November 07 / 2017

Downtown Design 2017: LUXDEMOB, unique jewel furniture

Art and functionality find the equilibrium in the creations by Joan Ramon Roca and the Artdemob team, who have worked together in developing the most luxurious and exclusive furniture designs in the European market.

Specially conceived to brighten the project beyond the world of the ideas, LUXDEMOB is born to spread the concept of jewel-furniture and to perpetuate the new era ruled by functional art; the kind of art that transcends aesthetics adding new value to luxury concepts.


Breaking the mould with a strong, luxe statement, LUXDEMOB’s series of jewel furniture pieces exude creativity, sophistication, innovation and are characterized by a unique style. Each piece is an original work of art specifically created for individual customers. That means everything they create is exclusive and special, handmade to the smallest detail and designed from zero according to customers’ desire.


To ensure the highest standards of quality, the firm uses only the best raw materials on the market, such as gold, bronze, precious stones, goatskin parchment and the best woods. Precious finishes give the final touch enhancing the excellence and sophistication of pieces.

All the golden elements are made of real 24k gold or gilded in 24k gold leaf or 24k gold-plated. Except on one of the special lacquer effects where the golden elements are painted on wood. In this case, the same effect can be done in any colour.

Precious stones, quartz and amethyst come all accompanied by the relevant certificates of authenticity.


The cast bronze used in some of the pieces is of the same quality of the one used in jewellery. It also comes with a relevant certificate that confirms the quality of bronze and gold plating.

The characteristics and the quality of woods are adapted to each specific case in order to prevent deterioration and to facilitate compliance with the regulations of import and export of timber, customs matters and their treatment and documentation.

All drawers are fully automatic operated by mechanical or electrical mechanisms completely silent.

Pergamina Cupboard

Goat skin parchment, polished brass and gold leaf finished elements combine to create this amazing cupboard. Equilibrium, beauty and pleasure stay at its heart. Every small detail, from the high-gloss lacquered interiors to the gold-leaf finished automatic drawers, add strength, style and a magic allure to this unique collector’s item.


Asymmetrical Drawer

Featuring a spectacular design that recalls the crystal structure of precious stones, this sideboard consists of drawers with automatic opening. Its asymmetrical shape and its endless geometries make this piece unique in its category.


Piano Black Wooden Console

The hand carving of Gingko Biloba leaves covered with gold leaf embellish the top of this console that features the most harmonious design in the collection. Finished in high gloss black and with golden contrasts, its configuration and elegance balance at a glance all the lines that outline it.


Oval High Tea-Table

Supported by an inverted U of lacquered wood, the perfect elliptical top is made of golden-plated bronze encrusted with amethysts. The combination of colours and the LED lighting of the quartz crystals give personality and elegance to this amazing table that is a real objet d’art.


Gold&Bronze Tree Bark Front Chest

The raw surface of oak trees is perfectly replicated in this spectacular sideboard made of gold-plated cast bronze. Four automatic drawers slide vertically unveiling new functionalities and adding more intrigue to its design.


Bronze Log Wall Sconce

Inlaid amethysts attract the attention to the centre of the wall sconces, creating a magic ambience by letting the light shine through the hexagonal crystals of quartz. Those crystals, with distinction and quality, decorate the heart of the oak trunk made from gold plated cast bronze.

 Luxdemob-Bronze Log Wall Sconce

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