November 29 / 2017

EspritMeuble 2017: contemporary home furniture

Minimalist, Nordic and high-tech styles, as well as an influence of retro-modern designs, are stylish options that have highly inspired the latest collections of Spain’s contemporary furniture brands. Metal details and a wide palette of vibrant colours, that includes from warm neutrals to different shades of blues and bold yellows and greens, create a beautiful look with natural wood, lacquers, marbles and stone-like surfaces adding shiny luxury and durability to fashionable home furnishing.


High tech innovation & luxe materials. Ceramic top table specialist DISCALSA adds value to its catalogue introducing ever new design concepts into its portfolio. With the new models, DISCALSA breaks with the cold, too much minimalistic look of former ceramic top tables, giving a spin to the design concept and bringing it to a new level. The incorporation of high tech materials, such as the FENIX NTM®, and functionalities, as well as the new luxe finishes, has resulted into new table collections that are more decorative and perform beautifully in more exclusive ambiences.


FIOCCO ceramic top table. A key product of the new 2017 collection, FIOCCO is a rectangular table that strikes the perfect balance between noble wood, metal and ceramic, three different materials that add warmth and a natural appeal to its contemporary design. Available in a fixed or extendable version, FIOCCO comes in 4 different dimensions: length 180/200/220/250 cm, width 100 cm. A telescopic synchronized mechanism made of aluminium allows extending the table up to 80 cm making it possible to adjust the table size according to need.


ATIK ceramic top table. The wooden legs (oak and beech) and the stone-like tops create visually engaging and welcoming areas for gathering with family and friends. The 11 mm thick ceramic top over security glass is highly resistant to scratches, chemical agents, food, heat and therefore it opens to new possibilities of use: playing with children, preparing the food, arranging an occasional meeting table…


LENNA chair. Refined and versatile, LENNA is offered in different variants: with metal or wooden legs, totally upholstered or with the exterior of the backrest in natural wood or lacquered. As the TAU and BECCA chairs, it is perfect to complement the latest models of ceramic top tables of the brand.


DISCALSA will launch in Paris some models that will anticipate the 2018 catalogue: the EIFFEL ceramic top table, totally inspired by Parisian modernism, and the charming SAVOY upholstered chairs.


Keeping up with trends. From their modern 60,000 sqm Valencia-based factory, which is fully equipped with the latest technology, DUPEN produces high quality furniture under the brand DUGAR HOME and sleep products built for a long lifespan and with excellent value. The group has a commercial network that covers all of Spain and exports to more than 55 countries.


MANHATTAN collection. Inspired by the industrial chic style and with touches of the elegance of the 50s, the newly launched MANHATTAN includes a range of furniture for the living and dining room: a coffee table, a dining table, low and high sideboards, side tables and a charming armchair. Pieces are finished in oak veneers with handles and feet in black metal for a more vibrant look.


NAYRA, BOSTON and BROOKLYN collections. All these collections offer an appealing choice of furniture for living and dining spaces: dining tables, coffee tables, auxiliary tables, consoles and bookcases that complement the decoration adding contemporary elegance to the schemes. Sharing a 5.5 cm thick top made of solid ash wood, dining table are aimed at playing the starring role in the three lines. The natural look of the piece is enhanced by the unfinished long side of surfaces and the varying grain pattern that make each table unique. Bases are finished in black metal and their shapes vary according to the collection, trapezoid legs for Brooklyn and Nayra and four legs for Boston. As for top colours, the choice of the Habana or Caramel finish is valid for all three collections.  


MANCHESTER collection. It includes two different types of cabinets: the low sideboard with three doors and high cabinet with four doors. Fronts are embellished by carved decorations that make these piece a unique decorative option for the living rooms.  The matt finish, in white or sand colours, adds charm and elegance to the pieces. The absence of handles, which have been substituted by a push-to-open system, and the thin top surface  enhance the visual lightness of its design. 



Dynamic and innovative. From its factory located in Crevillent (Alicante, Spain), MOBLIBERICA designs and manufacturers chairs and tables that perfectly match contemporary living spaces. The firm has now become a well-established and renowned brand for its extensive collection of extremely versatile and beautiful ceramic top tables and chairs. Committed to innovation in design and manufacturing, they have gained a reputation for service, quality and new product development.


KEDUA chair by Santiago Sevillano – Mobliberica collection. Attractive and highly refined, KEDUA features a subtle design and great attention to detail. The softly classic lines of the seat contracts with the linear design of legs. The chair is composed of a polyurethane shell that comes upholstered in a wide range of colourful fabrics offered by Mobliberica. Regarding upholstery, the customer can choose between wool, leather, synthetics or the new fire- retardant velvet, which is especially suitable for contract spaces. In addition, the seat can be combined with different types of legs. These can be metallic (decreasing triangular tube in more than 20 colors of finish), and wooden (beech or ash wood) being the warmer result.


MERLOT table – DRESSY collection. With its rectangular top and clean design, MERLOT is highly attractive, versatile and therefore aimed at taking the scene in cool ambiences. It is available in both fixed and extendable versions and in 14 different sizes. As a pioneer in the use of ceramic tops, Mobliberica offers an important collection of high quality finishes and an interesting variety of colours for the structure. This enormous power of customization helps to conceive the perfect model, which will fit both in contract and home environments.


KÖLN chair & table by YONOH – Mobliberica collection.  KÖLN is a timeless colection that matches different ambiences thanks to its smart design. The pyramidal base of the chair, made of solid ash wood or with metal legs, supports a soft, cushion-like shell that combines design and comfort in equal parts. An edging runs the perimeter of the seat and back unifying the seat and back.


The table features a rectangular ceramic top with rounded edges and inclined cylindrical legs. The legs can be made of solid ash wood for a warmer look  or metal to fit more contemporary ambiences. It is available in 16 sizes for both fixed and extendable versions.

New launches at EspritMeuble include new fabric references, new colours for leathers and synthetic textiles and the MUSOLA outdoor furniture collection, a new creation fruit of the collaboration of Valencia-based design studios YONOH and SANTIAGO SEVILLANO INDUSTRIAL DESIGN.


Entirely manufactured in MOBLIBERICA’s facilities, the line, that will be showcased in a dedicated space of 136 sqm, is a new ambitious project of the firm. In order to achieve the highest quality standards, the new collection has required the implementation of new production processes, the adaptation of infrastructures and the training of staff in the use of innovative materials. It includes armchairs, chairs, tables and sofas made of materials such as aluminum and stainless steel which are ideal for the outdoor use.


ASTORIA, the new luxury dining room collection from SOHER

The Spanish furniture manufacturer SOHER is once again on the market with a new autumn/winter 2017 collection. ASTORIA takes on a new approach to the Art Deco style; the result is an amazing collection that conveys a feeling of luxury while keeping the scheme calm and stylish. So, ready for a glam dining experience? Read on for more info…

A passion for heritage: NANTES, the new collection from MARINER

Elegant, refined and crafted by expert artisans, the NANTES collection shares with the French city not only the name but also the same unique allure based on rich heritage, culture and innovation. It is perfect for those who need to elevate their spaces while providing them with comfort and a great dose of style. Discover for yourself!

Create refined office and lounge spaces with ART&SEATING by OFIFRAN

In a world shifting toward a sea of sameness, the new ART&SEATING collection by office furniture specialist OFIFRAN helps interior designers to create work and lounge environments that encourage individuality as well as comfort. In classic and contemporary style, the sofas, armchairs and chairs of ART&SEATING are ideal to complement the executive furniture collections of the brand or to be used in public lounge spaces. Discover more…

CALMA presents the NUA SOIRÉE lounge chair and the CIRCUS stackable tables

An outdoor lounge set is one of those pieces that capture the spirit of delightful idleness typical of the summer days and makes any outdoor space inviting. The newly launched NUA SOIRÉE chairs and the CIRCUS tables, designed respectively by Ferran Serra and Andreu Carulla for CALMA, can be paired to make stylish and luxurious aesthetic statements, whether it’s poolside or on the patio. Ready for a summer of pleasure? Click and discover!

MARINER presents ASCOT, its new high-end furniture collection for living and dining rooms

As trends come and go, mid-century modern style remains the rage and is still an exciting source of inspirations. MARINER, for example, has just launched ASCOT, the new home furniture collection that recalls mid-century modern designs from the 40s and the 50s. It features a design style that is all about high-quality materials, clean lines and a less is more approach. Wish to peek? Just read on…