March 19 / 2016

Il Salone del Mobile. Milano 2016: sitting pretty!

A comfy, beautiful seat is crucial to make a statement and transform an ordinary room into something spectacular. Focused on stylish contemporary interior design and with strong histories in furniture making, ANDREU WORLD, VICCARBE, CAPDELL and SANCAL, on display in halls 7, 10, 16, deliver on both form and functions. So, get a seat and prepare to steal the scene!

SISTEMA living system by Lievore Altherr Molina for VICCARBE

Chairs are the most visible symbol of design, they reflect changes in aesthetics, production technology, materials and social trends. But they also say something about who we are.

Whatever your taste, Spain’s design brands have teamed up with big names of the international design scene to create the best lounging experiences: space-saving minimalist seating, unconventionally-shaped chairs and luxury high-end sofas, all of them in a wide range of materials, textures and colours to provide contemporary spaces with focal points of strong personality and comfort. See how…

ANDREU WORLD – Hall 7 Stand F27 – F29

At the core of ANDREU WORLD’s business is wood, there is no other material as unique, warm and noble. The firm stays true to this principle and is firmly convinced that attention to detail, excellence and good design are fundamental guides for their present and future.

NUB collection, by Patricia Urquiola for ANDREU WORLD. NEW ITEMS!

This year’s participation in the Il Salone takes a step forward in the fruitful collaborations with the Lievore Altherr Molina Studio and Patricia Urquiola. The brand will unveil some additions to the latest successful collections created by both designers: NUB and TAURO.

NUB rocking chair by Patricia Urquiola for ANDREU WORLD. NEW!

The already extensive NUB collection has been complemented with three new versions that make NUB an even more versatile collection, beyond the typical offering. The new stool, armchair and lounge chair, the latter two with rocker base, preserve the unique and evocative character that is the hallmark of the whole collection. NUB continues to stand out for the attractive lines of the design, its one-of-the kind personality, almost provocative, and able to be the star of the environments where it is integrated. The rocker version is not only designed for residential applications, it is also perfect for contract projects.

TAURO WOOD chair by Lievore Altherr Molina for ANDREU WORLD

Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, TAURO, one of ANDREU WORLD’s most iconic seats, is now available in a fully wood version. This reinterpretation has a direct correlation with the history and tradition of the firm, which has always been a specialist in woodworking.

TAURO WOOD armchairs

The new TAURO WOOD enhances the visual appeal of the former Tauro chair, improving its reputation, prestige and applicability. In its two versions, armchair and lounge chair, TAURO WOOD proves the right solution for all types of public and residential spaces.

CAPDELL – Hall 7 Stand G16

Another specialist of the designer seating sector, CAPDELL is back to Il Salone with two new proposals inspired by different concepts and styles.

Some of the latest models of the CAPDELL's catalogue....

With the trend for natural material at the peak, the firm launches the BELK armchair, a creation by the Polish Spuznar Studio. Inspired by Scandi design and beautifully crafted, the armchair is totally made of beech wood and is available in three versions: with wooden or upholstered backrest and the lounge option for extra comfort.

BELK chair by Spuznar Studio for CAPDELL

Seat comes with a cushion fastened to the structure by straps.

BELK chair, detail

Fun and original, the CLOUD stool, a creation by Japanese Kazuko Okamoto, plays wittily with geometric and organic shapes. The wooden upholstered seat features an intriguing combination of convex and concave lines that recalls the shape of a cloud. The structure, made of steel, is all a balance of geometrical forms: the supporting element is a ring to which legs are attached.

CLOUD chair by Kazuko Okamoto

The playful note is given by the wide colour finish palette: you can have seats and legs coloured in different ways. Personalization at its best!

SANCAL – Hall 10 Stand B04

Founded in the early 70s, SANCAL produces upholstered and occasional furniture that has a timeless flair, with pure simple lines complemented by an unrivalled attention to detail.

In Milan, they will invite people to embark on a trip through time and space. FUTURA, the new collection that will be unveiled at Il Salone, envisions an enigmatic scenario inspired by the avant-garde music of John Cage. The new collection is conceived as an ode to the unfinished, leaving the end of the piece in hands of end-users.

To be unveiled in Milan...

Aesthetically, however, the FUTURA collection is based on past references, generally from the 60s and its optimistic vision of the future. Inspirations have come from many sources: the futuristic fashion of Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin, films like 2001: a space Odyssey, the designs of Aarnio and the architecture of Niemeyer...

Items of the FUTURA Collection


New items includes:

TORTUGA by Nadadora, a family of armchairs that invite to slow-live...

VESPER by Sebastian Herkner, dining and occasional tables with a base that imitates river stones

OBI by Rafa García, a mattress-sofa inspired by the softness of a kimono's bow.

DÚPLEX by Mut, occasional tables inspired by the rational architecture of Mies van der Rohe and FJ Wright.

C1-C4 by Elena Castaño-López, new cushions that recall the forefathers of abstract art

TONELLA by Note, a bigger version of the successful TONELLA armchair

SILLA40 by Nadadora, now with metal legs and with armrest options

The future will descend upon Il Salone and you will get a taste of it at SANCAL’s stand...

TORTUGA seating collection by NADADORA for SANCAL

Coming back to the present, the firm has just launched the TORTUGA armchair and in Milan they will unveil the entire family. Inspired by the slow, steady pace of tortoises, the new armchair, designed by Nadadora Studio, evokes the cozy, protective feel of a tortoise shell.

TORTUGA armchair, back view

It emphasizes a slower approach to aspects of everyday life – the so called “slow living” – and recreates a relaxing refuge where you can withdraw into, just as tortoises do in case of danger. A true slow-lounge-chair where you can immerse in a good novel or take a nap.

TORTUGA in the blue configuration with natural wooden legs

While the choice of textiles can add contrasting exuberance, TORTUGA is warm, cosy, comfortable, soft and for extra function, it can even rotate! It is available also without headrest and is complemented by a pouf and a table.

VICCARBE – Hall 16 Stand C37

Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni, Jean-Marie Massaud, Arik Levy, Naoto Fukasawa, Tomoya Tabuchi, John Pawson, Ododesign, Victor Carrasco and many others. An incredible team of designers that has collaborated with VICCARBE in the developing of new lounge experiences for new human habits.

NAGI, one of the latest design of VICCARBE

At Il Salone the firm will unveil SISTEMA, a sofa that is different from any other on the market. As a matter of fact, they have conceived it not just as a new sofa, but as an innovative complete system, composed of different independent elements. This way, for the first time, customers can configure a sofa totally adapted to their needs and tastes.

SISTEMA ambience

They have at disposal different elements to choose from: armrests, backrests, seats, accessories, flat elements etc. The range of elemets will be extended year by year with new components that will define the entire SISTEMA, the first living system for home and contract use.

SISTEMA contract space

Once they got the system patented, the following step was to decide what designer might have the adequate sensitivity and elegance to create the independent elements that joined together could combine harmoniously.

SISTEMA modular composition, Lievore Altherr Molina for VICCARBE

And they found that Lievore Altherr Molina and their care for proportions were perfect for SISTEMA.

SISTEMA sofa by Lievore Altherr Molina for VICCARBE

Now, they are looking for users to join the team and give the final touch...


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