March 27 / 2017

Il Salone del Mobile. Milano 2017 Workplace3.0: innovative yet refined working environments

Despite the increasing trend for more collaborative, innovative workspaces, some companies still feel the need for privacy spaces and traditional executive suites that reflect their corporate image. The Spanish offer for the office design business is rich and meet different demands and tastes: from refined executive collections to collaborative furniture that is fun, movable, multifunctional and inspiring.


Office aesthetic matters for sustainable productivity, corporate growth and employee satisfaction more than people think. In an ever-evolving world dominated by advanced technology and digital communications, the office design should adapt to changes and be more versatile, flexible, functional and responsive. Increased flexibility in terms of office layout and furniture designs, color-coordination, emphasis on collaborative over personal spaces, presence of natural elements in the work environment, and growing love for wireless tech and no-frills aesthetics are just some fresh design trends that office designers should consider if they want to keep offices updated and cool.


OFIFRAN – Hall 24 Stand C7-C11

Tradition & Innovation. Since it was founded in the 90s, the Valencia-based OFIFRAN has designed, manufactured and marketed high quality office furniture renowned for its strong identity and innovative design. The combination of innovative designs and traditional skills, as well as the attention to details and the fine finishes, are the main hallmarks of the brand.

The firm currently offers four main line of products: the high-end classic Art&Moble and Art&Luxe, and the modern and designer lines for contemporary, innovative workspaces. All collections can be adapted in design and sizes to meet the specifications of interior designers and clients.


NEXO office furniture collection. OFIFRAN

GALLERY executive collection by Dorigo Design. A contemporary collection of executive office furniture, GALLERY is suitable for office and contract installations providing quality and competitive solutions for any kind of project. It features a combination of different materials, which includes American walnut veneer, leather, chrome and lacquered details. Stylish armchairs and sofas complete the family matching the overall design of the rest of the collection.


 GALLERY office furniture & RAY OF LIGHT chairs. OFIFRAN

Square XL & Lounge and Ray executive seating collections by Dorigo Design. A line of elegant executive chairs that are available in leather, eco leather, fabric and velvet and offer endless options of configurations. The wood structure of the SQUARE and RAY chairs can naturally illustrate how the warm tones of wood can soften an environment while maintaining sophistication. For a more contemporary look, metal swivel bases are also available. All the chairs are suitable for contract and office installations due to the versatility of design and adaptability to any environment.


 SQUARE executive chairs with wooden and metal swivel bases. OFIFRAN

CENTOVENTI coffee tables by Dorigo Design. This new line of coffee and side tables is perfect in combination with the SQUARE and RAY chairs to create relaxing spots in offices and lounge spaces. Made of noble materials such as wood, marble with lacquered details, they provide a versatile and stylish option for office and contract projects.  


CENTOVENTI occasional tables & SQUARE LOUNGE chairs. OFIFRAN

ART&LUXE executive office collection. Manufactured by artisans using only the finest raw materials, ART&LUXE is the high-end collection of the brand for exclusive office suites and meeting rooms. Furniture is embellished by fine linear in-lay fillets and Greek frets for a more sophisticated look. Available in different finishes with endless possibilities of customization.


ART&LUXE meeting room and lounge area furniture. OFIFRAN

The collection includes also classic soft seating that completes the range available in several finishes such as leather, eco leather, fabric and velvet providing infinite options for elegant lounge spaces.


ART&LUXE executive suite furniture. OFIFRAN

SYSTEMTRONIC – Hall 24 Stand E01-E05

Emotions & Solutions. Established in 1988, SYSTEMTRONIC designs and manufactures tables, supports and accessories for computed systems, either at the office or at home. Young, dynamic and in constant evolution, it keeps an eye on ultimate trends and technologies in order to always improve its products and meet the shifting requirements of the market.

After 23 years developing successfully the CLASSIC collection, which offers a complete range of auxiliary office furniture and fittings, SYSTEMTRONIC launched ADVANCED, a new collection, fruit of years of experience, reflection, hard work and collaborations with prestigious professionals. Sober, elegant and timeless, ADVANCED has been designed to integrate projects when neutral components with a strong personality are needed.


PARBAN space dividers. ADVANCED collection. SYSTEMTRONIC

NANAME coat stand by Kodai Iwamoto. Inspired by the cut of bamboo it represents the very moment when bamboo is being sliced with a sword and slips down into pieces. It features an aluminium column and steel base.


NANAME coat hanger. Kodai Iwamoto. SYSTEMTRONIC

BALDAS modular shelves by Victor Carrasco. Featuring a linear aesthetics, these modular shelves can be arranged vertically or horizontally on the wall allowing the free composition of them to suit the needs of each space.


 BALDAS book shelves. Victor Carrasco. SYSTEMTRONIC

MODULOR metallic notice panels by Pablo Gironés. Made of steel, they are available in different sizes and colours and allow adapting magnetic elements to create original wall compositions in many spaces: informative points, offices, receptions, children’s rooms, etc. Now available in a special white finish that allows writing with dry erase markers.


MODULOR office panels. Pablo Gironés. SYSTEMTRONIC

CONEE plant pots by Victor Carrasco. A family of conic items which includes: plant pots and paper bins made of steel which have been previously primer painted; and an upholstered pouf with 5 casters which facilitates the movement. Multifunctional and available in different finishes, they offer endless possibilities of use.


CONEE plant pots, dust bin, poufs. Victor Carrasco. SYSTEMTRONIC

FOORK table by Victor Carrasco. Set of tables specifically designed to be combined creating different configurations in offices when extreme versatility is required. The round table top is a new addition that provides even more functionality. New separators made of steel sheet are also available.


FOORK tables. Victor Carrasco. SYSTEMTRONIC



Great solutions for big installations. A Spanish/Italian company specialized in providing furnishing solutions for big international companies, such as Coca Cola, Burger King, Marriott, KFC, Burger King, NH Hotels.

New additions to their catalogue include new global solutions for conference rooms aimed at solving the most common problems in these spaces: limitation of space, assembly and disassembly, recharge phones and laptops, USB connections, messy cables… The combination of the newly-released POWER CONNECTOR accessories and the LIGGERA tables offers the perfect solution to optimized the functionality and usability of conference spaces.


LIGGERA table. This stackable, folding table features a structure made of high strength aluminium with a super light top board.





POWER CONNECTOR. It is an accessory with a structure of aluminium that features different removable tools (easy to insert and to remove) and allows to add electric power to tables.

SPAIN chair. It is the result of the collaboration between Italian and Spanish designers from Calcher. The goal is to provide a functional and stackable conference chair with a simple but incisive design. The chromed steel frame with handle and taper legs makes it a perfect and elegant chair for conference and banquets.


The chair is customizable with a wide range of fabrics in order to match any environment.

EUROPE chair. The high strength aluminium frame, the backrest designed with a high level of ergonomics and comfort, the lumbar support developed for long-term use, makes it a perfect and elegant choice for conference and banquets.


Available in different fabrics for extra customization.


SOLTEC – Hall 22 Stand F43

Audiovisual solutions with LCD-TFT technology. SOLTEC is a technological and innovative company that designs and provides solutions for audiovisual projects with TFT-LCD technology. All the products range corresponds to the LCD-TFT Professional Panels Series, qualified as “A Grade” by most of the manufacturers. Monitors have been designed to be integrated into meeting and conference boardroom tables.

RET-G Line. Retractable motorized TFT monitor with 20º tilt adjustment at user choice for boardrooms tables. Anodized aluminium housing with rounded corners and brushed aluminium cover plate. Protective Glass with black border Serigraphy. Four pushbuttons located on the cover plate, two for the 20 tilt adjustment and the other two for the lift system up and down. VGA and DVI inputs. 1xRS-232 serial control through DB9 connector 1xRS-485/422 serial control through RJ45 connector.


RET-G Line with built-in microphone. Retractable motorized TFT monitor with built-in Microphone and 20º tilt adjustment at user choice for boardrooms tables. Anodized aluminium monitor housing with brushed aluminium cover plate. Protective Glass with black border Serigraphy. Four pushbuttons located on the right side of the cover plate, two for the 20º tilt adjustment and the other two for the lift system up and down. One pushbutton located on left side of the cover plate to switch on/off the Microphone. VGA and DVI inputs. 1xRS-232 serial control through DB9 connector, 1xRS-485/422 serial control through RJ45 connector in loop and addressing.



VERTISOL – Hall 22 Stand B31

Contemporary weavers. Founded in 1982, VERTISOL is a leading manufacturer of technical fabrics for the window covering market, wall and floor covering, upholstery and acoustic solutions. The offer an extended portfolio of Polyscreen®, contract and residential fabrics for blinds. They export to over 70 countries and their strategy is focused on investing in R&D for providing architects and interior designers with technical solutions for indoors and outdoors.


LESSEN acoustic panels. LESSEN is the new brand of Vertisol for the range of acoustic panels. These new panels, with A-class acoustic absorption, are made of 40% recycled polyester and 50% recycled aluminium frames. The Essential fabric, with which it is composed, is Greenguard Gold certified as a low emissivity fabric. Likewise, this tissue inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria while being phthalates and fiberglass free. Allowing different colour combinations, the LESSEN panels can be applied on walls, dividing partitions or ceilings.

 LESSEN acoustic panels. VERTISOL

Polyscreen® collection. The most resistant Polyscreen® models are part of the Polyscreen collection and are ideal for external blinds thanks to the tough polyester, the same type of spinning that is used to make a wide range of products, from textile architecture structures to automobile safety belts. The fabrics in the collection can also be used as awnings, with no need for glass, maintaining natural ventilation and a view of the outside.



FITNICE® is a registered trademark from the Spanish company VERTISOL specialized in floor and wall coverings. Elegant and visually interesting, it offers three product lines: Fitnice Floor, Fitnice Wall and Fitnice Rugs. These products are visually different in the pattern of fabrics and colour combinations; however, they are technically very similar: the backing is 100% PVC and wear layer consists of flat woven polyester fibres coated in durable vinyl.



Thanks to high durability, abrasive resistance, good acoustic insulation and other user-friendly attributes it is suitable for all residential and heavily frequented commercial areas. Phthalate and antimony free.



FITNICE® Floor has the prestigious FloorScore® certification for indoor air quality. Because of its low emission level of volatile substances, FITNICE® Floor meets the criteria of different sustainable programs such as LEED (criterion 4.3, low emissive materials, 1 point), CHPS, the Green Guide for Healthcare.







Salone del Mobile.Milano 2020: EXPORMIM, handcrafted indoor and outdoor furniture

Founded in 1960 and dedicated to designing and manufacturing furniture for over 60 years yet, EXPORMIM has developed an extensive catalogue made up of original pieces for indoor and outdoor use, committed to environmental sustainability, quality and good design. At the Salone they will be showcasing their most iconic designs plus some new launches, such as the brand-new ARMADILLO armchair by Mut Design. Not to be missed!

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2020: POINT, timeless designer outdoor furniture

POINT is a family-owned company with 100 years of history. Founded in 1920 the brand is specialized in the design and manufacturing of outdoor furniture. In collaboration with renowned international designers POINT has nowadays presence in over 70 countries. Discover the new collections that will be presented at the Salone del Mobile.Milano!

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2020: MOBBOLI, office furniture with a strong appeal

Launched in 2018 by Spanish office furniture specialist delaoliva, MOBBOLI is a new, flexible furniture brand committed to a high-quality contemporary design approach that is contextual, practical, sustainable and inspirational. At the Milan Salone, the brand will be exhibiting a selection of its latest successful designs, among them the CAP, ODEI and CUA collections. Find out more…


imm cologne 2020: KETTAL. Outdoor furniture with a refined timeless identity

Outdoor furniture specialist KETTAL kicks off the 2020 at the imm cologne, in the Pure editions hall, presenting the first new launches of the year which include the new Urquiola's BAND chair family and the refined MOLO modular outdoor sofa, a creation by the Italian designer Rodoldo Dordoni for the brands. The firm extend also its catalogue with two new lighting products: the lamps HALF DOME (Naoto Fukasawa) and the BELA lamps (Doshi Levien). Not to miss! Read on and discover more…

Imm cologne 2020. ONDARRETA. Charming tables and chairs for the domestic and contract market

A family-run business specialized in the designing and manufacturing tables, chairs and stools for home and contract use, ONDARRETA brings to Cologne a selection of its latest successful collections (DRY, LANA, BAI), plus three new launches full of charm and style that mark the beginning of new collaborations with recognized designers: the HARY seat collection, by estudi{H}ac, the ALO chair by Gabriel Teixidó and the OLA  room divider by Silvia Señal. Please sit down and read on for more information…