November 28 / 2017

EspritMeuble 2017: sofas & armchair

Armchairs and sofas are the protagonists par excellence in lounge spaces and living rooms. That is why companies strive constantly to find new solutions that enhance comfort, beauty and style of the relaxing areas. Chic, stylish and most important of all, highly comfortable, Spain’s new designs are available in a variety of sizes, including modular corner sofas and the extra-large for a more luxurious lounge experience. With a great selection of fine fabrics and top-quality leathers to choose from, you can have them perfectly customised to suit every need and taste.


Exclusive mechanisms & designs. Originally set up in the 80s, the family-run ACOMODEL, a specialist in contemporary upholstered furniture (sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, relax chairs…), is strongly committed to providing clients with the highest quality available in the market. To ensure the originality and the functionality of models, they have patented a range of different manual and electrical patented relax mechanisms that include sliding seats and backrests, sliding chests and reclining backrests, reclining backrests and extendable footrests etc (Losa, Duetto, Adesso, folding arms, etc.).


Most of the models are composed of a pine wood structure and a DM board with steel spring. The seats can come filled with high density polyurethane foam and a layer of memory foam. The backrests are made of polyurethane foam covered with fibre and can have reclining, folding or fixed headrests. The arms are usually made of hollow conjugated and siliconized firbres. All high density rubbers comply with the toxin-free regulations, and the company is also certified by the General Secretariat of Science and Innovation as an innovative SME.

BITAE sofa. Inspired by Nordic minimalism, BITAE is a modular sofa extremely comfortable and adaptable to every moment in your life. It can be configured in different ways, with corner sofa, with chaise longue, extra-large for spacious rooms, small complemented by a pouffe and an upholstered side table with metal legs. You can play with upholsteries in different colours for a more vibrant look.


SPACIO sofa. A fixed sofa specifically designed for small spaces, SPACIO offers exceptional comfort thanks to its plump seats and soft backrests that invite to lounge and relax. It is provided with electric relax mechanism and has chrome steel legs.


CISNE armchair. It is an enveloping relax armchair that can easily adapt to every space in the home. It is available with different relax mechanisms: manual or electric reclining system and lifts system. The upholstery of the seat and the backrest can be removed. A motion sensor can be added to improve the functionality of the armchair.

acomodel-cisne-relax armchair


Very comfortable sofas that are made for living. With innovative technologies as driving forces of their manufacturing processes, experience and superb craftsmanship at the heart of their production, the Yecla-based firm prides itself on designing excellent quality sofas that achieve the perfect balance between contemporary style and luxurious comfort.


ASTORIA sofa and You&Me extra-large armchair. Inspired by the mid-century designs, ASTORIA is a seating programme that features a refined timeless aesthetic made of soft lines and charming decorative elements, such as the deep-buttoned backrest and the classic-inspired legs, a reminiscence of those of the 17th century. It also relaunches the former corner sofa with armrests on both sides and is complemented by three different models of armchairs.


PACIFIC O armchair. Ergonomic and ultra-comfortable, PACIFIC O features a round enveloping shape and removable back supports for a versatile use of the piece.  The round design of the seat allows the backrest to wrap the body and act as an armrest too. You can also configure it in different ways by putting and removing the back support – this way, you can get a very personalised daybed, an intimate You&Me, a comfy two-seater and even an extra-large pouf.


MANACOR sofa. This amazing corner sofa is composed of modules and footstools in different sizes so that you can create the composition that best suits your needs. Functionality is also improved by the multi-position backrests that easily adapt the sofa to different ways of sitting. Another plus is that the sofa is beautiful from any side, so you can use it to as a space divider between living and dining areas. Back cushions are loose, they can be removed and put in whatever position you feel comfortable.


The firm will anticipate in Paris some of the launches for the 2018 season, such as the SEVENTIES Collection, a series of new sofa models totally inspired by the style and fashion of the 70s, and NATURE, a collection of 100% sustainable and recycled fabrics made from old fabrics, used clothes and plastic bottles.


Professional experience and customer service. A family business based in Catalonia, CHITRA EUROPEAN FURNITURE has more than 15 years of experience in the commercialization of sofas and armchairs provided with electric and mechanic reclining systems. Their rich catalogue is constantly enriched by new additions that maintain the optimal relationship quality/price which is the hallmark of the firm.


OPORTO sofa. Plump and contemporary, the collection includes two-and three-seaters in fixed version or with manual or electric relaxing mechanisms. The armchair is available with a relaxing mechanism as well. The structure is made of solid wood with reinforced brackets. Comfort is ensured by seats made of 28 kg/m3 polyurethane foam and backrests and arms are filled with virgin silicone fibres. Pieces come upholstered in New Nobuck, 100% polyester.


BREST sofa. With a timeless design, vaguely inspired to modern sofas, BREST is upholstered in Microfiber, 100% polyester and available in blue and light grey. Besides the two-seater and three-seater versions, the sofa can be chosen with chaise longue. All pieces are provided with electric relaxing mechanism and USB connection.


RONDA armchair. Upholstered in New Nobuck, dark grey or beige, RONDA is a highly comfortable relax chair that can be used in any space at home. The electric mechanism is provided with two engines that allow two different functions: powered lifting mechanism and bed function with 180º horizontal inclination.


The electric mechanism is operated by a remote control that opens the footrest and reclines the backrest independently.


EARTH, nature-inspired luxury furniture from SOHER

Welcome to the organic beauty of EARTH, the new nature-inspired home furniture collection from luxury brand SOHER. Created to stand out in exquisite spaces, each piece of this collection has been designed to evoke emotional connections with the natural world, bringing the warm, relaxing beauty of nature into exclusive interior schemes. If natural sophistication is your style, don’t miss out on this article…

EIFFEL, the new table with ceramic top from DISCALSA

What do the French Eiffel Tower and the EIFFEL table have in common? Contrary to appearances, a lot! A Modernist appeal, the metal-lattice structure, the bolts and, last but not least, a great personality that elevates the style and won’t fail to impress, wherever the setting. Perfect for open-plan layouts and lofts, the new creation of Spain’s table specialist DISCALSA quickly become the focal point of any scheme, at home or work. Discover more!

CALMA gives a new twist to its iconic ANGLE table

Based on the former design by SerraydelaRocha, the new version of the ANGLE table, one of the most iconic designs of the Catalonia-based outdoor furniture manufacturer CALMA, maintains the architectural aesthetic and the unique appeal of the original table while improving its technical aspects and extending the range of finishes. Keep on reading and find out more…

Famaliving arrives to the very heart of Paris

Fama has just opened a new flagship store in the French capital, Paris; a city that is world-renowned for its fashion-forward thinking and elegant style, Famaliving Paris is sure to fit right in. Ready to discover more?

OFIFRAN presents its new GALLERY office furniture collection

The new GALLERY range of office furniture includes all those practical items that help a modern office to run smoothly while emphasizing prestige and improving the image of the company. Office interior designers will find lots of ideas for making their office schemes more pleasant, as well as more efficient. Find out more to put your office to work…