January 09 / 2018

IMM Cologne 2018: FAMA, SENTTIX by Ecus and MOBLIBERICA in the Comfort, Sleep and Pure halls

FAMA, ECUS and MOBLIBERICA will be back to IMM Cologne exhibiting in the Comfort, Sleep and Pure halls a spectrum of products aimed at turning our own four walls into a comfortable home. Ranges include from stand-alone and modular sofas to mattresses, innovative sleep systems and the new ceramic top tables with the most attractive and comfortable chairs for contemporary, fashionable spaces. 

FAMA. Sofas to enjoy at home

Founded in 1970, this Yecla-based firm has evolved into one of the leading upholstered furniture manufacturers widely known as the ultimate in comfort, design, technology and individual choice. Combining comfortable, high-quality materials and attractive designs, they have created sofas that are perfect for setting an immediate relaxing mood in your lounge spaces.

FAMA’s range comprises a large variety of different sofas and modulars, chairs and recliners, outdoor furniture and tables with an infinite number of variations and possibilities. A choice of their latest successful collections, such as the PACIFIC sofa, the ASTORIA sofas and extra-large armchair and the fun ARIANNE LOVE modular seating system, as well as the new items from the newly-launched SEVENTIES collection, will be put on display in their stand in the Comfort zone.


ARIANNE LOVE modular seating system. FAMA

Designed to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of upholstered furniture, the SEVENTIES Collection pays a powerful tribute to the 70s, whose influence is clearly reflected in the shapes and fabrics. Nevertheless, all the models included in the collection stand out for their great personality and a modern touch that makes them a perfect choice to add style and comfort to living rooms.

AVALON sofa. Avalon is a new reclining modular sofa which breaks with conventional designs offering a low folding back for extreme comfort. It features a generously sized backrest that has been embellished by a new button effect inspired by the diamond-shaped buttoned backs of the 70s.



NINA&SIMONE sofas. Inspired by the sofas of the 70s with diamond-shaped buttoned backs, NINA & SIMONE are destined to become two new classics in the Fama catalogue.



NINA sofa. SEVENTIES Collection. FAMA

SIMONE has a more daring design and NINA has a more conventional style, but both share a high backrest that offers an exceptionally comfortable upright sitting.



NADINE modular programme. Featuring a fresh, timeless image, NADINE is offered with a  set of cushions in different sizes to maximize comfort and relax. Perfect to combine with other pieces from FAMA, such as Astoria, Kangou, Kylian or Komba, it can become the heart of your living room.


NADINE modular sofa. SEVENTIES Collection. FAMA

For the 2018 season, the firm has also launched NATURE, a collection of 100% sustainable and recycled fabrics, from remains of industrial fabrics, used clothes and plastic bottles.

SENTTIX by Ecus. A healthier sleep

With more than 25 year experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality mattresses and other sleep product (pillows, bedsteads, storage beds, bedding, sofa-beds…), ECUS has gone a step forward in its business strategy. Staying true to its commitment to constant innovation and best-in-class quality, the firm has worked on new products that extend comfort to every area of customer’s life and respond to new needs and habits. Aimed at users with specific profiles, SENTTIX, the newly-launched brand of the firm, presents a new line of mattresses specifically designed to improve the sleeping experience by incorporating a more sophisticated design, natural insulating materials and top-quality fabrics with certified properties. Certified for the Standard 100 by Oeko Tex.


SENTTIX is composed of three different collections aimed at clearly defined target audiences:

SENTTIX VIT.  For those users who know that sleeping well is healthy, but are also concerned with aesthetic and design. The collection includes mattresses and toppers made of innovative, highly comfortable and breathable materials for a revitalizing rest.



SENTTIX LAB. Ultra-comfortable and healthy, the mattresses of this collection have been designed for a dynamic user profile, for people who squeeze the day and deserve the best recovery at night. LAB keeps the back, the lumbar region, hips and legs in the correct position relieving and preventing back pain.



SENTTIX GEA. Inspired by nature, the mattresses of the GEA collection are made from the finest natural and sustainable material, including natural silk, organic cotton, wool, jute, linen and pure latex which provide the very best sleep systems for regulating body temperature. The GEA line features foamless products manufactured without polyols.



MOBLIBERICA. Dynamic & innovative

Based in Alicante, MOBLIBERICA has been manufacturing its own pieces since its creation in 1979, and it has soon earned a reputation for its cutting-edge designs, the innovative manufacturing processes and the highly professional management. Its quality standards, backed by the ISO 9001 certification, and its commitment to the environment, for which the firm has obtained the ISO 14001 certification, make of MOBLIBERICA an undisputed leader in the production of contemporary tables and chairs.

Known for being the pioneer in the use of ceramic table tops, MOBLIBERICA offers numerous high-quality finish options simulating cement, rust or marbles among many others.


DUERO ceramic top table & LAP chairs. DRESSY Collection

MOBLIBERICA offers two main lines: the ultra-contemporary yet versatile MOBLIBERICA Collection and DRESSY, a line of ceramic top tables and chairs that features a timeless, refined aesthetic for stylish contemporary spaces. New additions will be launch at the Imm Cologne 2018:

GALERA chair. DRESSY Collection. Well-proportioned and timeless, it has a fully upholstered shell and a removable cushion which are available in leather and in a choice of fabrics included the fashionable velvets or the synthetics textiles. Its enveloping design and the padded shell have been carefully studied to maximize comfort. Its tapered metal legs can be chosen in 28  different colours from the Mobliberica’s chart.


GALERA chairs. DRESSY Collection

MERLOT table – DRESSY collection. With its rectangular top and clean design, MERLOT is highly attractive, versatile and therefore aimed at taking the scene in cool ambiences. It is available in both fixed and extendable versions and in 14 different sizes. As a pioneer in the use of ceramic tops, Mobliberica offers an important collection of high-quality finishes and an interesting variety of colours for the structure. This enormous power of customization helps to conceive the perfect model, which will fit both in contract and home environments.


MERLOT ceramic top table & LAP chairs. DRESSY Collection

KÖLN collection by Mobliberica Studio – Mobliberica collection.  The new stool, which is 65 cm high, shares the same features with the former KÖLN chair, a design by Yonoh studio for the brand. A pyramidal base with metal legs supports a soft, cushion-like shell that combines design and comfort in equal parts. An edging runs the perimeter of the seat and back unifying the seat and back.


KÖLN stools. MOBLIBERICA Collection

The KÖLN table completes a collection that can be adapted to any ambience bring a touch of colour and impeccable style. It has a boat ceramic top with curved ends and inclined cylinder legs. The legs can be made be made of solid ash wood that gives a special warmth to the piece, or metal to add strength and character to interior schemes. It is available in 16 sizes for both fixed and extendable versions.


KÖLN ce5ramic top table & chairs. MOBLIBERICA Collection

The new products and designs of FAMA, MOBILIBERICA and SENTTIX (ECUS) will impress visitors as well as professionals for their comfort, quality and adaptation to current trends. Don’t miss them!


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