March 15 / 2017

Il Salone del Mobile. Milano 2017 Design: Comfortable outdoors & contract spaces

Hotels, restaurants, terrace bars and resorts are striving to offer their guests and customers the best experience and this need has proved hugely beneficial to Spain’s leading outdoor companies, whose contract sales have grown considerably. The Spanish offer in this range is rich in products and materials, so clients can go for a ready-made combination or create their personalized space with modular pieces and a choice of colours and finishes.


Craftsmanship, which is at the heart of most of the Spanish brands, and technologically advanced manufacturing processes have allowed to create collections that are beautiful, comfortable, durable and weather-and UV resistant.

The developments in technical fabrics and durable and water repellent materials have allowed outdoor furniture to look almost indistinguishable from its indoor counterparts. So, designers have pushed for fully upholstered seating that really turn the garden into the extension of the living room and that can stay outside all the year round. Galvanized aluminium and epoxy paints are largely used to provide terraces and gardens with colour and comfort without requiring much maintenance.


CALMA Hall 8 Stand C34

Move the inside comfort outside. Always exploring new possibilities and differentiating values, CALMA has developed a peculiar approach to outdoor design based mainly on good quality, avant-garde aesthetic, simplicity, comfort and functionality. Cutting-edge technology and materials, most of them made in Spain, such as the porcelain-ceramic surfaces or the technological fabrics, stay at the core of every new project.


DORM outdoor sofa. SerraydelaRocha. CALMA

PLECS RELAX & PLECS SOFT modular systems by Jaume Torras. PLECS relax is a modular lounge system with a structured composed of 3 pieces joined together by mechanized polyethylene plates that work as feet. Combining the pouf module with the single-seater and the two-seater modules you can obtain different configurations and adjust the sofa to the space. The different width of seats and backrests causes an intriguing visual effect and differentiate PLEC from other modular sofas.


PLECS RELAX modular lounge system. Jaume Torras. CALMA

PLECS SOFT is a more sophisticated and adaptable version. Modules are softer than in PLECS RELAX sofas and the backrests are as wide as the seats. In addition to this, it offers five more modules that improve the modular design and allow for endless configurations. Extra modules include a corner unit, the sofa and the armchairs with backrest and arms and the right-arm and left-arm chaise longues.


PLECS SOFT outdoot modular lounge system. Jaume Torras. CALMA

LLUM lamp by CrousCalogero. The first lamp of the CALM’s catalogue, LLUM is available in two heights: 80 and 120. It  is formed by a three-feet base of iroko wood that supports a globe-shaped lampshade made of rotomolded polyethylene. It incorporates a 4000 K LED bulb.


LLUM outdoor lamp. CrousCalogero. CALMA

NUA SOIRÉE by Ferran Serra. A new addition of the NUA family, NUA SOIRÉE features a more comfortable seat shell with armrests. It shares with NUA the same aluminium structure, but the new version has a more compact design and it is therefore more similar to an armchair. It is offered with an acrylic Sunbrella Natté upholstery in navy blue and pearl grey.


NUA SOIRÉE outdoor armchairs. Ferran Serra. CALMA

These new fabrics have also been used to refresh the look of the DORM sofas.


iSimar Hall 8 Stand F44

Be Mediterranean! As its name suggests, iSimar is strongly rooted in the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture. The passion of the brand for the open air life and for the intriguing colours of the Mediterranean landscapes is perfectly reflected in its collections that add always a playful vibrancy to indoor and outdoor spaces.


CADIZ armchair. Chaput&Guijarro. iSimar

Founded in 1967, iSimar manufacturers tables, chairs, armchairs, sun loungers, stools, accessories and counters for the hospitality/contract and the retail markets. 100% manufactured in Spain with high-resistant, recyclable materials, such as the galvanized steel and aluminium, iSimar contemporary furniture expresses versatility, quality and comfort.

The colour chart includes a choice of 29 different hues, 5 industrial metal finishes and 15 compact table tops. Bright colours, natural tones or metallic textures, are applicable through the entire range of products.

OLIVO armchair. Its design is inspired to olive trees, a key element of the Mediterranean landscape and culture. The chair is made of galvanized steel and is offered in 29 colours to match different ambiences and tastes.


OLIVO outdoor armchairs. iSimar

BOLONIA armchair and lounge chair. Drawing inspiration from the BOLONIA beach (Spain), one of the latest unspoilt beaches on the Costa de la Luz, and its sinuous dunes, the BOLONIA chairs feature an organic yet elegant design that invites to relaxation and leisure moments at home or in the outdoors.


BOLONIA lounge chairs. iSimar

MENORCA stools. Made of galvanized steel wire and lacquered with polyester powder coat, the simple and elegant MENORCA stool is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


MENORCA stools. iSimar

Its design allows the light from the sun to pass through the structure creating intriguing shade patterns.


RESOL Hall 12 Stand A09-B10

Plastic is fantastic! Founded in 1962, RESOL is known as a manufacturer of plastic products with high added value in design, innovation and technology. Over the years, the company has specialized in the production of monobloc injected resin chairs, as well as in the process of thermoplastic injection. It designs, manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture under the following brands: BARCELONA DD, VILAGRASA, RESOL CONTRACT and RESOL GARDEN.


BOOMERANG bench. Vicente Soto. RESOL

BOOMERANG bench by Vicente Soto. The BOOMERANG bench is placed in the space between design, functionality and art. A useful sculpture that confers great elegance and exclusivity to the space where it is placed. It is manufactured in rotomolded polyethylene or fiberglass.  Lacquered finishes and a fire-retardant version are available as an option.


BOOMERANG bench. Vicente Soto. RESOL

LISBOA stool by Joan Gaspar. Following the success of the former LISBOA chair, the firm has decided to expand the line with a stool that is offered in three different sizes. With simple lines but formal strength, it adapts elegantly to different ambiences in indoors and outdoors.


LISBOA stools. Joan Gaspar. RESOL

Injected with fiberglass and PP using gas assisted injection moulding technology, the LISBOA stool is weatherproof and UV resistant.

FRESH chair by Josep Lluscà. Featuring a clean design, the FRESH stacking chair is simple, affordable, versatile and adaptable to all types of gardens and terraces. The perforated backrest provides perfect ventilation while creating intriguing optical transparencies. Injected with PP, it offers easy maintenance and UV protection.


FRESH chairs. Josep Lluscà. RESOL

The TOLEDO AIRE chair, which was launched at Il Salone last year, will be again a great protagonist for its attractive design and the variety of colour finishes. Designed by Jorge Pensi, TOLEDO AIRE is the evolution of the iconic aluminium TOLEDO chair.


TOLEDO AIRE chair. Jorge Pensi. RESOL

Produced as a single piece of injected polypropylene, its shapes flow connecting the seat, arms and backrest with great harmony.




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