January 23 / 2019

FORTUNE II, the contemporary luxury collection from TECNI NOVA

Founded in Yecla in 1986 by Antonio Muñoz, an experienced traditional upholsterer who wanted to take advantage of new production technologies –hence the name-, TECNI NOVA is currently run by the third generation who has invested on cutting-edge manufacturing processes focusing on the internationalization of the brand. Changes in manufacturing processes allowed the firm to renovate the formal classic style by breaking rules and introducing into its latest collections unusual twists and more contemporary designs.

A clear example of TECNI NOVA’s new way of understanding luxury furnishing is the FORTUNE II Collection, which can be considered the extension of the former, successful FORTUNE Collection. Top quality materials, artisan mastery, design and the evocation of the firm’s founding culture are at the heart of this new approach of the brand to luxury home décor concepts.


1739 sofa, 4221 side and coffee tables, 1744 armchairs and 4216 bookcases. TECNI NOVA

Featuring a sophisticated design, clean lines and well-proportioned volumes, the collection includes a complete range of pieces for different ambiences: sofas and armchairs, bedroom and living room programmes, dining room sets, coffee tables, chest-of-drawers, wardrobes and bar cabinets. All the furniture is made of the finest materials, such as select leathers and noble and exotic woods (ebony, oak, iroko, sycamore frisé, walnut), and finished with fine lacquers and metallic accents that add style and distinction to pieces.


1714 sofa, 4227 side and coffee tables, 4233 los sideboard and 1751 armchair. TECNI NOVA

Lacquer and fabric colours, as well as textures, are inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and culture. For the new selection of fabrics, the firm has followed mainly the latest trends working in collaboration with interior designers to develop a rich range of textiles that integrates new vibrant, vigorous colours, high performance levels and geometric patterns.

1728 sofas, 4220 coffee table, 4162 side table and 4223 sideboard. TECNI NOVA

The neutral and earthy tones, which are represented by a wide spectrum of greys, browns, beiges, blues, greens and turquoises, are a perfect choice when it comes to create attractive yet relaxing interior schemes.


1742 modular sofa. TECNI NOVA

Take for example the impressive 4228 bedroom. With its turquoise and beige tones, it totally evokes the relaxing atmospheres of the Mediterranean coast. The upholstered headboard features an intriguing design made of hexagons that recalls a honeycomb.


4228 bedroom. TECNI NOVA

Bolder, intense colours have also been added to complement or create contrasts and provide furniture with a greater appeal: wide red, mustard, pumpkin orange and different shades of pink.


1732 armchairs in burgundy leather and red velvet. Structure made of iroko wood or beechwood. TECNI NOVA

With its organic, enveloping design and the attractive structure made of oak, the 1290 lounge chairs can come upholstered in pumpkin orange high quality leather or in a mustard velvet to enliven contemporary scheme and add intrigue.


1716 sofa, 1290 armchairs, 4208 coffee table and 4227 side tables. TECNI NOVA

The floral prints, with tropical birds and jungle vegetation, dress the cushions adding a colourful, exotic touch to sofas and armchairs.


1741 sofa upholstered in emerald green velvet and complemented by cushions with tropical motifs

Together with textiles and colours, high-gloss finish is the other great protagonist of the FORTUNE II collection. They are applied over metallic lacquers, natural wood veneers and coloured surfaces to make furniture look brighter and smoother, enhancing this way the glam look of ambiences.


4230 console and 1749 chair. TECNI NOVA

Textures and shapes have also been inspired by traditional crafts, such as the artisanal baskets with their structure made of interwoven esparto, palm and wicker. As if they were traditional objects built with reeds, the tables and consoles of the 4230 series and the 4231 sideboards evolve towards a more sophisticated world that beautifully mix steel finished aged brass, marble, glass and wood.


4231 sideboard. TECNI NOVA

Goldsmithing has also been another source of inspirations for polished or bright metallic finishes, focused on colours such as copper, bronze and anthracite. Metallic lacquers are one of the hallmarks of this collection, especially the copper colour that in the 4233 containers come in combination with high-gloss ebony for a more luxurious look.


High gloss copper laquers in combination with ebony. 4233 cabinets and lown- and high sideboards. TECNI NOVA

They are so beautiful and well-executed that can be used as space dividers in spacious rooms.


4233 cabinets. TECNI NOVA

Dining room furniture of the series 4221 stands out for the stunning combination of top-quality leather, natural walnut wood and metallic accents. The 4221 dining table features an attractive wooden base that support a round or rectangular tops embellished by refined, beautiful grain.


4221 dining room furniture. TECNI NOVA

The trend for luxury and rich expression is obvious when it comes to sofas, armchairs and ottomans. They are all big, soft, enveloping the body into velvet, leather and rounded shapes. In the FORTUNE II collection, clients are spoilt for choice as the new models include from the classic designs (1741, 1735) to the more contemporary proposals for ambiences full of comfort and style (1714, 1716, 1750, 1742, 1745 and 1739).


1735 sofa, 4207 coffee and side tables, 1730 armchair

The refined silhouette of the model 1750, with its sophisticated haute couture details, brings elegance to the next level.


1750 sofa, 4230 side tables

All the models are beautifully complemented by marble and wooden surfaces, metal structure, glass and aristocratic metal-coloured elements: brass, copper, silver or golden shine.


4277 occasional table. TECNI NOVA

Among the complements, the charming turned-shaped 4226 side tables stands out for the amazing combination of metallic lacquers, marble, leather and wood. 


4266 occasional tables. TECNI NOVA

You can play also with the different versions of the 4227 side tables that mix materials (wood, marble, glass) and dimensions to add dynamism and distinction to lounge spaces.


FORTUNE II outdoor furniture. TECNI NOVA

The light and colour of the sea is also encapsulated in the FORTUNE II outdoor furniture line whose fabric colours draws heavily from the Mediterranean summer landscape.

With FORTUNE II, TECNI NOVA has built a complex and diverse decorative universe full of colours and exclusive details. We invite you to enter it and find your space…

For more information, visit: www.tecninova.com


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