January 09 / 2015

IMM Cologne 2015: _design from Spain (part 2)

At IMM Cologne 2015, Spain kicks the new year off in style with ultra-covetable contemporary furniture and the hottest design items, such as cutting-edge out&indoor furniture, natural Mediterranean-inspired collections for outdoor living and dining spaces, Nordic inspired shelving systems and storage units, inspiring pieces combining modern functionality with a well-defined retro-character, playful contemporary rugs that introduce new space concepts… Let’s have a look at what TREKU and VONDOM have prepared for 2015…

AND bench, Fabio Novembre for VONDOM

TREKU – Hall 3.2 Stand D042

LORE, AURA and LAU, these are the suggestive names of the latest original creation of the firm for contemporary living & dining spaces. All of them are fruit of the collaboration with some of the most creative Spain’s designers and are available in many finish configurations of lacquers and veneers (extra light walnut, natural walnut, sega oark, dark sega…) to maximize personalization and ensure the best results.

AURA console, Angel Marti

Flowers are the main inspiration for the design and configurations of the LORE coffee table, whose name means exactly “flowers” in Basque. Its structure is formed by two or three pieces arranged in such a way that they call to mind the petals of flowers.

LORE coffe table, Ibón Arrizabalaga

It comes also in a wide variety of colour combinations, as flowers do: select three bright lacquer finishes to create a cheerful, fun combination, or mix wood and more neutral lacquer tones for a more understated and elegant feel... The choice is yours!

The AURA collection has been expanded to include new wood and matt lacquer finishes, plus new new tall cylindrical metal legs that make the sideboards both practical and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for enhancing entrance halls. The new Dark Sega oak with its hyper-natural finish, new matt lacquer colours and new design, featuring double front drawers and recessed pulls, lend a flavour of its own, as special as the rest of the collection.

AURA sideboards and TV stands, Angel Marti

Timeless and elegant, the LAU shelving system is also notably dynamic as it can be adapted to fit the customer’s every need. Simple horizontal design permits the inclusion of sliding doors, back panels and intermediate shelves finished in different colours and materials.

LAU shelves

The design’s horizontal lines are achieved by using different thicknesses in the horizontal and vertical elements which gives the piece a unique personality.

VONDOM - Hall 11.2 Stand K051

At Imm, VONDOM will impress with its new launches, such as the AND bench and the FLAT collection, and some new additions to other successful collections, such as the eye-catching FAZ bar or the WING chairs and coffee tables.

AND is a spiral-shaped seating area that suggests a new spatial concept, a volume that plough through the air creating emotional turbulences to those who get swept up. Starting from the spiral pieces, the AND bench can be extended with additional elements to form a larger, semicircular seating area that would be perfect for outdoor gatherings on summer evenings....

AND bench, Fabio Novembre

Created by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, the FLAT collection includes a number of pieces most suitable for exterior lounge areas but that would also fit adequately to interior ones as well. Through the use of neutral shapes and fine aluminium legs, the designer keeps the identity of the seating collection well defined and light, almost creating intriguing floating effects.

FLAT collection, Jorge Pensi Design Studio

The new FLAT sofa features also a small side table for placing beverages or small snack during events. Corner units allow to adapt it to any kind of architectural spaces.

Dining chairs, a side table and a coffee table have been added to WING, the attractive collection created by Studio A-Cero for the brand. Slender enough for small spaces, this sculptural piece, made of a calculating mix of straight and curved lines, will enhance the ambiance of any modern dining and living area by providing a stylish and comfortable meal-time and entertaining surface.

WING collection, A-cero

Made of made of polyethylene resin, a hard-wearing and weatherproof material, WING’s items can be used in outdoor spaces as well. Add a splash of color with a selection of eye-catching shades in matte or glossy finish.

VONDOM presents also the new FAZ bar counter, inspired, as the rest of the pieces from this collection, to the mineral world. Its multifaceted surface plays with light while reproducing the perfect geometries of crystallized quartz.

FAZ bar counter, Ramón Esteve

A highly waterproof RGB lighting system is also incorporated to create warm, enveloping atmospheres.

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