March 28 / 2018

EuroCucina 2018 & Salone Internazione del Bagno: Spain’s kitchen and bathroom furniture

Kitchens, the hub of the modern home   

Not only are they a hub for dining and drinking, they usually wind up being the home’s social focal point too. Cooking, entertaining, working, playing, studying: it all happens here. That’s, why in recent years, kitchens have evolved into fluid, multi-purpose rooms which fir for an intense every day use, yet are easy on the eye.  As they open out into living rooms, these spaces  call for intelligent, effective modular solutions with containers and cabinets for storage and island units which wiil bring out your inner chef chefs and accommodate guests gathering for coffee and a chat. Cupboards and drawers are spacious, practical and super-organised so that everything is on hand.

Materials, textures and nuances are modulated to create a serene, relaxed and perfectly balanced environment. This has triggered the resurgence of natural stone and the introduction of innovative work surfaces that replicate it, improving resistance to hard use, scratches, stains and chemicals.

A space for “cooking” emotions. This is how we can define CARNIVAL, the latest kitchen from the Premium E7.30 series by GAMADECOR. Made of the best materials, featuring cutting-edge equipment, CARNIVAL enhances the culinary experience, offering a compact and perfectly comprehensive space. In fact, the column area is equipped with concealed, folding doors which minimise the kitchen area at home. Its design also includes integrated appliances and a work area with shelves that can be positioned at any desired height and are illuminated by a state-of-the-art lighting system.


CARNIVAL kitchen. Premium E7.30 line. GAMADECOR by PORCELANOSA Kitchens

The central island comes with a stunning suspended countertop which provides the set with exclusivity, elegance and distinction. The oak finish, particularly the Roble Cuero Labrado, has undergone a treatment so that the whiter fibres have been eliminated, improving the natural, delicate touch of the wood.

Innovations in tile technology and related new applications are PORCELANOSA Grupo’s main goals. This has led GAMADECOR to apply the XLight porcelain tile in the backsplash, front sides of cupboards and worktops to give material continuity to the entire kitchen space. In the new XLIGHT kitchen, the island, which offers open shelving equipped with oak drawers, features XTone glossy porcelain on fronts and worktops. The furniture of the column area has been covered with one of the XLight large format models, giving off a stone style marble appearance in dark grey shade with grain and satin details. Sliding fronts conceal accessory areas in Pure Oak colour which have countless functional details.  



Designed by Francesc Rifé studio for Galicia-based MOBALCO, the new NATURE kitchen collection introduces the “orchard at home” concept: an intriguing alternative to traditional kitchens. The collection was born as a response to the future of housing by introducing the garden concept through modules-containers.


NATURE kitchen. Francesc Rifé. MOBALCO

The qualities of noble materials, such as walnut wood, natural stone and metal surfaces, are presented in the same scenario where cooking and growing food will be the starting point for a greater connection between nature and domestic life. The "orchard" system consists in small containers made of stone and integrated in worktops, or with metal trays on the shelves.


NATURE shelving system. Francesc Rifé. MOBALCO

SERIE 45 is pure trend; wiith straight , minimalistic lines, it is the most contemporary DICA kitchen. The 45º edge in the doors and drawers and the straight profile of the cabinets overcome the need for handles. A simple electronic and mechanical ejection systems will allow you to open the drawers with a simple touch, while with a slight push it will gently close. The SERIE 45 is available in many finishes: from smooth laminates with laser edging and laminates with different textures to noble woods, such as elm or oak and matt or gloss lacquers.


SERIE 45 kitchen. DICA

Cosmopolitan and elegant, inspired by urban lifestyles, the SOHO kitchen offers a modern twist on traditional designs. The frame on the fronts evokes the finest cabinetry while enhancing the shapes and volumes in a very refined way. The use of different materials in the kitchen brings added value. Available in a variety of beautiful finishes, the porcelain stoneware offer all its advantages to both the worktop and the sink.


SOHO kitchen. DICA

You can have natural wood not only in the SOHO fronts, but also in accessories such as the bar or the decorative features. Glass doors and metal elements add interest to the space as a whole.

New bathrooms, the wellbeing space

Bathrooms have gradually moved from being strictly utilitarian and functional places to areas geared to wellbeing and relaxation, and are now taking on new connotations, becoming digital and green-oriented while retaining their power to trigger emotions. While they are still areas dedicated to self-care, to restore the balance between the body, mind and spirit, they have now assumed a new role as with the evolution of the spa concept, focusing on the holistic and private dimension, with designs, materials, colours and technology all chosen to boost the feeling of relaxation.

Innovation has made it possible to save water, be more efficient with energy and use recyclable materials and antibacterial finishes that cut down on the use of detergents. Domotics and digital devices have improved the functionality of the space and its appliances.

ADRA LUXURY BATH FURNITURE is the product line with which COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA aims to boost its bath furniture collection, offering a wide range of creations in the three distinctive styles that are the hallmark of the firm: the exquisite classic luxury of traditional HERITAGE (LAURA Collection); the progressive evolution towards the elegance of the classic contemporary EVOLUTION ( LAUREN, DURBAN, NICOSIA, CORAL and COMPASS Collections) and our most avant-garde contemporary collection, EMOTIONS (TUBULAR, MODO, BOSTON and AURIGA Collections).


TUBULAR bathroom collection. EMOTION line. LUXURY BATH CREATIONS by Colección Alexandra


CARMEN bathroom cabinet. HERITAGE line. LUXURY BATH CREATIONS by Colección Alexandra

Cabinets and bath vanities from Colección Alexandra’s ADRA LUXURY BATH FURNITURE are complemented by MAIER GRIFERIAS 's bathroom fittings and accessories. With more than 30 years of history, MAIER has set a milestone on exclusive bathroom decoration. Authentic Swarovski elements embellish every luxury collection, such as the newest ICEBERG, a line of attractive taps inspired by the purity of millennial glaciers. The collection, which includes Swarovski crystal creations, emphatically celebrates the natural beauty of the material. ICEBERG demonstrates that MAIER’s blend of craftsmanship and technical innovation contains a potential for attractive designs that captures the essence of heritage adapting it perfectly to contemporary lifestyles. Inspired by the structure of raw minerals, the crystals have been designed by Fredrikson Stallard for Atelier Swarovski. Each piece is first transformed into crystals and then faceted with high precision in order to obtain the inherent form.

maier-griferias-iceberg-luxury-tap collection

ICEBERG luxury tap collection. MAIER GRIFERÍAS

Adapting to current trends, the most distinctive and minimalistic collections of the brand have been enriched with the BLACK & WHITE finish which gives mixers a beautiful matt look and a resistant feature. 

IKON tap collection, finished BLACK & WHITE. MAIER GRIFERÍAS

Visit the Spanish stands and find inpirations to create attractive, functional kitchens and relaxing bathroom spaces...



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