December 13 / 2019

imm cologne 2020: PUNT. The meeting point of art & design

Spanish designer furniture will be on the spotlight this year at the IMM Cologne 2020 thanks to the presence of big names of the Spanish design scene both in the Pure sectors and at the DAS HAUS exhibition. PUNT, one of the Spanish key players for high-end contemporary interior decor, will exhibit its latest collections created by prestigious designers within the exclusive Pure Atmospheres space.

PUNT – which means point in English – is the exact place where the pen meets the paper and the starting point of a creation, a new design. It’s the beginning of an enthralling journey that opens to endless possibilities, yet with a sole destination: creating beauty.

LITERATURA OPEN bookcase, GIN armchairs, BAY coffee table and CORTESE sofa. PUNT lounge space

This has been the core philosophy of the brand since its foundation in the 80s. In this challenging decade for Spain, drawing inspirations from classic Nordic designers, PUNT has developed its own identity mainly based on crafts and design, with a focus on creating highly distinctive pieces that change spaces through their beauty.


HUG chairs, STOCKHOLM sideboards, LITERATURA bookcase and CROSSING table. PUNT dining space

Awarded with the prestigious National Design Award in 1997, PUNT produces furniture not only for the home, but also for commercial spaces, such as offices, restaurants and hotels. Its chairs, tables, storage systems and seating collections are perfect to generate emotions while providing spaces with great functionality and style. In all their creations, the subtle lines and details by the designer meet the expert hands that shape the wood bringing a special touch of magic and art to every environment.


MITIS table, MALMÖ sideboard, HUG chair. PUNT dining space

With this unique combination of smartness, quality of design and ease, which are the hallmarks of the brand, PUNT puts on display in the PURE ATMOSPHERE sector a complete furnishing offer for contemporary, functional spaces that includes pieces created by the most talented Spanish designers.

The MALMÖ, the HUG and the HPW collections from PUNT, contemporary beauties in your living spaces

Layers of noble materials emerge from the soft curves of wood shaping the elegant design of the MALMÖ storage system, the second collection of sideboards created by Spanish National Design Prize Mario Ruiz for PUNT. The collection includes sideboards, cabinets and TV benches available in different quality finishes to bring elegance and match every style.


MALMÖ sideboard. Mario Ruíz. PUNT

The family has now been extended to include new attractive finishes and models, such as the new wall composition. Sideboards are available with metal bases or low without base.


MALMÖ wall unit. Mario Ruíz. PUNT

Created by Manel Molina, the HUG chair offer an irresistible sensory experience with their mix of high-end woods, metals, soft textiles and padding. A piece of furniture that stands out for its beauty as well as for its functionality and that can be used both for the home and for offices or professional environments. New finishes have also been added to increase its refined look.


HUG chairs, CROSSING table and LITERATURA OPEN bookcase. PUNT office environment

The HPW tables have been specifically designed to be used in contract spaces, such as offices or restaurants where they make a dramatic statement – particularly in combination with the HUG chair - as well as being practical.  


HPW table and HUG chairs. PUNT restaurant/cafeteria space

Made of a solid wood and other precious materials, the HPW tables have all the allure of the furniture created by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

PUNT, iconic collections to fall in love with

When we talk about PUNT we have to mention some of its most iconic designs which have marked a milestone in the history of Spanish design. This is the case of STOCKHOLM, the collection of sideboards, chest-of-drawers and TV benches designed by Mario Ruíz which won the Red Dot Award in 2015. It stands out for the original aluminum finish on the top surface and for the different metal bases. Recently, a new desk for home-office has been added to the collection.


STOCKHOLM sideboard. Mario Ruíz. PUNT

GIN has been designed by Terence Woodgate and consists of seating modules – with or without backrest and armrest – that can be joined together to form endless configurations at home or in professional environments.


GIN armchair and modular seating system. Terence Woodgate. PUNT

Last but not least, we cannot forget PUNT’s crown jewel: its iconic LITERATURA bookcase, a cult piece and one of the best design icons of the 20th century. Designed by Vicent Martínez in 1985, in the company's first years of activity, it has unquestionably contributed to the National Designed Award won by the firm in 1992. Since then it has been exhibited in museums and has been recognized with many awards, such as the ADI FAD in 1986.


LITERATURA OPEN bookcase. Vicent Martínez. PUNT

This distinctive bookcase on casters have been used for decades for storing thousands of books and integrating into all kinds of architecture and interior design works. Designed in 2014, LITERATURA OPEN is its contemporary update.


LITERATURA OPEN bookcase and GIN armchair. PUNT lounge space

In this version the volumes are transparent and even lighter, so they can hold containers and be used as room partitions.

IMM Cologne location: Hall 11.2 | Stand L041
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