November 08 / 2017

Downtown Design 2017: SKYLINE DESIGN, luxurious comfort under the skies

Founded in 1978, the firm has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of luxury outdoor furniture and since then their furniture collections have become synonymous with impeccable quality. Every piece is hand made by highly skilled artisans in their factory, where they manufacture unique products by combining the most innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship.


The firm offers high quality rattan furniture in a huge range of styles and colours. All SKYLINE DESIGNs collections are made of revolutionary synthetic fibres that are chemical and UV resistant, all-weather proof and provided with high-tensile strength. Aluminium frames are finished using a multi-stage, deluxe powder coating process, ensuring unsurpassed long-lasting quality, and resistance to corrosion and blistering. Outdoor cushions are filled with high-grade polyurethane foam which helps maintain, shape, comfort and durability.


With more than 1,500 employees worldwide, the firm strives to offer a range of unique designs to enhance outdoor living areas, from the luxury hotels to a sophisticated small terrace. Their bespoke service for all designs is aimed at bringing outdoor spaces to life.


New collections include modular outdoor sofas, complemented by armchairs and coffee and side tables, dining sets, glamourous daybeds with pull up canopies and even spectacular high-backed lounge chairs that will seat one or two people in an amazing architectural one-piece design.

BRAFTA outdoor collection

One of the most complete collections of the brand, it includes furniture for both dining and lounge spaces. The dining set is formed by a squared table that can accommodate up to 8 people and is complemented by elegant chairs that invite to have a seat and rest.


The set of lounge furniture is formed by a modular sofa, coffee table, side tables, armchairs, chaise longue and bench.


SHADE daybed

Its one of SKYLINE DESIGN's most iconic and successful pieces. It has been used to furnish and offer comfort in the outdoor spaces of some of the most renowned hotel chains all over the world.


Designed for comfort and luxury, SHADE measures approximately 5 sqm and the elegance of its forms makes it a perfect choice to bring style in every outdoor space.


Utilizing revolutionary high-density polyethylene weaving material, SKYLINE DESIGN furniture has high-tensile strength; it is chemical and UV resistant, all-weather proof and 100% recyclable.

VINTAGE outdoor collection

Perfect to create a charming lounge in the outdoors, the newly launched VINTAGE includes a high-backed sofa and lounge chair complemented by a wooden round shaped coffee table.



The interwoven design of the backrests makes pieces pleasing to the eye while ensuring privacy when used in public areas.

skyline-design-vintage-outdoor-lounge-chairFor more information:



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