October 15 / 2015

B&V furnishes the VALENCIA LAB’s new facilities in the heart of Valencia, Spain

B&V, a brand specialized in designer seating, has been selected to furnish the new premises of Valencia Lab, a business incubator centre promoted by La Florida Universitaria. With the latest proposals, signed Alegre Design and edeestudio, they achieved to lend colour, comfort and style to several rooms and lounge areas. See how…

The VETRO collection by edeestudio for B

The 6-storey-building, which was inaugurated in September 2015, is located in the very heart of Valencia’s historical centre, in South-eastern coast of Spain. As an incubator for new businesses, innovation and talent, the new lab is aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and networking within companies, through the organization of workshops, conferences, training, consulting or funding; that is to say, a space where the entrepreneurial ideas can come to life in the best possible way.

The IKON sofa and the DOCKS modular seat, by Alegre Design, and the DOLMEN seats, by edeestudio, in the meet-up lounge

To accomplish with the mission of this new interactive space and boost socialization, the interior designers of Housedoit has chosen some of the newest B&V furniture collections.

DOCKS modular seats by Alegre Design

The IKON sofa and the DOCKS and DOLMEN modular seats can be found in the main meet-up space, on the gound floor, where they bring easy comfort and a colourful, informal touch.

The IKON sofa by Alegre Design

The FEZ chairs, the VETRO sofas and armchairs and ZIP tables have been used to create welcoming, relaxing spots all over the building. Visitors can see, touch and experience them while taking a break from business and learning activities.

The ZIP collection by edeestudio in one of the offices

Playful yet stylish, B&S seating collections are perfect to turn meetings, lecturers and conferences into the best learning experience.

The FEZ chair by edeestudio

When talented design meets talented business…

The VETRO collection and ZIP coffee table by edeestudio in a lecturer room

For more info: www.byvtapizados.com


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