January 26 / 2018

HURTADO FURNITURE expands its global reach with a new flagship store in Mumbai, India

For over 78 years HURTADO has been filling homes with fine, quality furniture, 100% made in Spain. Over the years, the company has been growing its international extent, strengthening its retail network and opening a flagship store in High Point, Las Vegas. As a debut to 2018, in December 2017, it inaugurated a new showroom in Mumbai, India, that marks a new expansion strategy in the Indian market.


Showroom Mumbai. ZAFIRO office furniture collection. TRADITIONAL line

The opening of the Mumbai-based store will be followed soon by two new showrooms in Delhi and Bangalore. HURTADOs expansion to India respond to the trend of the local furniture market. The demand of furnishing products is expected to increase significantly over the following years on account of growing urbanization, rising trend of nuclear families, and expanding working population base. Furthermore, according to a 2017 report by Research and Markets, increasing investments in the hospitality industries are forecast to boost the demand for furniture in India during 2017-2022.


Showroom Mumbai. SOHO dining room furniture. EVOLUTION line

The increasing purchasing power and the brand-consciousness of young generations have also caused a shift from traditional furniture towards contemporary furniture, leading to a surging demand for new products and designs.


Showroom Mumbai. SOHO dining set. EVOLUTION line

In this context, the new showrooms will serve as a useful, inspirational tool for architects, interior designers and the public in general in the three major cities in India. Service, innovation and craftsmanship, which are the pillars of the Spanish brands identity, are also the forces that will drive the expansion to the Indian market.


Showroom Mumbai. SOHO bedroom. EVOLUTION line

Featuring an eclectic look, the Mumbais store offers a finely curated selection of the best collections from HURTADO, such as SOHO and CITY, from the contemporary EVOLUTION line, and ZAFIRO from the TRADITIONAL line. Different spaces reflect the versatility of HURTADOs  ambiences which blend seamlessly with different interior design schemes.  


Showroom Mumbai. SOHO dining set. EVOLUTION line

HURTADO FURNITUREs ability to make furniture that is both relevant and timeless is the reason they have one of the longest and most successful furniture histories in Spain. Founded in 1940 as a manufacturer of marble and wood altars, the company is now a third-generation business  that has grown into an internationally renowned manufacturer of upscale, European-style furniture. HURTADO furniture is created by expert craftsmen by using woods of the highest quality and the finest veneers. In all collections, hand carvings, exquisite inlays, distinctive marquetry and superb finishes enhance the inherent beauty of natural wood.

For more information, please visit the official website: www.hurtadofurniture.com


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