November 28 / 2016

EspritMeuble 2016: FAMA

A great living room is a sanctuary where life can be enjoyed and where things happen: entertaining, relaxing, eating, watching a movie, spend time with your family… The Spanish FAMA has developed great sofa collections for being together and make you feel good, such as the ETNIC range that will be unveiled in Paris, just to pave the way to new amazing launches in 2017. Let’s explore a little further…

Hall 7.2 Stand 2E40

PACIFIC sofa, best seller in 2016. FAMA

Your sofa is much more than just a place to sit on. At FAMA, a Spanish leader in designing and manufacturing contemporary seating solutions, they strongly believe that your lounge is the place in the home that more reflect the way you are. For this reason, they decided to create distinct designs that help people to personalize their living space and make it work the way they want it to.


The creation of distinctive products, so different from the prevailing market trends, has allowed FAMA to consolidate its own personality in the upholstered furniture sector. FAMA’s sofas are characterized by curved shapes, the use of exclusive and colourful fabrics, and above all an exceptional comfort and functionality. Unlike most of the design models, a FAMA sofa is designed for the comfort and enjoyment of their customers at home.

LENNY armchair + pouf. FAMA

This is also the main objective of the new 2017 catalogue, ETNIC, which is the result of a hard year spent developing new sofas and armchairs that will help people to create a space for bringing everyone and everything they love together.

The new 2017 ETNIC collection

Not everyone knows that at FAMA fabrics are just as important as the models are. As a matter of fact, most of the fabrics are exclusive as they are fruit of the collaboration between the Fama’s design department and its suppliers of upholsteries and leathers. Big firms of the Spanish textile industry, such as Interfabrics, Crevin, Comersan, Jover, Rioma, Mariano Farrugia or Imatex, have worked hand in hand with the in-house team in creating new designs and in combining fabrics with leathers, matching up new colours, testing new materials, all with the objective of offering new user-adaptable options.

MILI & LALO chairs. FAMA

New models, such as the ASTORIA sofa and the INDI sofa-bed or the innovative CONNEC-TABLE will be unveiled in Paris with other iconic designs of the brand: the top sellers PACIFIC sofa and the ARIANNE modular seating programme.


With PACIFIC, the firm invites you to become a professional designer and create your own product. This very special modular programme has a strong, overwhelming personality and is therefore aimed at grabbing the attention for its smart solutions and refinement.

PACIFIC sofa with chaise longue and pouf. FAMA

Thanks to the six platforms of different dimensions and an ingenious fixing system it is possible to create different designs and add or remove backrests according to the need of the moment.

PACIFIC lounge armchair. FAMA

This way, a footstool platform can be converted into a module or a sofa in less than a minute, without screws or tools. You can turn two independent conventional sofas into a modern chaise longue opened on both sides.

PACIFIC two & three seater sofa. FAMA

Curved elements allow to create the most comfortable You&Me, an attractive chaise longue or an elegant curved sofa, very original and cosy.

PACIFIC sofa, curved lements. FAMA

Generous in proportions and depth, PACIFIC lets you play with its different cushions to suit every position or situation. The inclined cone-shaped metal legs are a clear nod to refined mid-century designs.

PACIFIC sofa with removable backrests. FAMA

Launched in 2016, in a few months PACIFIC has turned into the second best-seller sofa of the brand. No other model has enjoyed such an amazingly rapid success and a great worldwide appreciation in such a short time.

PACIFIC three seater sofa and YOU&ME. FAMA

Due to the wide choice of cushions in different colours and textures, the easy configurations in neutral colours, such as grey and stone, have proved the most successful. As a matter of fact, scattered cushions in bolder tones bring the sofa to life while adding a touch of fun and colour to ambiences.

ARIANNE and ARIANNE LOVE modular sofas

The top seller of FAMA has triumphed for its colourful and ultra-comfortable design concept. A truly different philosophy of life that attracts and brings fun to your life. There are more than 30,000 families spread all around the world (over 60 countries in the five continents) that share this philosophy of life, enjoying every day a sofa that covers the needs of every moment: perfect when you are alone, cosy when you are with your partner, ideal when you share moments with your family or friends…

ARIANNE LOVE modular collection. FAMA

It also adapts to different ambiences: a small apartment, a loft, a huge lounge space... Whatever your need, ARIANNE LOVE is with you…

ARIANNE LOVE modular sofa, versatility & functionality at once. FAMA

ARIANNE LOVE is a new concept of modular that evokes the essence of the 60s. Its low seating modules create a different atmosphere while offering incredible comfort.

ARIANNE LOVE, enjoy moments at home. FAMA

As an evolution of the former ARIANNE modular programme, ARIANNE LOVE features new curved elements, a round footstool, a large corner piece and tables with lifting tops. The look is definitely enhanced by the original finish of seats and the rich offer of fabrics, patterns and designs.

ARIANNE LOVE, a touch of colour & fun for unforgettable moments. FAMA

Personalization options are really wide: you can mix and match modules, colours, patterns for a unique, spectacular final result.

ARIANNE SOFA sofa, perfectly adaptable to you and your space...

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