January 15 / 2021

BÕLN, contract furniture focused on innovation, comfort and fun

Many factors influence our decision-making process when it comes to buying a modular seating programme for a new project. Normally, we are drawn to particular shapes, colours, fabrics that adapt to the required scheme, but fillings play also a key role as they define the comfort and durability of the seat and therefore the satisfaction of users.


SAREK modular seating system | Stone Designs Studio | BÕLN

Improving comfort and the customer experience is what exactly drives BÕLN, the new brand of furniture for contract spaces that is supported in the manufacturing process by POLIURETANO RIVAS, an industrial company that has specialized for over 40 years in the injection of polyurethane foams. The wide experience of POLIURETANO RIVAS in the development of PU industrial equipment for different sectors, including the automotive, hospitality and healthcare sectors, is a major endorsement for BÕLN that since its inception has made a firm commitment to innovation, quality, and design.


SAREK modular seating system with divider | Stone Designs Studio | BÕLN

Environmental sustainability and green impact are other key issues at BÕLN that decided to maintain its production 100% in Spain keeping strict control over the entire manufacturing process.


SAREK modular seating system | Stone Designs Studio | BÕLN

Dedicated to ideas and innovation, BÕLN has created effective solutions for a diverse mix of contract and wholesale clients, including restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, shopping malls, airports, sports centres as well as for architects and designers. The inspiring design of its collections makes it possible to create endless configurations in unique styles that easily adapt to different settings and applications – from informal, cool spaces to the soberest architectural environments.


SAREK modular seating system with table | Stone Designs Studio | BÕLN

All the collections are made of FLEXYSKIN®, an innovative PU foam that improves the performance of furniture and allows an intense use in both outdoor and indoor environments. Let’s discover more…

FLEXYSKIN®, an innovative & sustainable material

Versatile, lightweight, and durable the polyurethane foam is available in different ranges, each one with specific properties, thickness and density that make it suitable for different applications. Nevertheless, to improve comfort and resistance, BÕLN has gone even further developing the FLEXYSKIN® technology, a new patented foam made from a soft core of polyurethane wrapped in a very resistant and durable layer - almost a very flexible skin.


FLEXYSKIN® techonolgy | BÕLN

Highly sustainable, FLEXYSKIN® is produced from vegetable wastes and thanks to its recyclability and lightness it leaves a smaller logistic footprint. Besides, the manufacturing technology employed manages to reduce the volume of material used by up to 70% compared to other similar processes. The energy consumption is also lower since its moulds allow low-temperature manufacturing.

Suitable for the outdoors and the intensive use in collective spaces, FLEXYSKIN® do not alter or deform and is also fire-proof and resistant to extreme weather conditions.  


FLEXYSKIN® techonolgy | BÕLN

Other important issues, which have become of paramount importance due to the Covid-19 pandemic, are cleanliness and the antibacterial properties. Thanks to the new material, BÕLN’s collections respond perfectly to this new demand. Their seamless, fluid and organic design facilitates frequent cleaning, while surfaces have antifungal and antibacterial properties certified under the JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196) standard.


ABISKO stool | Stone Designs Studio | BÕLN

Furniture produced with FLEXYSKIN® can be finished in any colours from the RAL colour chart, or the PANTONE, NCS etc. ranges.

The SAREK modular seating system and the ABISKO stool

The Madrid-based Stone Designs studio is behind the design of BÕLN’s first two collections: the SAREK modular system and the ABISKO stools. As a result of the studio’s experience in designing interiors and heavy-duty shared spaces, both series provide hugely functional environments with fantastic style.


SAREK modular seating system with flowerpot | Stone Designs Studio | BÕLN

With a multi-functional, organic design, the SAREK modular system consists of five modules that can be arranged – and rearranged - into a variety of dynamic configurations, making them ideal for employees and small groups to relax or meet informally. Modules can be finished in a wide choice of colours that adapt to different interior and exterior schemes. For corporate projects, colours can be specified on demand.


SAREK modular seating system with table & divider | Stone Designs Studio | BÕLN

The collection is complemented by a range of accessories that improve the functionality of spaces adding style and character. It includes a flowerpot, panels, a round table, a side table and a dustbin available in two versions. Modules can also integrate power outlets connected to technical floors.


ABISKO stools | Stone Designs Studio | BÕLN

ABISKO is a comfortable, charming stool that has been specially designed to improve people’s experience and create a serene atmosphere in collaborative spaces. Available in three different designs, the ABISKO stool is stable, highly resistant and efficient for intense use in contract spaces.  Their versatile design is enhanced by the choice of 14 different colours for the seat and by the two different materials available for the legs: black metal legs will provide a minimalist and modern style, whereas wooden legs are perfect for a Nordic look.


BÕLN,  a brand-new firm committed to a softer, more comfortable and sustainable world. Sit and enjoy!

For more information: www.boln.eu


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