February 04 / 2021

GOMARCO presents its top-of-the-range lines of pocket spring mattresses

Mattress design has evolved over the years in such a way that mattresses look nothing like they did 10 years ago. From pocketed coils to hypoallergenic, hyper-responsive foams, the innovative materials and technologies applied to the mattress industry are changing the way we sleep for the better! Spanish mattress specialist GOMARCO stays at the forefront of innovation developing products that secure wellness and the most comfortable, quality sleep.


SPRING TOP 5.0 mattress | SAC Collection | GOMARCO

Their range of luxury mattresses combines the pocketed spring technology with layers of memory foams and technological materials to provide the highest quality standards, optimum breathability, and tailored support in a range of firmness ratings to suit every personal need and preference - from super-soft right up to extra-firm for a great support.


TIFFANY mattress | MICROSAC Collection | GOMARCO

Committed since their set up in the 70s to R&D, GOMARCO goes beyond the manufacture of simple rest equipment. They invest a lot in the development of technologies and bedding products that improve wellness and health. After long research, they have succeeded in developing a revolutionary system that will change the way a mattress is conceived forever and will extend its lifespan to the maximum; REVER TOP®, the reversible two-sided topper.



REVER TOP®, the reversible two-sided topper

This new patented system consists of an independent piece joined to the mattress by a zipper. It can be flipped over easily to adapt to different seasons: one side is for the cooler winter months, and the other for the warmer summer months. The summer side is designed to prevent the mattress from overheating allowing a restful night’s sleep. Another great advantage of the REVER TOP® System is that the topper can be easily removed leaving the mattress open. This way, the air flows freely dissipating heat and the excess of humidity.



All GOMARCO premium mattresses are made from materials that exceed industry standards for quality, durability, sustainability, and safety. The REVER TOP® System as well other exclusive pioneering technologies and materials – such as the NUCOL System®, the three different SPRINGSAC® pocket spring cores, the AQUAPUR® open-cell structures etc. – promotes fantastic performance and long-term durability. Let’s have a look at a choice of models in this range…



NUCOL® System

The NUCOL® System is an innovative support/suspension structure that brings together the firmness and breathability of the pocket spring mattresses with the adaptability and comfort of the best memory foams. It consists of a memory foam layer divided into sections that offer different degrees of firmness and that are strategically placed to optimize support and adaptability.



The system, which has been tested by the prestigious Barcelona-based Estivill Sleep Clinic directed by Dr Eduard Estivill – a specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology and Sleep Medicine -, also relieves pressure points improving blood circulation and avoiding numbness, back and neck pains. The system is also provided with air channels that maintain cool temperatures for a refreshing night's sleep.


NUCOL SAC mattress | NUCOL System | GOMARCO

The NUCOL PREMIUM combines the NUCOL® System with the VISCO AIR® and INNOGEL® technologies, as well as the freshness provided by the profiled AQUAPUR system, to take adaptability and wellness to the next level. NUCOL SAC, on the other hand, features the SPRINGSAC® 7Z pocket spring core for firmer support and cooler effect.

MICROSAC mattresses

The TIFFANY model comprises more than 5,000 individual springs. The natural cotton filling, the “cloud effect” of the NANOSAC® pocket spring layer and the firmness of the MICROSAC® core provide a unique and special sensation. Its qualities of freshness and adaptability, together with the highly efficient absorption and temperature regulation qualities of the OUTLAST® fabrics, guarantee a good night’s rest for the user.


TIFFANY mattress | MICROSAC Collection | GOMARCO

Working in total harmony, the cotton layer and the OUTLAST® fabric provide luxurious comfort and greater breathability to the MOET mattress, while the MICROSAC® core and the different comfort zone maintain strong and stable support throughout the mattress.


MOET mattress | MICROSAC Collection | GOMARCO

Thanks to the small diameter of the pocket springs, the MICROSAC technology provides optimal support, maximum adaptability and motion isolation. The 1140 springs/m2 core, structured in 9 comfort zones, offers the perfect rest.

SAC LUXE mattresses

One of the latest additions to the GOMARCO catalogue, the SAC Collection is divided into 4 lines and offers 15 different models that respond to the needs of different types of sleepers. SAC LUXE is the top-of-the-range line and offers the highest standards in terms of comfort, adaptability, resistance, and breathability.


LEVEL TOP mattress | SAC Collection | GOMARCO

The LEVEL TOP mattress combines the COMFORTSAC 7z® pocket spring core, the NANOSAC® small spring layer, the AQUAPUR® technology and the excellent properties of VISCOSA fabrics to create a brilliantly balanced, supportive and ventilated sleep experience.


SPRING TOP 5.0 mattress | SAC Collection | GOMARCO

The Stretch 4D fabric, the COMFORTSAC 7z® pocket spring technology and NANOSAC® small spring layer, together with the recovery properties of VISCOTITANIUM® Gel make of SPRING TOP 5.0 a highly sophisticated and adaptable mattress.


SPRING TOP 5.0 mattress | SAC Collection | GOMARCO

All the components and materials used in the manufacturing process of the SAC mattress collection are certified free of toxic substances by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 Certification which guarantees the high security of GOMARCO’s products.

Enter pocketed spring technology – find supreme comfort with the top-of-the-range mattresses by GOMARCO…

For more information, visit: www.gomarco.com


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