October 28 / 2021

iSiMAR, genuinely Mediterranean outdoor furniture

After decades in the market, iSiMAR has managed to achieve excellence in the manufacture of metal structures, controlling the manufacturing process from start to finish from its factory in Pamplona (Spain). Galvanised rod, but also aluminium and galvanised steel in sheet and tube, are the materials they work with. Pure, noble, natural, 100% recycled and recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.


 COLONIAL collection | iSiMAR

Under the art direction of ILMIODESIGN, the Spanish company conceives and manufactures contemporary outdoor furniture, unique for their visual lightness and for the care of the architectural space provided by the rod. Pieces that are created with the professional in mind (stackable, suitable for intensive use, comfortable, and durable) and that inspire interior designers to create clean, modern, comfortable, functional and cheerful spaces.


 ARENA armchair | iSiMAR

iSiMAR has presented in 2021 new pieces within the BOLONIA, ARENA, COLONIAL, ROMANA and OLIVO collections. An original swing, elegant armchairs and stools, practical tables, and comfortable armchairs. New proposals that will bring personality and a touch of distinction to your most innovative projects. Let's get to know the details...


iSiMAR extends the well-known BOLONIA collection with this new launch: the BOLONIA swing. Made of galvanized steel rod and lacquered with polyester powder, the soft and organic lines of this singular piece envelop you and transport you to a space of well-being and enjoyment.


 BOLONIA swing | iSiMAR

After the addition to the collection of the BOLONIA table, available in 4 heights and different dimensions and tabletop finishes, it is now time for this original swing. This piece, as with the rest of the collection, can be used intensively in all kinds of spaces: indoors, outdoors and contract


 BOLONIA swing | iSiMAR

ARENA armchair and stool

Inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and nature, the ARENA collection is the result of a fusion of retro and modernist style. The perforations in its structure simulate the undulations left by the sand on the beaches of the Mediterranean, bringing originality and lightness to the whole.


 ARENA armchair | Alexandra Barcelona hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton, Barcelona (Spain) | iSiMAR

The ARENA armchair and stool are the latest pieces that iSiMAR has added to this collection. The result? One of its most sought-after collections by interior designers for its elegance and uniqueness, as has been demonstrated in one of the latest projects in which the Spanish company has participated, the Alexandra Barcelona hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton located in Barcelona. 


 ARENA stool | Alexandra Barcelona hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton, Barcelona (Spain) | iSiMAR

COLONIAL bench and stool

The pieces that form part of the COLONIAL collection are reminiscent of the old wicker chairs typical of Mediterranean landscapes. After starting the collection with the COLONIAL armchair, iSiMAR launches two new pieces: the bench and the stool. With the rod as raw material and a perfectly studied design, both models have an original and attractive look, while offering maximum comfort.


 COLONIAL bench | iSiMAR

Thanks to the qualities of the material used in their manufacture, both the bench and the stool are suitable for intensive use and resistant to inclement weather. All this makes these pieces the perfect choice for use in indoor environments, outdoor spaces, and contract facilities.


 COLONIAL stool | iSiMAR

ROMANA collection. Design by Teresa Sapey + Partners

Teresa Sapey + Partners are the designers of this original collection composed of a chair, a throne, and a table. Inspired by the Roman triclinium, the ROMANA collection reinterprets a classic piece to turn it into an iconic and timeless design element that dresses all kinds of spaces and combines with any style.


 ROMANA collection | Teresa Sapey + Partners | iSiMAR

This family of elegantly designed pieces adapts to every space, interior as well as outdoor, public, or private, residential or contract. An example of this is The Goodtime hotel, in Miami Beach (USA), in which iSiMAR has furnished part of the exterior facilities.


 The Goodtime hotel, Miami Beach (USA) | iSiMAR

OLIVO poltrona

If a tree represents the Mediterranean landscape and culture, it is the olive tree. And so OLIVO was born, the furniture collection inspired by this millenary tree. With a differentiated and innovative design, its latest launch is the poltrona, a piece that joins the armchair, stool, lounge and bed.

isimar-olivo-poltrona  OLIVO poltrona | iSiMAR

Its comfortable and harmonious structure makes the OLIVO armchair the perfect element for relaxation spaces, whether indoors, outdoors or contract. It also uses noble materials, 100% recycled and recyclable and environmentally responsible.

isimar-olivo-collection  OLIVO bed & lounge | Private residence in Germany | iSiMAR

iSiMAR's designs are inspired by Mediterranean roots. Collections that invite you to share outdoor spaces, enjoying a lifestyle based on freshness, naturalness, and joy. And so, this Spanish company has managed to be present in more than 45 countries, with a permanent office in New York to serve the US market and other subsidiary offices in London and Mexico City.

For more information, visit: www.isimar.es



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