SOHO kitchen of DICA, a mix of classic style and pure contemporary lines that is perfect for urban lifestyle. In this configuration the Stone colour combine with the dark Elm for a more contemporary statement.  The bronze details add a sophisticated touch.


AUDITORIUM & EXHIBITOR WALL, ESNE University Interior Design School

Design, innovation and technology combine in these two spaces that have been specifically designed to maximize functionality.

With a vintage style aesthetics, which reinterprets the traditional wooden chair, the WING chairs of ACTIU provide the auditorium with style, colour and comfort.

They have been also used to create a small corner in the press room in front of the auditorium.


Maison&Objet Paris 2022. BEAKTOR’s remote workstations, making working from home easier and inspiring

BEAKTOR is a multi-functional, space-efficient workspace that makes the space work for you. Based on office standards and ergonomic principles, it has been designed for a new era with the purpose of maintaining health, promoting well-being, and restoring work-life balance. Made of sustainable, high-quality components, BEAKTOR is a professional-grade product with a long-life cycle and a range of features for delivering a fully functional remote office-like experience. Find out more!

Spanish brands triumph at the latest awards in the USA, Europe and Australia

2021 has been a challenging year for most brands of the Spanish furniture industry. The second semester of the year was as rich in awards as the first. Spanish brands performed pretty well at international competitions taking home important accolades and honoree nominations, such as the Best of NeoCon, the BoY Awards or the Good Design Awards. Get more information!

CAMINO A CASA presents VINTAGE, its line of refined velvet chairs and armchairs

Velvet is definitely having a moment in interior design; it has been growing in popularity for the past few years and it has turned into a key element of contemporary décor for its versatility and elegance. Home furniture specialist CAMINO A CASA has jumped on this trend launching VINTAGE, a line of chairs and armchairs that come beautifully upholstered in attractive velvet fabrics to add a big dose of chic and style to spaces. A touch of velvet, a touch o style! Don't miss out!

The LIFE Collection from CAMINO A CASA, embracing the natural trend

Nature has been the biggest source of inspiration for LIFE, the latest collection launched by CAMINO A CASA for living and dining room areas. The textures, colours and beauty of Nature coexist in a delicate balance in this line of bookcases, sideboards and TV stands specifically designed to add charm and warmth to contemporary living spaces. Check it out!

CAMINO A CASA, fabulous furniture for inspiring living spaces

Design trends for contemporary spaces often draw inspiration from existing styles and combine them in such a way to make the look stylish, comfortable and, why not, photo-worthy - for those who love to share their space on Instagram and Pinterest. To keep up with the trendsetting interior spaces of the moment, CAMINO A CASA is constantly crossing borders and disrupting the status quo to forge new connections between the classic and the au courant. Discover more...