January 16 / 2018

DISCALSA launches the new HERA ceramic extending table

Staying true to its brand philosophy, DISCALSA has designed a new line of ceramic extending tables that are unmistakeably stylish and that leave room for individual feelings, adapting to tastes and blending with other shapes, colours and materials for endless décor schemes.


The HERA table has been crafted with exquisite attention to detail and the best quality materials to withstand intense use and look gorgeous both in professional and private environments. Its sober design and pure lines make it a perfect base to build an interior concept around.


With a 5mm solid metal frame, this table manages to present itself with distinct class and elegance yet still has an industrial chic styling that adds to its character. The refined, slanted legs support a sturdy apron that conceals a telescopic extending mechanism with fold-out system. The table extends from one end maintaining nevertheless its centred position and stability.


The seamless and simple extending mechanism stores the additional leaves inside the table which are easily lifted and secured into place, ready for you to entertain friends and family.


Available in 4 different sizes, HERA is offered with high-quality ceramic tops that imitate marbles, natural stones and cement creating an incomparable visual appeal. The innovative, high-tech Fenix NTM surfaces are also available for extra resistance and impeccable performances.

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For more information: www.discalsa.com


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