November 24 / 2017

EspritMeuble 2017: mattresses & sleep products

The sleep industry has registered a significant growth over the few years, and the mattress industry as a whole has shifted significantly towards solutions that provide more comfortable and luxurious sleep experience.

Largely driven by consumer interest in sleep hygiene and health, Spain’s big players have been developing new and fresh technologies that ensure optimum support and pressure relief for amazing sleep, night after night. The range of products is quite wide, including open and pocket spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, toppers, pillows that suit different types of sleepers.


Since 1966 making dreams come true. Founded in 1966, the DUPEN group is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of home furniture, mattresses and bedding products. From their modern 60,000 sqm Valencia-based factory, which is fully equipped with the latest technology, they produce high-quality furniture and sleep products built for a long lifespan and with excellent value. The group has a commercial network that covers all of Spain and exports to more than 55 countries.


VICTORIA mattress. Featuring memory foam layers on both sleeping sides, VICTORIA provides optimum support for your back. Memory foam mattresses adapt easily to weight, temperature and body shape offering incredible performances whether the user is a back, stomach or side sleeper. It comes with handles, are helpful for moving, flipping and positioning your mattress easily. Another plus is that VICTORIA is a double-sided mattress so that it can ensure long-lasting great performances throughout its life.


DAMA mattress. Made of memory foam, DAMA adapts perfectly to the shape, weight, temperature and position of the body. With padded side, it features also a luxurious quilted stretch fabric which is breathable, anti-mite and clinically proven to prevent allergies. Ideal mattress to provide a healthy and relaxing sleep.


ELEGANCE mattress. Elegance and maximum comfort at once. With a pocket spring core, this high range memory foam mattress is not only elegant, but it adapts also perfectly to the body mass distributing weight and aligning the spine. It is so comfortable that you don’t want to get up in the morning!



SENTTIX. Mind. Body. Soul. With more than 25 year experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality mattresses and other sleep product (pillows, bedsteads, storage beds, bedding, sofa-beds…), ECUS has gone a step forward in its business strategy. Staying true to its commitment to constant innovation and best-in-class quality, the firm has worked on new products that extend comfort to every area of customer’s life and respond to new needs and habits. Aimed at users with specific profiles, SENTTIX, the newly-launched brand of the firm, presents a new line of mattresses specifically designed to improve the sleeping experience by incorporating a more sophisticated design, natural insulating materials and top-quality fabrics with certified properties.


SENTTIX is composed of three different collections aimed at clearly defined target audiences:

SENTTIX VIT.  For those users who know that sleeping well is healthy, but are also concerned with aesthetic and design. The collection includes mattresses and toppers made of innovative, highly comfortable and breathable materials for a revitalizing rest.


SENTTIX LAB. Ultra-comfortable and healthy, the mattresses of this collection have been designed for a dynamic user profile, for people who are well aware of the latest technologies. They keep the back, the lumbar region, hips and legs in the correct position relieving and preventing back pain. Ideal for all those who squeeze the day and deserve the best recovery at night.


SENTTIX GEA. Inspired by nature, the mattresses of the GEA collection are made from the finest natural and sustainable material, including natural silk, organic cotton and pure latex which provide the very best sleep systems for regulating body temperature. Production processes have been carried out under criteria of minimum environmental impact.



Professionalism and expertise in the sleep sector. Based in Yecla (Murcia), KARIBIAN DESCANSO is specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality mattresses and pillows. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, advanced machinery and the best raw materials, every product is built to a premium standard, with every detail meticulously checked to provide customers with a superior sleep experience. The firm uses fabrics made of natural fibres as well as cutting-edge materials, such as the exclusive high-density HR Hyperflex, Gel-Therm, Coolgraph or the 80kg memory Therm-Essence, to ensure the best comfort and sleep. 


Their catalogue offers 5 different series – PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER, ADJUSTABLE MATTRESSES and JUVENILE - with more than 25 models and a range of more than 30 different special foam densities. Some of the latest, most innovative mattress models will be on display in Paris: BIOSILK, MERINO, PRIVE, PRIVILEGE and RITUALS.

BIOSILK. PLATINUM Series. The Biosilk Platinum series mattress ensures an optimal and restful sleep. The use of natural materials, such as silk and cotton fibres, along with the Breeze technology, make BIOSILK ideal for regulating temperature and prevent moisture.


RITUALS. GOLD Series. It is made of 7.5cm of high quality viscoelastic with a core of 28kg  profiled density. Cool and comfortable, RITUALS is the result of the harmonious combination of  Visco Soja and Visco CoolGraph with graphene.


PRIVILEGE V8. ADJUSTABLE Series. Made of 8cm Visco-Therm 80kg of density and HR Hyperflex 42kg, it offers progression and adaptability to avoid back pain during the sleep. The Tencel natural fabric provides great breathability and freshness.



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