March 26 / 2013

I SALONI 2013 Avant-garde: sitting pretty

There is a segment of design where Spain reigns and is second to nobody: seating. Wish to discover more? Read the whole post...

The suggestive ESPIGA chair, a design by Jordi Ribaudí Studio for INDECASA

In solid natural wood or with light aluminum structures, eco-friendly and ergonomic or featuring sculptural shapes, in a blend of textures and a different choice of colour combinations, possibilities are endless to maximise  comfort and provide contemporary ambiences with a strong identity. Take a tour of the chicest seating on the Spanish side….

ANDREU WORLD – Hall  7 Stand G16 / G20

The firm, a worldwide key player in the seating market, will exhibit in Milan its latest seating collections: the FLEXA chair and the REVERSE table, by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, and the NEW RONDA chair by Lievore Altherr Molina.

FLEXA is a line of multipurpose, light and functional chairs and armchairs with a structure made of thermo-polymer reinforced with fiber glass. Available in different colours and steel and aluminum bases, FLEXA is attractive yet highly resistant for an intense use in public spaces. Optionally, it can be offered in an upholstered version.

The FLEXA collection by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga for ANDREU WORLD

Featuring a unique hyperelliptic table top of different sizes and shapes, the highly versatile REVERSE table allows different compositions and is particularly suitable for conference rooms and spaces where a reduced number of legs is required.

The REVERSE table, a design by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga for ANDREU WORLD

Then sensual and ergonomic NEW RONDA armchairs are available in different configurations: with an oak wood shell or upholstered with a flexible foam; with a choice of different steel bases or with a wood base.

The NEW RONDA chair by Lievore Altherr Molina for ANDREU WORLD

Its large dimension makes it suitable for home and public or professional setting.

BELTÀ [FRAJUMAR] – Hall 6 Stand F36

Specialized in manufacturing smart and ergonomic upholstered furniture, FRAJUMAR and its brand BELTÀ have developed a whole 2013 range of new seating collections in collaboration with Spanish designer Dsignio. Among others, at I SALONI the brand will unveil the CAMP sofa, the RUND occasional tables and the GIOIA armchair.

Upholstered in a fabric resistant to an intense use, the CAMP sofa is a complex blend of classic concepts and sleek contemporary lines. In combination with the stylish RUND tables it configures restful spots full of fashionable urban vibes.

The CAMP sofa and the RUND coffee tables by BELTÀ

RUND is a set of three side tables that can be used alone or in group, creating various compositions thanks to its different sizes, heights and finishes: in natural wood, wenge, walnut, cherry or lacquered in different colours.

The GIOIA sofa by BELTÀ

The GOIA line of armchairs and sofas is the new proposal of BELTÀ for people who look for originality and comfort. The curved line and the organic forms of the interiors contrast with the accuracy and straightness of the exterior lines; the exquisite detail of the folds is stressed by the buttons. A model that is for avant-garde spaces as for classics; versatile and unique.

CAPDELL – Hall 6 Stand F36

Capdell has started a new collaboration with the Swedish architecture and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune that has led to the launch of the new CONCORD collection, on display for the first time at I Saloni. CONCORD is a new line of seating that represents the fusion of the Nordic sleek and natural designs with the Mediterranean warmth textures and vivid colours.

Sketches of the new CONCORD seating collection, created by Claesson Koivisto Rune for CAPDELL

The basic structure is composed by two or three combed wood strati, which combine in size and finishings to conform different models. The choice of seats, legs and upholstered backrests is wide in order to maximize the personalization of the final product.

CASADESUS – Hall 8 Stand F30

Giancarlo Vegni and Gianfranco Gualtierotti have designed for the Spanish CASADESÚS the impressive and highly versatile LONG PLAY seating collection. Made of easily combinable pieces, LONG PLAY can be configured in a stylish sofa, a chaise-longue, a corner or a one-seat module and a pouf.


Thanks to the slide mechanism in its interior, it is possible to change the depth of the seat areas. Perfect to adjust to different space needs, the new collection will be launched in Milan.

INDECASA – Hall 6 Stand D39

The firm will unveil at I Saloni ESPIGA, the new collection designed by Jordi Ribaudí Studio that includes chairs, low-wide chairs, tables, coffee tables and stools. Melting functional and emotional concepts, ESPIGA will impress for the attractive fusion of geometric and organic shapes.

The ESPIGA chair, a new design of INDECASA

The seating shell, available in a choice of white, grey stone, black and dark green hues, is protected by water-repellent polyester tape that make ESPIGA suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The structure can be configured in chromed or stainless steel, and with a white or black satin coated finish.

INDUSTRIAS TAGAR  - Hall 12 Stand F10

TAGAR presents SINGULAR, a collection of chairs and armchairs designed by Manuel Torres. In different shapes and materials, such as steel, wood and upholstery, SINGULAR is aimed to set trend for its new inspiring and functional design.

The SINGULAR chair, a creation of Manuel Torres for TAGAR

Made of enveloping and comfortable lines, SINGULAR plays with the contrast of a wide choice of colours to maximize the personalization and identity of the final product.

The different colour combinations of the SINGULAR chairs, the new product of TAGAR


A sofa made up of big comfy cushions to make the most of the relax experience, in the spirit of the slowfood movement, is the great proposal that KOO INTERNATIONAL brings to Milan. Designed by Barcelona-based Lagranja Design Studio, NEST features a visual balance among softness, roundness and elegance.

The NEST sofa, a design by Lagranja for KOO INTERNATIONAL

The upholstered version of the NEST sofa

In different sizes and finishes, from the small easy armchair and the two seat sofa to the eight seat one, NEST adapts to every need and space bringing elegance and comfort.

STUA – Hall 16 Stand C40

The Basque firm will launch at I SALONI its new product designed by Jesús Gasca, the MAREA table. With a design based on the lightness of the structure, MAREA features a slim central column with a diameter of only 40mm (16”) and different heights.

The MAREA table in combination with the MALENA sofa

For intense use the firm offers a white HPL top of 12mm, but there are also other options, such as the MDF top with white lacquer or a natural or stained in grey ash veneer.

The MAREA tables in combination with the GLOBUS chairs, both a creation of STUA

MAREA is perfect in combination with other STUA’s products, such as the stylish MALENA sofa, the classic NUBE armchair or with the vibrant GLOBUS chairs, particularly the one finished refreshingly orange and light green colours.

VICCARBE  - Hall 16 Stand D22

Specialist in stylish seating for lounge areas, VICCARBE will lunch in Milan its 2013 new ranges: COMMON by Naoto Fukasawa, STEP by Vincent Van Duysen, PLATFORM by Arik Levy, BRIX by Kensaku Oshiro, PILLOWS by Ododesign and SERRA by Victor Carrasco.

COMMON is an elegant modular system of seats and benches specifically thought for lounge areas. Thanks to its high-density foam that retains its pure lines even after intensive use, it is possible to create different timeless landscapes. Its feet and auxiliary tables are done in natural oak hardwood, reminiscent of the modern classics.

The COMMON collection by Naoto Fukasawa for VICCARBE

With its architectural lines and exquisite proportions, the STEP modular sofa offers multiple compositions and surprising comfort. Its hand stitched seams add warmth to this unique architectural collection ideal both for the home and business establishments.

The STEP sofa by Vincent Van Duysen for VICCARBE

PLATFORM is an elegant collection of seats that features different back heights and an intriguing combination of finishes and bases to configure cozy and unique lounge spaces.

The PLATFORM seating collection by Arik Levy for VICCARBE


Thanks to its geometric design, the multipurpose BRIX armchair can be grouped together to create elegant configuration in common areas. The arms have a different size, being the wide one perfect to work with a computer or tablet while waiting in an airport lounge. BRIX can be also configured with an optional built-in support.

The BRIX armchair collection, a creation by Kensaku Oshiro for VICCARBE

On display in Milan, there will be also the versatile and functional SERRA table, by Victor Carrasco, and the restyling of the ACE SOFT armchair by Jean-Marie Massaud.

As you see, a lot of stuff to configure and personalize stylish updated interiors...


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