March 15 / 2016

Il Salone del Mobile. Milano 2016: cool indoor furniture for stylish lifestyles

Fruit of the collaboration with national and international top-notch designers, Spain’s designs for indoors are fresh, fabulously stylish and highly versatile. The new proposals for indoors, that brands such as ARLEX, CAMUS COLLECTION, DISCALSA, PORCELANOSA, LOYRA and MOBLIBERICA put on display in the main Design halls & EuroCucina (6, 8, 10, 11 and 12), have been specifically designed to trigger positive emotions and create meaningful experiences. Get previews and take note!


No limit to creativity. The Spanish furniture industry strives to produce new designs that have a strong contemporary look and connect instantly with users. Clean lines blend well with pops of glamour, fetching finishes are used to enhance smart designs, while splashes of intense colours inject joyful touches to more neutral schemes. Passion, elegance, trend, all at once…

ARLEX DESIGN – Hall 6 Stand D22

Strongly committed to design and innovation, the Spanish ARLEX has made a name for itself for using a cosmopolitan, technological language that can be understood in very different cultural contexts, which blends in like chameleons do. Every year they enrich their ranges with new design items that are the result of a fruitful collaboration with top-notch names of Spain’s design.

The Spanish La Mamba joins the cast of ARLEX’s designers for the first time with TURIA, a new collection of streamlined sideboards and wall units for pared-back interiors. Totally in tune with current trends, TURIA features a mix of natural timbers, sleek lines and beautifully simple shapes. It is available in different sizes and colour finishes, in wooden or lacquered versions.

TURIA collection by La Mamba for ARLEX

The cylinder-shaped handles are all but run-of-the mill as they are inspired by the door security locks on old cars. They highlight in a singular way the opening point of fronts and doors. Visual lightness is given by the metallic legs made of painted double rods.

MATRIOSKA modular collection by Jordi Ribausí for ARLEX

With MATRIOSKA, the new modular programme created by Jordi Ribaudí for ARLEX, creativity and versatility is taken to the extreme! Trapezoidal-shaped modules can be configured in different way to create bookshelves, sideboards and occasional furniture.

MATRIOSKA bookcase,a combination of natural wood and coloured lacquers

Pieces come in wood or lacquer, but you can also play with different sizes and colours to add dynamism and a playful note to your space. Fronts can be added to turn shelves into practical storage units. Versatility and functionality at its best!


The CAMUS COLLECTION is a line of 20 hand-crafted sculptural furnishing pieces in solid American walnut wood and other noble materials. Pieces are embellished by a stunning decoration made of alabaster stones, polished aluminum, enea (bulrush) fibres and gold and silver leaf details.

GIORGIO sideboard by Paco Camus for CAMUS COLLECTION

All the objects can be considered authentic pieces of art that rise above trends and add a timeless appeal to classy ambiences. This year the collection has been enriched with new amazing pieces that will provide interiors with a distinctive statement. Take for example the stunning HONG KONG – BALZAC bedroom: it is composed by a mural–headboard of great proportions, 8 cm thick, whose panels are made of incredible biselled edges and mitre joints. Inclined planes produce a strange geometric vertigo, an asymmetric, jumble effect that catch the eye, leaving no one indifferent.

SARA BOND chair by Paco Camus for CAMUS COLLECTION

The bed is complemented by the BALZAC bedside tables, whose intriguing design is formed by three piles of cylindrical elements, almost suggesting a rotatory movement. New launches include also: the constellation-inspired CASIOPEA mirror and the extra-large, elegant SKELETON sofa.

HONG KONG mural-headboard and BALZAC (detail), CAMUS COLLECTION

Founded in 2008 and based in Valencia, CAMUS COLLECTION designs, produces and sells exclusive design pieces – or “functional sculptures”, as they are considered by experts – for exquisite home and contract interiors all over the world.

DISCALSA – Hall 8 Stand C40

As one of the European leading brand in the production of ceramic top tables, DISCALSA strives to produce dining sets that perfectly mix innovation, quality and design and are totally suitable to modern lifestyle and new habits of socialization.

ATIK ceramic table

Designed by Rafa Cambra, all the new table collections are the result of a perfect integration of functionality and aesthetics. This means that they are not only beautiful and refined, but also practical for everyday use. Ceramic tops, in particular, ensure the best performance for heavy usage at home or in contract spaces. They are hygienic, suitable for direct food contact, and highly scratching-resistant.

SILKE ceramic table

The hallmark of the 2016 Collection is its natural essence with ceramic finishes that reproduce precious natural stones, such as the travertine, the black and brown marbles etc., the natural wood and the metallic elements. All in tune with current trends…

SILKE is a fusion of noble materials and contemporary appeal. Oak wood, marble-like ceramic and metal blend harmoniously providing the table with a real sense of authenticity.

KIRE ceramic table

Design plays a great role in KIRE, whose slender figure is accentuated by the clean lines and the beautiful bow end rectangular shaped ceramic top. The metallic frame is finished with an epoxy coat that allows the outdoor use of the table. A synchronized extension mechanism makes it possible to adjust its size according to space need.

FAMM ceramic table

With their stone-like ceramic top and their natural appeal, FAMM and ATIK contribute to create visually engaging and welcoming spot for family and friend gatherings. Both models feature wood legs (oak or beech) and are provided with extension slides for extra functionality.

LOYRA – Hall 10 Stand F12

Small details make a big difference. Such as in the case of the furniture collections of the Valencia-based LOYRA, a Spain’s leading brand in the contemporary segment. Great attention to detail and refinement in the design of every element are the outstanding features of MOSS and IOS, the two successful contemporary modular systems for living spaces designed by Estudio Loyra.

IOS modular programme

These two collections, which are different in construction systems but have a compatible design, maintain high quality standards and feature a cool combination of natural veneers (walnut, oak, smoked oak) and high gloss or matt lacquers.

MOSS sideboard, VESTA table, OLE chairs and BELL hanging lamp, by XIMO ROCA for LOYRATIME

The two collections are perfectly complemented by the other cool designs created by Ximo Roca for the brand, among them chairs OLE, MARIQUITA and ROA; the dining tables VESTA, KONE and NUDOS; and amazing lighting products, like BOTTON, BELL, PULA and STICK.

VESTA table, ROA chairs and BELL hanging lamps

The YOKO bookcase system and the DUSK bedroom programme, which will be unveiled in Milan, mark a step forward in the fruitful collaboration with the Spanish designer Ximo Roca; a collaboration that has as main focus the development of quality furniture full of contemporary sophistication. YOKO is composed of 16 standard modules and will be available in 4 wood finishes and 20 lacquer colours. The DUSK bedroom is made of the best walnut, oak and smoked oak veneers.

As usual, LOYRA new products are suitable for residential and contract use.

MOBLIBERICA – Hall 12 Stand D23

Avantgarde, agile and dynamic, MOBLIBERICA has specialized in the manufacturing of contemporary, highly innovative tables and chairs for home and contract use.

The new TERRA coffee table, made of a ceramic top and a clean-lined metal base

Both the MOBLIBERICA Catalogue and the successful DRESSY collection are constantly updated with new additions specifically designed to bring beauty and functionality to contemporary living spaces.

The different configurations of the LAP chair, MOBLIBERICA

Designed by Santiago Sevillano for the DRESSY collection, LAP  is an enveloping armchair that comes with different leg options, metallic or wooden (natural ash or lacquered), and two seat configurations: lacquered polyurethane or totally upholstered. The removable upholsteries are also available in different colours and first quality Kvadrat fabrics to suit different tastes and home or contract spaces.

MERLOT table complemented by the LAP chairs, MOBLIBERICA

MERLOT is the latest attractive ceramic table of the DRESSY line. With its rectangular ceramic top and clean design, MERLOT is highly attractive, versatile and therefore aimed at taking the scene in cool ambiences. It is available in both fixed and extendable versions and in 14 different sizes.

PORCELANOSA – EuroCucina Hall 11 Stand A25-A29

Production diversification has played a key role in the growth of the PORCELANOSA Group, which started off more than 40 years ago with the production of a single product: ceramic tiles. Today, the Group’s eight companies offer a wide product range that includes kitchen and bathroom equipment as well as state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture.

Kitchen with KRION® solid surface, PORCELANOSA Group

The PORCELANOSA PREMIUM Collection brings together a range of products specifically designed to create the most exclusive spaces of the Porcelanosa Group. It’s all about an innovative concept aimed at creating distinctive interiors that stand out for visual balance, elegance and exclusivity. The high performance and the warm appeal of materials play a key role, as in the latest new kitchens that the Group will be showcasing at EuroCucina.

KRION® solid surface

One of the kitchen on display features fronts and worktop made of Krion® solid surface, a highly pleasant material, similar to natural stone, which is highly-resistant, anti-bacterial and easily repairable. The interiors of the modules are finished in aluminum laminate, Titanium coloured.

Kitchen finished in Torrefacto oak veneers and copper

The other kitchen has fronts covered with planks veneered in natural oak, Torrefacto coloured. The interiors of the modules are finished in aluminum laminate, in Copper colour.


Virtual Salone Milano 2020: SANCAL, exciting furniture for passionate spirits

Well-reputed for its exciting, unconventional furniture collection, SANCAL launches MUSEO, a brand-new collection that presents furnishing items as if they were museum pieces making a clear nod to the world of Art. New furniture pieces range from the CLICK sofa that takes modularity to the extreme to more extravagant designs, such as LAPSO, a vertical privacy hood that discloses new solutions for public spaces. Let’s have a look…

Virtual Salone Milano 2020: ACOMODEL, highly functional and comfortable upholstered furniture

With more than 20 years of experience in the upholstered furniture sector, the firm ACOMODEL has positioned itself in the national and international markets as one of the most renowned manufacturers of sofas, sofa beds and armchairs. The company stands out for the incorporation of the latest technologies in mechanisms and motors. Discover the new collections!

Virtual Salone Milano 2020: SOHER, high-end furniture for exclusive spaces

SOHER’s eclectic range of furniture for bedrooms, living and dining rooms and offices features a unique aesthetic that can be used to both evoke ancient splendors in exclusive environments and add character and grand style to contemporary spaces. Their new offer matches the highest standard of quality and the timeless class so typical of the brand to inspire new furnishing solutions for exclusive environments. Find out more…

Virtual Salone Milano 2020: SYSTEMTRONIC, avant-garde auxiliary furniture solutions

SYSTEMTRONIC is a Spanish company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of the design and manufacturing of auxiliary furniture for home, office and contract use. The brand is recognized for its innovative designs, which have their own identity and stand out for their simple, pure and minimalist lines. Discover more….

Virtual Salone Milano 2020: DRESSY, furniture for elegant, contemporary living spaces

Born as a premium brand of MOBLIBERICA, DRESSY responds to market trends and new consumer habits with a line of furniture that harmoniously fuses innovation, design and comfort. The new table collections for 2020 feature a wide variety of porcelain tops available in a multitude of finishes that imitate materials such as cement, stone, oxide or marble. New launches include also the NUBO chair. Discover more…