November 09 / 2018

Downtown Design 2018: SANCAL, a world of emotions

Founded in the early nineteen-seventies by Santiago Castaño Carpena, the family-owned SANCAL stands out on the design scene for the unusual design of its products which avoids conventionalism and the limitations of the perfectly-matched environment; a contemporary style, timeless and eclectic with which they evolve.

Over the years, they have stayed true to their Spanish identity and their passionate, open, joyful yet humble approach is captured in every design.


This personal design culture is made possible – and enriched by – the continual collaboration with designers from all around the world. Their personalities impregnate each and every product bringing originality and style. The roster of collaborations is long and include big names of the national and international design scene: Toyo Ito, Karim Rashid, Sebastian Herkner, Ioanna Vautrin, Estudi{H}ac, Note, MUT, Yonoh, Rafa García, BrichetZiegler, Skrivo, just to name a few.


With the JUNGLA Collection, their latest launch, SANCAL reinterprets nature with the sense of humour and fun that characterizes the brand’s identity. In Dubai, the vibrant ecosystem of JUNGLE will contrast with the breath-taking and serene landscape of sand dunes all around one of the most contemporary Middle East city. The MOUSSE modular seating programme, the MULLIT and NIDO chairs, the TORTUGA and DUMBBELL tables and LA ISLA occasional tables, among others, will be part of the expedition that will explore and source new possibilities in the Middle East.

MOUSSE modular sofa by Rafa García

Purist in its forms and balanced in proportions, the sweet character of the MOUSSE modular seating system is expressed by the soft volumes that provide it with a timeless appeal, well beyond any ephemeral fashion.


The fluffy, soft seat, which emulates the texture of the popular dessert that gives the name to the collection, transform lounging into a unique, relaxing experience. The scatter cushions help to enhance this feeling.


Another feature that makes MOUSSE unique is its great modularity which allows endless possibilities and makes it possible to configure both linear or corner compositions, adapting to the needs of each space. The collection includes two types of modules and chaises with two arm height, different poufs and terminal as well a series of accessories and details that accentuate the identity of this model. As matter of fact, the auxiliary table with two tray - different in size and height - and the new finish called “craquelé” set MOUSSE apart and turn it into the centrepiece of any décor.

MULLIT chair by Yonoh

The crazy idea of a "cushion with legs" was the starting point for Yonoh to roll up their sleeves and get down to work. The result is MULLIT, an original chair with a formal design.


The balance of its proportions, marked by the overwhelming volumes of seat and back cushions in contrast with the visual lightness of the legs, invites you to take a seat and enjoy a pleasant experience.


To reinforce the fluffy effect, a subtle button effect has been added, as well as a border trim; another nod to scatter cushions. The wide range of textiles and a choice of bases contribute to the versatility of the chair: wooden legs,  metal rod legs with a golden finish that recalls another time or minimalist metal legs painted in black epoxy resin.

NIDO chair by Rafa García

Inspired by a nest, which serves as refuge and protection for birds, the NIDO lounge collection has been expanded with the addition of a new dining chair which is as light and simple as its predecessor.

Its soft and comfortable seat (or “nest”) is supported by a hand-crafted ash wood base that imitates the branches of a tree.


The small size turns this piece into an excellent option to complement dining tables or, why not, in workspaces, as a confident chair, when the limited space is key to the creation of environments.


NIDO is offered with four feet options (two options in ash wood and 19 different colours, a metal version in a black epoxy finish or a swivel base adjustable in height) and two types of upholstery (tightly tailored or quilted). The chair’s contour is highlighted by a black piping, ideal for creating a two-tone effect.

Download the JUNGLA catalogue>>>



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ALAT, the new stylish garden sofa by CALMA

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