March 28 / 2014

I Saloni Milano 2014 Design: hottest outdoor lifestyle

Mediterranean people are all great aficionados of the open air life, but Spaniards know better than any other how to add sunshine to outdoor spaces. That’s why they have everything you’ll need to start creating your perfect patio. GANDIA BLASCO, KETTAL, POINT and CALMA unveil in Milan a bunch of new proposals that help you to personalize and add fresh vibres to your outdoor design. Get a preview…

The JIAN collection by Neri

Over the latest years, Spain’s outdoor ranges have been improved with new weather and fade- resistant materials ( Shintotex, Teflon, Sunbrella, Batyline, Sergio Ferrari, epoxy paints…) in order to make it possible to create an open-air oasis for dinner parties, cocktail gatherings and weekend relaxation. It’s all about moving indoor comfort outside…

On the other hand, many outdoor products can also been used indoors, moving the cozy and attractive atmosphere of a patio inside…

GANDIA BLASCO – Hall 20 Stand C06

GANDIA BLASCO has some new stylish proposals that move all the indoor comfort outside in a very interchangeable way. DOCKS is a modular, open and flexible furniture collection that takes into account the interaction between the pieces and the human body. Cushions and supports are placed over a light, stackable and easily transportable aluminum structure to create more complex  sofas, beds and rest areas.

The DOCKS collection by Romero Vallejo

JIAN is a collection of outdoor furniture inspired by the concept of “in-between” conveyed by the Chinese JIAN character. JIAN is one of the two characters that forms the words “space, time and people”, among many others. NERI & HU, who designed this collection for GANDIA BLASCO, wanted to create a collection that has an ethereal quality, capturing both time and space, the sky and land, something to give poetry to outdoor living, and offer a restful sanctuary to everyday business. The collection is made up of various sizes and functions for different outdoor uses.

The JIANcollection by Neri

Designed by Borja García, STACK is a stackable outdoor furniture collection inspired by the nautical world with design elements that recall the 60’s and 70’s. GANDIA BLASCO’s innovative design uses self-supporting fabric over the extruded aluminum body to provide this simple construction with lightness and comfort.

The STACK collection by Borja García

Both the STACK collection and the new additions to the FLAT line feature Batyline fabrics and are suitable for large contract installations and small residential projects.

Under the brand GAN, the firm will unveil the BANDAS SPACE, a new indoor concept designed by Patricia Urquiola. In this new product modularity is taken to the limit, as all the pieces can be interchanged.

The new BANDAS SPACE, a concept by Patricia Urquiola

The collection can therefore adapt to any space, any personality and any mood. If life changes, BANDAS changes with you…

POINT – Hall 6 Stand D43

POINT’s new intriguing range of outdoor furniture is called ARC and has been designed by Gabriel Teixidó. Made of an epoxi lacquered aluminium structure, pieces are upholstered with hand-woven Shintotex synthetic fibres. For a more contemporary yet refined look, legs come in teak wood.

The ARC collection by Gabriel Teixidó

Created by José Manuel Ferrero [Estudi(H)ac], the MIST lamps are the other new cutting-edge product of POINT.

The MIST lamps by Estudi{H}ac

On display in Milan, there will be also the latest successful collections of the brands all of them inspired to stylish Mediterranean lifestyles. Have a look>>>

The U collection by Gabriel Teixidó

KETTAL – Hall 20 Stand E24

The industrial design brand KETTAL, a specialist in outdoor furnishing, has reinterpreted the BASKET chair, created in the 50s by Danish designers Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel. The woven chair, made from oak, is offered in its ‘original’ version and in an outdoor adaptation.

The BASKET chair, a new edition of the former design by Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel

The traditional Ditzel chair has hand-braided wicker, while the outdoor version is made from artificial fiber and teak to protect against the elements. Nanna Ditzel, known as the ‘queen of Danish design’, is also the author of the cushion fabrics’ design. They are made of pure wool and come in four color combinations and eight Hallingdal fabrics by Kvadrat.

The original BASKET chair won awards in 1950 at the Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition and in 1951 at the Ttriennale of Milan, Italy.

CALMA – Hall 18 Stand A11

The new fresh and versatile outdoor items of Catalonia-based CALMA convey all the elegance, functionality and fine designs that are the hallmarks of the Spanish brand. The firm will showcase in Milan its 2014 products: PLIS PLAS, ROMANA, NUA, TEN, while the DORM  and CUBIC SLING collections has been restyled.

Designed by Beatriz Sampere, PLIS PLAS is a chair made of aluminium and polyethylene whose enveloping seat shell can be configured in different colours and trendy graphic patterns. The ROMANA armchair, a creation by Andreu Carulla, represents a new dynamic way to seat, easily adapting to the most convenient position for users.

The PLIS PLAS chairs by Beatriz Sampere

Have you ever imagine that a simple dress can turn itself into a comfy lounge armchair? NUA, a new creation of Ferran Serra, can do this. A simple naked aluminium frame dressed up!

The NUA outdoor collection

The in-house designed TEN table, made of aged wood and aluminium, features a compact and straight lined frame embellished by the wavy lines of the wood-grain. The essence of nature mixes with the most pure line for a timeless look…

The TEN table


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