February 27 / 2018

EIFFEL, the new table with ceramic top from DISCALSA

Blending modern structure and materials, such as solid metal and bolts, with contemporary construction techniques and cutting-edge surfaces, the EIFFEL table features a characterful, urban aesthetic that fits in perfectly with open-plan or loft living while providing a striking contrast to classical interiors.


The EIFFEL table shares more than just its name with the famous Parisian monument but also its sturdy structure and open-lattice metalwork that ensure its reliable support and stability. On the other hand, the lattice design used for the legs compensates for the robustness of the frame, lending visual lightness to the table. Its legs are provided with hidden wheels for easy mobility and handling.


Made of solid metal, EIFFEL is offered in 16 different epoxy colours to match or create contrasts with tops and the overall look of ambiences.


As in all models of DISCALSA´s collection, tops are offered in 27 different ceramic finishes that imitate marble, natural stones or cement, amongst many others. They are also offered with the high-tech Fenix NTM surfaces.


Available in a fixed or extendable version, the table is offered in 7 different dimensions. It extends up to 1.20 m to comfortably seat 14 people.

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For more information: www.discalsa.com


Melting together outside and inside with ILLA, the new collection by BIVAQ

In the late sixties, it was all about bringing the outside inside and it seems like the trend has come back around and is gaining ground in the interior design industry. Floral and botanical prints on wallpaper and cushions, organic and round shapes, natural materials are again up-to-date and even furniture, lighting and accessories have crossed the border. ILLA, one the latest launches by BIVAQ, has an ambivalent character that easily adapts to outdoor and indoor spaces. Let’s discover how…

ALAT, the new stylish garden sofa by CALMA

With ALAT (winged in Catalan) you can really give wings to your imagination and create a perfect lounge space in your outdoors. Created by young designer Andreu Carulla for the Catalonia-based outdoor manufacturer CALMA, the ALAT sofa stands out for its unconventional design that maximise luxury, comfort and style. Let’s have a look and relax…

Bring a touch of retro charm to your outdoors with the VINT collection from BIVAQ

Break the linear monotony of minimal designs filling your outdoors with the retro elegance and charm of the VINT collection. It pays homage to the past combining intriguing touches of nostalgia with modern functionality and the durable construction of BIVAQ’s outdoor and indoor ranges. Just a new attractive way of enjoying the open-air life! Read and discover…

FAMA, a successful ambassador of the Spanish style in China

It all started 9 years ago when FAMA took its first steps in the Chinese market embarking on a new adventure that has led to the opening of 15 FamaLiving showrooms across the country, including the 3 showrooms in Beijing and the other 12 in main cities, such as Shandong, Hohhot, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Jinan, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Shenyang… Now it's time for new exciting experiences, let's discover more...

The finest experience: the RITZ Collection from SOHER

All over the world Ritz is synonym for high-style and luxury, two features that also inspire the homonymous furniture collection from Spain’s luxury décor specialist SOHER. Made of the finest materials with the highest possible standard of craftsmanship, RITZ evokes the grandeur and elegance of the famous hotels founded at the beginning of XX century by Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz, who redefined luxury accommodation in Europe. So, ready for “Puttin’ on the Ritz” to your space? Just keep on reading…