December 21 / 2017

IMM Cologne 2018: KETTAL, POINT, VONDOM and GAN in Pure Editions 2.2 and 3.2

The choice of products offered by Spain’ s major labels is quite wide and includes dining sets, lounge furniture and new furnishing concepts signed by the best names of the international design scene: Patricia Urquiola, the Bouroullecs, Doshi Levien, Hella Jongerious, Jasper Morrison, Karim Rashid, Fabio Novembre, Eugeni Quitllet, just to name a few. Suitable for home and contract use, the indoor and outdoor furniture collections on display in Spanish stand introduce new holistic design concepts, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of products to any type of project.

GAN. Craftsmanship & Design

Founded in 2008, GAN is the textile brand of outdoor furniture manufacturer GANDIA BLASCO. At the time, the challenge was risky as it was about injecting contemporary design into a still very traditional industry. Nevertheless, it has proved a success as today GAN is an internationally recognized brand with a presence in the world’s major cities.

What defines and sets GAN apart is their appreciation for products made by hand, gently, piece by piece. All the products are made by experienced craftsmen who use natural fibres: cotton, linen, jute, silk, and wool. Based on an innovative design concept, the GAN rugs are not merely decorative objects. Instead, they become a system of shapes and volumes that redefine the concept of habitability.


BANDAS space. Patricia Urquiola. GAN

At the IMM Cologne they will exhibit a selection of their GAN spaces, an original and unique concept, in which the design and colours of a rug are reproduced over ottomans, seating modules and accessories, creating a coherent and personalized living space (MANGAS space, BANDAS space, CANEVAS space), plus two new launches:

KILIM Collection. PARQUET rugs by FRONT. Created by the Swedish studio FRONT, PARQUET embraces GAN’s philosophy of integrating traditional and new elements with Scandinavian simplicity.



Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist have expertly combined the patterns and geometries of traditional flooring with new shapes and colours, creating rugs that feature a three-dimensional matrix, accentuated by their irregular shapes. The three models of reversible kilims - Tetragon, Rhomb and Hexagon - are made by skilled craftsmen from pure new wool in manual looms.



GAN Spaces. GARDEN LAYERS by Patricia Urquiola. GARDEN LAYERS, GAN’s first Outdoor Space, is an innovative proposal conceived by designer Patricia Urquiola that brings style and comfort to terraces, pools, beaches and other outdoor spaces. They break the boundaries between indoor and outdoor because they move into the open air the integration of tones, textures and patterns that normally can be found in indoor products.  


GARDEN LAYERS GREEN rugs. Patricia URQUILA. GAN / DNA outdoor furniture. José A. Gandía-Blasco. GANDIA BLASCO

Made of particularly resistant high-tech fabrics and a quick-dry foam filling, the rugs, mats, roll pillows and cushions that can be arranged in many different ways, creating infinite possibilities for outdoor living. The collection is available in three colour options: Terracotta, Green and Blue.


GARDEN LAYERS TERRACOTTA space. Patricia Urquiola. GAN

KETTAL. Timeless outdoor furniture

Since its foundation in 1966, the Barcelona-based KETTAL has been specializing in the manufacturing of timeless furniture, functional and expressive, which represents the contemporary culture and provides solutions to the emerging needs of modern life. The blend of creativity, customization, innovation and modern production technology, has positioned the brand among one of the world’s leading outdoor furniture companies.

Kettal’s ambitions aren’t limited to launching gorgeous pieces: with each new collection, it also strives to discover and deploy new materials and finishes, while remaining true to its core philosophy of caring for the environment by using environment-friendly paints and wood from managed forests.


KETTAL BITTA outdoor furniture. Rodolfo Dordoni / KETTAL PAVILIONS pergola

At the IMM Cologne, the KETTAL PAVILIONS will be the perfect setting for showcasing the latest collection of the brand, including KETTAL BITTA by Rodolfo Dordoni, KETTAL CALA by Doshi Levien, KETTAL STAMPA by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, KETTAL MESH and the KETTAL ROLL chairs by Patricia Urquiola.

KETTAL CALA by Doshi Levien. Starting from the attractive high-backed KETTAL CALA chair, which established a new design language for KETTAL based on the combination of industrial design, fine craftsmanship, technology and culture, the collection has been enlarged with new items, including the dining chairs, tables and low footstools. The dining table has a monolithic and bold presence, providing a contrast to the lightness of the chairs. It comes with a choice of different tops that includes wood and marble table tops.


KETTAL CALA outdoor dining collection. Doshi Levien

KETTAL MESH by Patricia Urquiola. Industrial and natural materials, hard and soft surfaces, transparent and solid volumes are all combined to create the KETTAL MESH outdoor lounge collection that includes a three-seater sofa, modular sofas, armchairs, daybeds, coffee tables and side tables. Recently, it has been extended to include a new deck chair made of teak with adjustable backrests.


KETTAL MESH outdoor lounge collection. Patricia Urquiola / KETTAL CALA armchair. Doshi Levien

The texture and colours of the TERRAIN and GEOMETRIC outdoor fabrics by Doshi Levien fabrics are available in 34 different colours to enhance the beauty of outdoor materials like marble, stone, wood, mesh and coated metal, evoking the subtle mélange of tones found in different natural landscapes.


KETTAL MESH sun loungers. Patricia Urquiola

Point. Mediterranean roots & design

Set up in 1920 and currently run by the 3rd generation, the Valencia-based company has become a world leader in the manufacture of outdoor furniture and a pioneer in the use of braided fibre materials. The main key to their success lies in the subtle combination of design, tradition and innovation.


FENNEC outdoor dining set. Gabriel Teixidó. POINT

The hard work on design, the study of cutting-edge decorative styles and the use of innovative materials, such as the Shintotex outdoor fibres patented by the firm, have resulted in collections which are a blend of comfort, beauty, durability and functionality.


HAMP outdoor furniture collection. Francesc Rifé. Project: Thompson Playa del Carmen Resort. Riviera Maya. Mexico

A hand-picked choice of them will be showcased at the IMM Cologne, each with its own character and personality: the WEAVE, PAL, TUB, FENNEC outdoor lounge furniture and the newly-launch ONDULAT sun loungers.


TUB outdoor lounge collection, detail. Gabriel Teixidó. POINT

PAL outdoor collection by Francesc Rifé. A modular system made of a solid teak platform that supports upholstered modular elements. This collection allows for endless compositions that make it possible to configure the most relaxing spots in the outdoors.


PAL outdoor modular seating system. Francesc Rifé

WEAVE outdoor collection by  Vicent Martínez. The armchairs, sofas, modular elements and auxiliary tables of this collection have been specifically designed to configure highly comfortable relaxing spaces in gardens and terraces. Lacquered with epoxy paint, the structure is made of tubes and profiles of curved and welded aluminium. The backs and sides are woven and covered with textured polyester cord of special cut fibre for exteriors. Seats and backrests come with upholstered cushions.


WEAVE outdoor furniture. Vicent Martínez. POINT

Vondom. A lifestyle, a way of being…

Dynamic, avant-gardist, creative and innovative. That's what VONDOM’s designs are like. This signature style is followed by the designers who work with the brand, namely: Ramon Esteve, Stefano Giovannoni & Elisa Gargan, Teresa Sapey, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, JM Ferrero, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Aero Aarnio, Karim Rashid, A-cero, Ross Lovegrove, Ora Ïto, Archirivolto, Jorge Pensi, Fabio Novembre, Javier Mariscal, Harry & Camila, Eugeni Quitllet and Gabriele + Oscar Buratti.

Their collections give a new dimension to spaces, creating a constant dialogue between environment and form and transforming the simplest space into an ambience filled with glamour and style.


AFRICA chair. New finishes. Eugeni Quitllet

Made of roto-moulded or injected polyethylene resins, 100% recyclable and available in different finishes, collections, which include tables, chairs, lounge chairs, sofas, planters, sun loungers, daybeds, canopies, counters, outdoor rugs, lamps, benches, etc., are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. FAZ, VELA, SOLID, QUARTZ, ULM, PARTY, SPRITZ, AFRICA, BLOOM, FRAME, KES, MARQUIS, MOMA, SABINAS are some of the collections that will fight for their own place at the IMM Cologne and that will stand out for their dynamic lines and original designs

PREMIUM chairs. VONDOM launches new colours that go far beyond simplicity: Gold and Silver. Available for some of the brand’s iconic chairs (Africa, Wall Street and Delta, designed by Eugeni Quitllet and Jorge Pensi), these new finishes are aimed at making a strong visual impact, providing ambiences with a surprising, luxurious effect. The metallic finishes are perfect to turn any home, office, restaurant, hotel or lobby into a unique, exclusive, sophisticated space.


WALL STREET chair. New finishes. Eugeni Quitllet. VONDOM

ULM collection by Ramón Esteve. A functional seating collection that impresses for the perfect balance of design, technology and ergonomics. Playing with cubes, prisms and spherical shapes, the sofa, as well as the chairs and the daybed feature rigid and resilient structures that provide support to softer elements. All the pieces can come with integrated lighting, an option that is aimed at enveloping ambiences in colours while highlighting the innovative quality of the collection.


ULM daybed. Ramón Esteve. VONDOM

VELA collection by Ramón Esteve. Pure geometry brings stability to the design of this stunning lounge furniture collection obtained by rotational moulding of low-density linear polyethylene. Its chamfered base brings lightness, raising it from the floor and offering an image of harmony and elegance. It allows finishes of matte, gloss or colour and is ready to incorporate remote controlled LED lighting system. The circular sofa and the square daybed are the latest additions for home and contract use.


VELA outdoor lounge collection. Ramón Esteve. VONDOM

Exhibiting under the brand of FURNITURE FROM SPAIN, KETTAL, POINT, VONDOM and GAN will seek to strengthen their presence in the German market and establish their brands as benchmarks of the global interior design industry.


EARTH, nature-inspired luxury furniture from SOHER

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EIFFEL, the new table with ceramic top from DISCALSA

What do the French Eiffel Tower and the EIFFEL table have in common? Contrary to appearances, a lot! A Modernist appeal, the metal-lattice structure, the bolts and, last but not least, a great personality that elevates the style and won’t fail to impress, wherever the setting. Perfect for open-plan layouts and lofts, the new creation of Spain’s table specialist DISCALSA quickly become the focal point of any scheme, at home or work. Discover more!

CALMA gives a new twist to its iconic ANGLE table

Based on the former design by SerraydelaRocha, the new version of the ANGLE table, one of the most iconic designs of the Catalonia-based outdoor furniture manufacturer CALMA, maintains the architectural aesthetic and the unique appeal of the original table while improving its technical aspects and extending the range of finishes. Keep on reading and find out more…

Famaliving arrives to the very heart of Paris

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OFIFRAN presents its new GALLERY office furniture collection

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