March 09 / 2017

Il Salone del Mobile. Milano 2017 Design: Innovative indoor design concepts (1)

New living scenarios, new challenges. Lifestyles are in constant evolution and the Spanish furniture industry strives to keep up with new trends and satisfy new living requirements. With fresh colours, elegant shapes and fabulous designs, the Spanish offer for home and contract spaces, on display in all main Design halls (6, 7, 8, 10 and 12), will bring out the inner fashionista in everybody. So, have a look at previews and start creating!



ARLEX Hall 6 Stand D22

Quality, Innovation & Design. Strongly committed to design and innovation, the Spanish ARLEX has made a name for itself for using a cosmopolitan, technological language that can be understood in very different cultural contexts, which blends in like chameleons do. Every year they enrich their ranges with new design items that are the result of a fruitful collaboration with top-notch names of Spain’s design.

NARA by Odosdesign. Minimalistic yet with a great aesthetic impact, this collection of modular containers offers a huge choice for combining different elements and colours. Drawing inspiration from the frame of canvas, handles have been integrated into the framework so they don’t look like superfluous elements. New pieces include a wardrobe with sliding doors.


FREESTYLE by Josep Turell. This highly versatile multi-purpose modular system has been restyled to create new functionalities and a bigger visual impact.  The range of elements, which are now available lacquer finished or in wood veneer,  have been extended to include new wall units with doors. The thickness of tops and sides has been reduced to 5 mm for a fresher and more dynamic look.


LATAULA table by CrousCalogero. LATAULA is a stylish table that extends without changing its look. It sounds as something magic, but thanks to its slats divided top this table preserve its appearance either when compacted or in extended position. LATAULA comes in different finishes: with wooden top and lacquered structure and legs; with legs in natural beech wood legs or fineshed in walnut colour with lacquered top; or completely lacquered in any colour of the Arlex catalogue.


MATRIOSKA by Estudi Ribaudi. This new modular programme takes creativity and versatility to the extreme! Trapezoidal-shaped modules can be configured in a different way to create bookshelves, sideboards and occasional furniture. New wall units have been added to expand the storage space and provide greater design solutions.




Beauty & Uniqueness. Founded in 2008 and based in Valencia, CAMUS COLLECTION designs, produces and sells exclusive design pieces – “or functional sculptures”, as they are considered by experts – for exquisite interiors all over the world. The Collection is composed of more than 30 hand-crafted pieces in solid American walnut wood and other noble materials and precious finishes, such as alabaster stones, olished aluminium, enea (bulrush) fibres and gold and silver leaf details.


All the objects can be considered authentic pieces of art that rise above trends and add a timeless appeal to classy ambiences.


This year the collection has been enriched with new amazing pieces and materials, the ash wood and the oak.

TEXAS dining table. It features a sturdy cross wood structure with Compac top.

NADIA dining table. The original design of the legs in the shape of inverted tripod brings uniqueness and slenderness to the piece. With Compac top.

SALMA chair. The structure is made of a curved back with upholstered seat. The carved wood arm emphasizes the elegant movement of the wood.

HENDRIX chair. Apparently tubular at first glance, it is nonetheless made of wood. It has backrest and upholstered seat.

LOVE ME DO floor mirror. Made of wood with some metallic elements, it stands out for the sinuosity of its forms and the sloping leg that recalls mid-century designs but with a modern twist.

SWANSON sofa. With a visible wooden structure, it features pure lines and a button-padded exterior.


DISCALSA Hall 8 Stand C40

Rediscover how to live your table. Now in its second generation, the Rioja-based DISCALSA has found a way to give a new life to tables. Combining state-of-the-art technology, design and a long-experienced artisanal conception of work, they have developed a whole new line of tables which are the latest in functionality responding totally to modern lifestyles and new habits of socialization. All the new models, which are customizable in dimensions and finishes, are available with fine ceramic tops that are scratch, stain and heat resistant.

High tech innovation & luxe materials: a new design concept. With the new models, DISCALSA breaks with the cold, too much minimalistic look of former ceramic top tables, giving a spin to the design concept and bringing it to a new level. The incorporation of high tech materials, such as the FENIX NTM®,  and functionalities, as well as the new luxe finishes, has resulted into new table collections that are more decorative and perform beautifully in more exclusive ambiences.

FIOCCO ceramic top table. A key product of the new 2017 collection, FIOCCO is a rectangular table that strikes the perfect balance between noble wood, metal and ceramic, three different materials that add warmth and a natural appeal to its contemporary design.

ELYSE ceramic top table.The sleek profiles and the curved edges of its three main elements (legs, top, leaves) marry to create this beautifully crafted tables that features a more sensual and delicate aesthetic.


ELBA + ROBLE ceramic top table. With oak legs, ELBA + ROBLE is a new “homey” version of the former ELBA table which has enjoyed great success in many European countries, such as France, Switzerland, Belgium… In order to accentuate the warm, natural look of the table, ELBA+ROBLE is also offered with the new Venice oak finish that perfectly imitates the wild oak providing the ceramic top with a unique, authentic look.


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